Warzone 2 Gun Tier List, Best Meta Guns

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 features over 50 weapons to choose from in the current season, all of which are split between assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, battle rifles, marksman rifles, and sniper rifles.

When it comes to picking the best weapons in Warzone 2, you must first start with the role you want to fill in. This mainly depends on your playstyle.

If you are aggressive and like to rush straight into enemies, for example, you will need the best SMGs in the game. If you like to beam or sniper enemies from range, pick the best ARs or snipers respectively.

Given the sheer number of weapons available in Warzone 2 and how all of them have varying stats, it can become challenging to find the right weapon for you.

BAS-P, FTAC Recon, Lachmann 762, Lockwood MK2, PDSW 528, SP-X 80, STB 556, Victus XMR

TierGunsS TierFennec 45, Kastov 762, Lachmann Sub, P890, RAAL MG, RPK, Signal 50, TAQ-56A TierChimera, Kastov-75u, SP-X 80, STB 556, TAQ-V, VEL 46B Tier556 Icarus, HCR-556, Kastov 545, Lockwood MK2, M13B, M4, Minibak, MX9, Victus XMRC TierExpedite 12, FTAC Recon, Lachmann-762, M16, PDSW 528

S Tier: These are the absolute Warzone 2 meta guns right now and are so overpowered that they will surely be nerfed down the road. You do not even need the right loadout attachments or tunings to start wreaking havoc with these guns.

A Tier: These are contenders for the best weapons in Warzone 2 and might possibly become the meta with a little push. You will need some of the basic attachments with these guns.

B Tier: These are solidly viable with slight trade-offs. You need to have an excellent loadout with all of the best attachments to make these guns work right. You also need to be familiar with their recoil patterns.

C Tier: These guns need buffs before becoming viable. There is no reason to pick their stock versions over the higher tiers unless you need to level them up for attachments.

What are the best meta weapons in Warzone 2 Season 1?

Fennec 45 (SMG)

The Fennec 45 has the highest fire rates in Warzone 2. Moreover, its damage is absolutely insane, allowing you to kill an enemy in a mere second at close range.

Its high mobility further allows you to quickly chase and mow down enemies. It is almost the best SMG you can have to clear out rooms. The Fennec 45 is simply deadly in close ranges.

The only problem with this SMG is its recoil and lower accuracy at longer ranges. While there is nothing that can be done for the range, you can lower its recoil for a run-and-gun playstyle with the best Fennec 45 loadout.

Kastov 762 (AR)

Kastov 762 is as close as you will come to the original AK-47 in Warzone 2. It features solid damage and a decent fire rate.

The only thing that needs to be addressed is its recoil and control for accuracy, which will require a custom Kastov 762 loadout. You can quickly increase the aim stability on this weapon to boost its already excellent TTK.

Lachmann Sub (SMG)

You will find plenty of Lachmann Subs to loot on the map, which is good because this is one of the best SMGs in the game.

Hailing like the previous MP5, the Lachmann Sub is about close-quarter combat. It features high accuracy and high control, so you do not have to worry about any recoil or weapon kicks.

The Lachmann Sub has tons of modular potential. Depending on your playstyle and requirements, you can customize it in various degrees for the best Lachmann Sub loadout.

P890 (Akimbo Pistols)

The Akimbo Pistols are still deadly even after the nerfs. The stability and fire rate make this weapon a must-pick in the current meta. You need to land two clean hits to send the enemies home.

These pistols are as deadly as SMGs in close-range combat. Combining the firepower of these pistols with sniper might prove to be the deadliest combo, covering every aspect of the map. You will take down enemies from everywhere and at any time in the game.

You can modify this pistol into a more deadly weapon by having the best P890 loadout. Your damage and weapon stability will be enough for the enemies to run for their lives, not pushing you without fearing for their lives.


The RAAL MG is among the best LMGs currently taking Warzone 2 by storm. Each fire of this weapon drains the massive health of the enemies and makes them run for their life.

You can control the recoil much easier due to the lower fire rate of the weapon. Additionally, you need to land two clean hits to eliminate the enemies, making it possible to eliminate multiple enemies with a single magazine.

With all the high potential of the weapon, you need to build the best RAAL MG loadout to overcome some of the weaknesses and boost the pros of the gun to the next level.


The RPK has changed the LMG landscape in Warzone 2. It combines all of the positives of an assault rifle with the support of an LMG. The fact is that in the current meta, you can easily choose the RPK over even the best ARs in the game.

This is because of the RPK’s extreme damage stats at both long and medium ranges. Moreover, with this gun, you also get a lot of recoil stability and higher mobility than you would get with an average LMG.

Top this off with a large magazine size, you can constantly wreak havoc upon enemy players. All of these stats make this weapon easily the best weapon in the game yet.

You just need the best RPK loadout to beam enemies at medium and long ranges.

Signal 50 (Sniper)

The current meta of Warzone 2 boosts the usage of Signal 50. This weapon is one of the best in the sniping category and provides an excellent fire rate to bring them large numbers of enemies within a few seconds.

Signal 50 provides a tremendous advantage in close-range combat as the weapon is easy to handle due to lower recoil. Additionally, you can retake the shots to kill the tagged enemies due to the fast fire rate.

You can play an all-rounder role with this weapon, putting you an advantage over others in the current Warzone 2 meta. Just craft a balanced class to improve the ADS and sprint-to-fire speed to overcome the slow scope speed.

TAQ-56 (AR)

The TAQ-56 is an incredibly popular assault right pick right now and for good reason. It features excellent damage in medium to long range with manageable recoil.

To fully unlock the potential of TAQ-56 in the current meta of Warzone 2, you must balance the damage with recoil smoothness and control in long-range combats. The best TAQ-56 loadout ensures you have all the right cards to bring havoc on enemies in every possible situation and range.