How to Create Library in V Rising

Library floors are structural items in V Rising, and just like any other floor item, they also lower the resource cost of using the same structure types. This guide will show you how to create a Library Floor in V Rising, its requirements, and the bonuses it provides.

Requirements to Create Library in V Rising

To be able to create a Library in V Rising, you first need to unlock the Study. A study is a place in V Rising where you can research random items and technology.

Unlocking the Study requires completing a few objectives, such as collecting material. First, you must collect 40 Paper, 40 Plank, 8 Copper Ingot, and 8 Grave Dust.

Once you’ve found all the material required, the next step is facing Nicholas the Fallen in a boss fight.

How to Unlock Library Floor

The next step to unlocking the Library Floor in V Rising is to fight Nicholaus the Fallen.

Nicholaus the Fallen is a boss in V Rising found at the Forgotten Cemetery in Farbane Woods. Since he’s a level 37 boss, you must first reach gear level 37 if you want to defeat him in a fight.

Once you’ve reached the required gear level, use the Blood Altar to track him down.

Head over to the boss’s spawn location (Forgotten Cemetery) and use Chaos Volley and Aftershock right away, followed by Rain of bolts.

During the three attacks, make sure to circle the boss, and since he’ll be throwing a few AoE attacks at you, you can avoid the damage by circling him while landing your attacks.

Keep attacking him until he lays down on the ground, which indicates that you should complete the Extraction process to end the Nicholaus the Fallen boss fight in V Rising.

After defeating the boss, you’ll unlock the Study and can now research on the Library Floor.

Upon completing all the objectives required to unlock the Study, research on the library floor will cost you a lot of Scrolls.

While there are multiple ways to collect scrolls, the least time-consuming and the most recommended method of doing the research is by collecting scrolls from the enemy camps.

Once the required number of scrolls are looted from the camps, you can now build the library floor in V Rising.

Library Bonuses

When you fill out a room with Library Flooring, you will get a 25% decrease in production time when using the Paper Press. Now you know how to create a Library in V Rising.

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