How To Level Up Fast In The Witcher 3

Leveling up in The Witcher 3 can be quite slow on high difficulties which is why we are here to help you get XP fast.

The Witcher 3 is full of content that provides many options to earn XP, which eventually helps you level up quickly. Everything from completing Main Quests, and Secondary Quests, participating in Gwent and Fistfights to destroying Bandit Camps and Monster Dens provides you with XP which consequently levels up Geralt.

However, not every method of grinding levels in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is efficient. Sure main quests give a lot of XP but also take a long while to complete and are challenging. For that very reason, we have prepared this guide with the best ways to gain XP and level up fast in The Witcher 3.

Tips to level up fast in The Witcher 3

This guide will focus on the most efficient methods to farm XP in TW3 and get you leveled up as quickly as possible. While The Witcher 3 doesn’t have a level cap, gaining XP after you reach level 100 becomes impossible as all activities are too low level.

Noonwraith Trophy

After slaying a monster as in during Witcher Contracts, you can cut off a monster’s head and use it as a Monster Trophy. These trophies provide you with several in-game bonuses including a continuous flow of Bonus XP (provided by Noonwraith Trophy).

To acquire the Noonwraith Trophy early in the game, you need to accept Witcher Contract called Devil by the Well in White Orchard.

After you kill the Noonwraith, equip its head as a trophy and you will continuously get bonus XP.


Playing Gwent

Gwent is a Card Game in The Witcher II that you are introduced to in White Orchard during the early game.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics, you’ll be able to read up Noticeboards across the in-game world to find new Gwent players and play with them to acquire a small amount of XP to level up Geralt.

Complete Secondary Quests, Witcher Contracts, and Hidden Treasures

Aside from Primary Quests, there is a ton of optional content in the game such as Witcher Contracts, Secondary Quests, and Hidden Treasures.

I highly recommend completing all of these quests because these will not only help you level up Geralt but will also serve as means to know about the Northern Realm and the people in it. You can read more about Witcher Contracts in our Witcher Contracts Guide.

Destroying Bandit Camps, Monster Nests, and Using Places of Power

After arriving in White Orchard for the first time, you’ll notice several Question Marks on your World Map. It’s recommended to travel to these places and take out some time from the Primary Quests in destroying these Bandit Camps and Monster Nests.

Doing this will not only allow you to gain some bonus XP, but also some valuable and rare loot. Lastly, always make sure to discover all Places of Power before leaving an area as it will allow you to boost your Witcher Signs for a short while and acquire Character Ability Points.

Enemy Upscaling

If you don’t find The Witcher 3 difficult at the default enemy level settings, you can earn more XP by enabling your opponent enemies to level up. This way, they will get their level the same as the player has, and the fight will become more challenging.

To enable this option, just click on Options. From this menu, choose Gameplay and then Enemy Upscaling in the Witcher 3.

Farm by killing Monsters

Another easy way to level up in the game is to farm XP by killing the monsters in TW3. The monster nest will allow the monsters to respawn repeatedly, so make sure not to damage the nest while fighting the monster.

Once you finish killing one, wait for a while, meditate, regain your health and start fighting again. This process will continue to farm XP, which will help you level up faster in TW3 Wild hunt.

Farm by Killing Drowners

Drowners are found near water bodies in the game. If you are looking for a quick level boost in Witcher 3, killing these scary creatures to farm XP is one of the most efficient ways. You must complete the prologue in “White Orchard” first to have Crossbow.

Move to the marked area shown in the image. Here you will find two drowners. Kill them both and avoid looting or opening the treasure chest.

If you face the water, you will see a broken ship on your left and a small patch of land. You need to swim to get there. The exact location is shown in the image below.

Once there, you need to dive near shore and kill the incoming drowners using your Crossbow. Farming also depends upon your aim, so that a good aim will result in more XP in the same period. A monster experience trophy will further aid in leveling up early in Witcher 3.

Liberating Towns

In Witcher 3, plenty of towns are captured by some monster or people and force the residents to leave the town. Finding such towns and defeating the oppressors will make the residents happy, and you will get the reward in the form of experience points which helps boost the player’s level.

Proper Preparation

It includes the upgradation of both the Witch gear and Roach-related stuff, which results in overall leveling up the player. Upgrading the Witcher gear help in increasing the kill bonus, while upgrading Roach’s saddles will allow you to carry more loot and move faster.

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