The Witcher 3 Enemy Upscaling Explained

Many players confuse how enemy upscaling works in The Witcher 3. The mechanic does not upscale or downscale enemy levels across the board.

If you are returning to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt following its next-generation update, you might want to refresh your memory about how enemy upscaling works in the game.

The Witcher 3 features an open world where you can complete quests wherever and whenever you want. The level requirements as well as the enemy levels scale according to your character level to balance out the gameplay. So, if your level is too high for a quest, your rewards, loot, and enemies will adjust accordingly.

However, many players confuse how enemy upscaling works in The Witcher 3. The gameplay mechanic does not upscale or downscale enemy levels across the board. There are certain metrics that scaling follows in the game.

What does Enemy Upscaling do in The Witcher 3?

Since there are hundreds of quests to complete in The Witcher 3, you are likely going to come across many low-tier quests with underleveled enemies.

If you enable the Enemy Upscaling setting in the game, all of these underleveled enemies will automatically level up to match your current attack power and character levels.

Enemy Upscaling, hence, allows you to get more experience points (XP) for killing enemies. However, keep in mind that Enemy Upscaling only affects enemies that are lower than you. Enemies with higher levels than you will remain the same as they were. They will not be affected in any way.

Getting more XP automatically means that you will be power-leveling in The Witcher 3. You will be able to unlock more abilities and upgrades by the time you reach the end game.

Furthermore, Enemy Upscaling increases the level of loot you get from defeated enemies. There is no point in killing underleveled enemies if the loot you get is also underleveled and hence useless.

Turn on Enemy Upscaling to boost the levels of swords and armor, etc, that you will loot from killing upscaled enemies in The Witcher 3.

If you are finding The Witcher 3 too easy, you should definitely turn on Enemy Upscaling. You can also turn on the setting in Death March difficulty.

How to turn on Enemy Upscaling in The Witcher 3

If you are at the home screen, head into Options and scroll down to Gameplay to find the Enemy Upscaling setting. Take note that the feature will be disabled by default.

Take note that if you are already in-game, you need to reload your game after enabling Enemy Upscaling for the changes to take effect.

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