How To Win Fistfights In The Witcher 3

The following guide will tell you tips to win fistfights as well as to become the fistfighting champion in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Fistfights are one of the many side activities that you can do in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You will eventually unlock them on your map over the course of progression. Some quests will even force you to brawl with characters instead of killing them.

Fistfights follow their own combat mechanics. They are different and fairly limited to what you normally can do with your swords. Geralt must rely on his brute strength and mobility alone every time he enters a ring, and sometimes it can prove difficult to pummel a foe with your bare knuckles.

The following are some important tips that will help you win every fistfight in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Fistfighting rules and basics in The Witcher 3

Fistfighting is not an all-out mindless brawl in the game. There are certain rules and regulations that Geralt must follow.

You cannot draw your weapons in a fistfight. You cannot use any potions or bombs. Using your magic and signs is also banned.

However, if you are participating in the Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions tournament, you can cast Quen for its shield if you have the Protection Glyphword armor enchantment. Otherwise, you can just cast Quen before starting the brawl.

Tips to win every fistfight in The Witcher 3

Block to avoid the cheap shot

You need to uphold your block from the start of the battle. Some opponents love throwing punches as soon as the battle starts. They try their best to land cheap shots, making you lose control from the start of the battle.

It is crucial to stop the opponents in their tracks by holding the block. You should always keep your block up and protect yourself from sudden attacks. You will get your chance of landing the blows by being cautious. The opponents will provide you with an opening, making you take the fight away from their hands.

Dodge and jab

You must use the dodge and jab combination whenever you doubt your parrying ability or face a strong attack from the enemies. Be ready to dodge whenever you see the opponents rushing toward you to land their attacks. Keep moving, and enemies will get frustrated, going for their strong attacks.

Use this opportunity to dodge those attacks and then land your combo to deal maximum damage to the opponents. Dodging is the key, as it creates options for you to land deadly combos.

Parry their strong attacks

It is crucial to parry the opponent’s strong attacks. You must maintain a safe distance from the enemies to release your block. This way, you can press block whenever the opponents get in their attacking animation.

You must use the block at the perfect time. Press block when you see the opponents raising their firsts for the hit. You will block perfectly and parry their attack. This will leave the opponents wide open for you to land deadly attacks.

The enemy’s strong attacks will become their weakness if you know how to parry them in The Witcher 3.

Counter for the win

You need to counter the enemies using your mobility and timing on blocks. Opponents will make different mistakes if you keep moving and blocking their attacks.

They might be forced to throw a series of punches out of frustration. Use this opportunity wisely and ensure you land perfect combos when the enemies are vulnerable. The fistfights are always about creating the right chance to land counterattacks on the opponents. Your counters might leave the enemies without answers, taking the fights away.

Cast Quen before the fight

Using signs in The Witcher 3 is crucial for your success. In fistfights, you can take the benefit of Quen sign. The signs provide you protection against enemy attack.

You can use the protection in your favor and make the enemies pay by creating openings for counterattacks. You can also make the opponents use and waste their special attacks because of the shield created by the Quen sign.

Push them into a corner

You must know about the basics of combat. Any player struck in the corner of the ring gets punched more by their opponents. The ability to move freely is gone as soon as you get trapped in the corner.

The same rules apply in The Witcher 3. You must move toward the walls or objects, making your opponents follow. Use the dodge option to get away from the enemies’ light attacks. This will push the enemies into unsafe positions, having their faces against the corners or walls.

You can then unleash your counterattacks, landing punches here and there. Keep the enemies cornered and block any exit point for them.

You will be victorious if you keep them in the corner and take full advantage of the situation by giving as many punches as possible.

Stop spamming punches

You need to take your time and settle in the fight. Do not randomly spam punches and wait for the opening. Patience is the key here, as it will allow you to understand the movement and attack patterns of the opponents.

Learn the movements and punch the enemies when any opening arises. Mostly, you get the opportunity after countering the enemies, leaving them open for attacks.

You can take the fights away from them by being smart and up to the mark. Let the enemy come and serve them with a hurtful punch when you get the chance. The enemies will get frustrated after seeing you wait and will make a mistake. From there, you can take the fight away from them and win it with ease.

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