How To Farm Gold Quickly In The Witcher 3

Fill your pockets with crowns so you never have to go hungry again.

Crowns are the main currency of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They appear as gold coins in the game and are used to purchase pretty much everything ranging from food, drinks, potions, crafting materials, alchemy ingredients, weapons, and armor. You will also be spending a lot of gold on repairing your gear.

Unfortunately, being a Witcher is not exactly the highest-paying job there is. You will need a lot of gold to meet your needs, especially if you are playing on Death March difficulty.

The following guide will tell you all the ways in which you can farm gold as much as possible in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, including a little money glitch to give you a massive start.

How to make quick money in The Witcher 3

In summary, you just need to explore and play through everything in the game to make money. There are a few special methods, though, that should warrant your interest as they will give you the highest amount of Crowns in the game.

Loot everything in sight

Looting is going to be the main way with which you can earn gold in the game. You should always fully explore an area before moving on because there just might be a corpse or chest lying in a corner waiting to be looted.

You can always use your Witcher Senses to locate hidden items which always contain a lot of loot. Remember that your Witcher Senses give either a red or yellow trail. The red trails are mainly for enemies but if you are seeing a yellow trail, it means there are crates, chests, or other lootable items in the area.

Once your inventory is full, find the nearest merchant to sell everything that you do not need.

Track down Smuggler’s Caches

Smuggler’s Caches are a kind of collectible to find in The Witcher 3. There are a lot of them, and they are mostly located underwater.

They contain a lot of loot and will most often give you swords and armor that can be sold for gold.

Sell gear instead of dismantling them

Every sword or armor in your inventory can be dismantled for crafting materials. You might think that dismantling them will save you from spending money on purchasing crafting materials. That is wrong.

You can easily find enough crafting materials in the wild without needing to dismantle everything in your inventory. Hence, always sell your swords and armor as they are for the maximum amount of gold.

Open up sea shells for pearls

Junk items are of no use in The Witcher 3. They are literally junk. However, if you have sea shells in your inventory, remember to dismantle them first to see if they contain pearls.

Pearls are valuable and sell for a lot higher amount of gold compared to sea shells.

Sell books after reading them

There are hundreds of books to read in the game. You do not need to hoard them. Sell them after reading them to free up your inventory space.

Only sell your items to the Quartermaster

You can sell your unwanted items to any merchant or vendor. However, they will not always give you the same amount of gold. You will get a different amount of crowns for selling the same item to two different vendors. So, which vendor to sell your items to in The Witcher 3?

To get the highest money for your items, make sure to sell your items to the Quartermaster found at Crow’s Perch in Velen.

One thing you need to note is that vendors have a limited amount of crowns at hand at any given time and may not be able to buy everything you have to sell. Therefore, you will need to return at a later time or go to another similar vendor. 

Complete all Contracts

Whenever you enter a new town or village, make sure to head over to its noticeboard first. These always contain side quests for you to complete that give you more opportunities to make money.

These noticeboards sometimes also contain monster contracts that are an excellent source of gold. In addition to its reward money, you will also get to loot rare and exclusive ingredients from the monster that can later be crafted into potions or other consumables to be sold at a higher price.

Take part in fistfights

Fistfights are a mini-game in The Witcher 3 and are also part of the Fist of Fury side quest. You can, however, take part in fistfights are many times as you want.

Before starting a fistfight, make sure to place the highest bet on yourself to make the most amount of money.

Stop purchasing gear from merchants

Unless you are purchasing a full-blown armor set from a merchant such as the Undvik armor set, there is no reason for you to spend your gold on weapons and armor that are up for sale.

These are pretty much useless. You can always find something better in the open world or even craft something that will last you half of the game.

Best looting sites in The Witcher 3

There are a ton of sites in the Witcher 3 map that can serve as excellent spots for looting items either by killing animals such as pigs, cows, etc., or stealing items from bandit camps, which can be later sold to NPC merchants such as Innkeepers, etc.


Once the merchants at the Innkeepers run out of money, you need to meditate for 5 days and then check in on them again. This will reset their inventory and also bring all their money back in The Witcher 3.

The White Orchard (Bovine Hack)

At the very start of the White Orchard, there is a place close to the Woesong Bridge where you can find two cows grazing. This is a very early game gold farming method in TW3 so you don’t have to worry about your level or gear.

If you kill these cows and return after some time, they will have respawned in the same place. This will allow you to kill them and farm Raw Meat and Cow’s Milk from them and then sell it off for some Crowns.

The guard post outside White Orchard

To find several valuable items, you can visit the guard post outside the town close to the Woesong Bridge. You can loot them and then sell them off for a nice profit.

The Devil’s Pit in Velen

There is a bandit camp known as the Devil’s Pit located near Mulbrydale, which is full of items that are very useful to loot. Raid the base to first kill all the bandits inside and then loot their belongings. The camp will give you enough items to earn a hefty profit.

The bee farm outside Novigrad

Honeycomb is a valuable item that can be collected from the bee farm outside Novigrad and can be sold to Herbalists. It is a decently expensive item that you can loot and sell for a decent amount of Crowns.

Hanse Bases in Blood and Wine’s Toussaint

The Hanse Bases introduced in the Blood and Wine expansion of The Witcher 3 are also a great way to farm gold and other loot. However, this method can be a bit challenging as you are fighting sufficiently high-level enemies.

Hanse Bases are enemy camps, and to farm them, you basically need to kill all the enemies inside except the leader. So just pick any Hanse Base in Blood and Wine, lure a bunch of enemies to your position and use your deadliest attacks to quickly kill them. Make sure not to kill the leader, or the farming method will fail.


Hanged Man’s Weapon Oil and Northern Wind Bombs are highly useful here to deal bonus damage to human enemies and quickly kill large crowds without being overwhelmed. The faster you can kill, the more efficient your money farm will be.

Once all the normal enemies are dead, leave the area, sell the loot you picked up, and return again. All the enemies will have spawned again, so you can get back to killing them again to earn more gold.

Glitches and mods to earn money in The Witcher 3

If you are tired of farming money in TW3 the right way, there are some other methods you can adopt to earn gold as well. Keep in mind that due to their nature, these methods will only work on the PC version of The Witcher 3.

Install Geralt is rich mod

If you are looking for a mod to get Geralt rich in seconds, then the Geralt is Rich mod does the trick for you. By using this particular mod, you can check your inventory before you purchase any item, and there you will see that you will have 50,000 crowns to spend. This is a useful mod, especially if you want to purchase equipment to craft better armor for your builds in TW3.


Apart from cheat mods and glitches, you can also use The Witcher 3’s command console to give yourself as much gold as you want. Enable console commands and then simply type Addmoney(amount here) to get as much gold as you want.

Cow farming money glitch

This infinite glitch is for newcomers to The Witcher 3 who are seeking to farm money without fighting difficult opponents or taking on quests. You will need to head in the Northeastern direction from the Hanged Man’s Tree area.

Once you reach the Garin Estate, head a little way south from there until you reach a small pasture with a lot of cows (at least 10-12).

You can use your Igni sign to kill the cows that are out in the open and NOT in the stables. After killing all the cows in the field, meditate for one hour, and you will notice that all of them have respawned back. You can loot the cowhide from each of them and then proceed to burn them again.

Follow this method as many times as you like, and once you have enough, you can sell the cow hides to innkeepers for 148 crowns each. If you collected 47-50 cow hides, you have made yourself at least 7500 crowns, which is a lot of cash in The Witcher 3.

Pang of Conscience money glitch

There is a glitch in The Witcher 3 that you can exploit for unlimited crowns.

  • Head towards the Witcher stronghold of Kaer Morhen. Travel south to find the old Stone Tower and climb to the first level.
  • Walk inside to find the fallen skeleton close to the treasure chest.
  • A Pang of Conscience sword can be found near that skeleton. Close to the sword, you can also find the letter of apology.
  • For the glitch to work, you need to loot only the sword. Now that the sword is in your inventory, you can save the game.
  • After saving, the sword will respawn, and you can later loot it again.

Each time that you loot the Pang of Conscience sword, you can sell it for more than 500 crowns. This method can be repeated an infinite number of times unless it gets patched in a future update.

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