How To Dismantle Items In The Witcher 3

Clear up the junk from your bags.

As you play through The Witcher 3, you are sure to fill up your inventory with lots of loot. Over time, your gear will become obsolete as you level up. All this will eventually have an impact on your carry capacity, and you will need some way to dispose of those items to make room. That is where the option to dismantle items in The Witcher 3 comes in.

Dismantling useless items in The Witcher 3 will break them down into base components that can be later used to craft something else. So dismantling junk isn’t just to clear up space in your inventory but also helps give you raw materials.

How to dismantle junk in The Witcher 3

In order to dismantle the Items in your inventory, you will need to meet with certain NPC in The Witcher 3. This will happen to be an Armorer or a Blacksmith who can be found at various locations, so you can simply speak with them and then select the second dialogue choice, which says, Need some armor made or Willing to craft something for me?

Now you can press the RB/ R2 button if you are playing on a console (Xbox, PS4) to navigate through the armorer or blacksmith’s menu. This way, you can access different sections such as Shop, Crafting, Repair, Remove Upgrade, and Dismantle in The Witcher 3.

You can head over to the Dismantle section, and there you will be able to observe all the items that you can dismantle, including Talisman, Potion, gear, etc. On the right side, you can observe the item you want to dismantle like the Razor can be dismantled into Iron Ore and Fibre, and so on. In short, once you made up your mind to dismantle a specific item, then you can simply press the R1/ RB button to enable that dismantle option.

You can visit the Master Armorer called Yoana at Crow’s Perch in TW3, as she is an expert in dismantling and crafting rare weapons.

Keep in mind the dismantling process in The Witcher 3 is not free as it will also cost you some crowns as well so you will want to be careful because you will be spending money on dismantling items into other components in TW3.

What items should you dismantle in TW3?

In some cases, the items you have got are sometimes worth more than the dismantled items like the relic swords and armor, which can fetch you a ton of money. However, depending on your needs, these can be dismantled into rare components like the Dimeritium Ingots, Black Steel ingots, etc., in The Witcher 3.

FYI: Colored weapons will cost you more to dismantle compared to the standard weapons in The Witcher 3. On the other hand, you should be careful while dismantling certain items. For example, instead of selling Seashells, you can dismantle them to gain pearls or even black pearls which can fetch you a greater price.

Keeping your Weight aspect in check you should definitely dismantle the looted junk or old gear that you salvaged during the missions to earn you some coin in TW3.

Dismantling Jewels is a plus point in TW3, as in many cases, you will be able to get a raw gem that can be sold at higher prices. However, instead of selling Ruby, you should keep it for crafting your swords.

Lastly, the items you dismantle vary in price depending on the Blacksmith or Armor in different areas in The Witcher 3. Compared to the village craftsman, the city ones are a little pricier, and you will need the required blacksmith when it comes to dismantling certain rare weapons.

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