How To Repair Gear In The Witcher 3

Read this guide if you want to learn how to repair the Weapon and Armor in Witcher 3.

All good things in life come at some cost and such is the case with the wonderful gear found in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. With rigorous use they see in the hands of Geralt, the many weapons and armor he wields sometimes break. To move on through the game, you must repair your weapons and armor.

Whenever a weapon needs repair, it will have a red hammer on it inside the gear list.  Although you can still use the weapon in its current state, its performance and stats will be reduced to the extent that it will be far less effective than usual.

In combat, your armor will take the brunt of the damage from the enemy attacks and will therefore need most of the repair from your gear. To be on the safe side, the gear with 50% or fewer stats will need to be repaired immediately to avoid any catastrophe.

Read this guide if you want to learn how to repair the Weapon and Armor in Witcher 3.

How to repair armor and weapons in The Witcher 3

There are two ways to improve the durability of your armor and weapons. You can either find a nearby armorer and a blacksmith or craft some repair kits to do the repairing yourself.

Find an armorer and a blacksmith

In Witcher 3, there are several shops scattered all across the map where you can find the Blacksmith or Armorer NPC. In the map, Blacksmith and Armorer Shops will appear under the icon of a hammer and anvil.

Blacksmiths are NPCs that specialize in the forging, crafting, and repairing of all weapons. Likewise, Armorers specializes in everything related to armor.

To start the repair process, interact with the Blacksmith and Armorer. A menu will appear on the screen from which there will be a “Repair” option inside.

Going inside this menu will reveal the list of all the gear that the players have. Select any of the weapon or armor to then find the repair charges and finalize to begin the repair process.

Keep in mind that all Smiths are not equal in the work that they do to the gear. All smiths in Witcher 3 have a certain level and the higher their level is, the higher the repair quality is in terms of percentage.

Get some repair kits

There are a couple of tools in The Witcher 3 that you can either easily craft or find to repair your weapons and armor yourself. There is no need of finding an armorer or a blacksmith.

There is firstly the armor repair kit that adds durability to your armor piece. There is then the weapon repair kit that does the same for weapons.

All you have to do is open your inventory and drag a repair kit to the armor/weapon that needs repairing.

Both repair kits have three different tiers. The amount of durability added is based on their tiers. The tables below will give you more details regarding that.

You can purchase repair kits and their crafting recipes from any merchant in town. The basic tiers are pretty common to get hold of.

Repair KitDurabilityCrafting Ingredients
Amateur’s Armor Repair Kit+15%Elven Armorer’s Tools x1, Thread x1, Leather Straps x1, Nails x1
Journeyman’s Armor Repair Kit+40%Dwarven Armorer’s Tools x1, Thread x3, Linen x1, Leather Straps x2, Steel Plates x1
Master’s Armor Repair Kit+90%Gnomish Armorer’s Tools x1, Silk x1, Hardened Leather x1, Wire x1, Steel Plates x2
Amateur’s Weapon Repair Kit+15%Elven Whetstone x1, Oil x1, Leather Straps x1
Journeyman’s Weapon Repair Kit+40%Dwarven Whetstone x1, Bottled Water x1, Leather Scraps x1
Master’s Weapon Repair Kit+90%Gnomish Whetstone x1, Alchemical Paste x1, Linen x1

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