Best Weapons In The Witcher 2

What are the best weapons in The Witcher 2, and how can you get them?

Out of all the weapons in The Witcher 2, some are best with additional effects such as bleed status, vitality generation etc. These weapons will help you hunt monsters and enemy bosses more quickly, so putting the effort into getting them is worth it.

I have prepared a list of the best weapons you can access and use to become more formidable in your battles. You will find the necessary information on these weapons in this guide.

1. Caerme

If you are looking for the best steel sword in The Witcher 2, consider Caerme among your top choices. This weapon offers a high amount of base damage (50-58) along with notable aspects such as Vitality Regeneration (+2) and Oil Duration (+4).

Moreover, once you have the Caerme sword equipped onto your build, you can increase the chance of instant kill by an additional 4 percent.

You can acquire this best weapon by completing a particular quest called An Encrypted Manuscript. After completing this quest, you will get the Diagram: Caerme, which will comprise the following components to craft this unique steel blade:

  • Iron Ore x14
  • Timber x2)
  • Harpy Feathers x4

2. Dancer

The Dancer Steel sword makes it to the second spot for the best weapon in The Witcher 2. Unlike the Caerme sword, this sword delivers even more damage (55-62). You can get it during one of the quests called the Crown Witness, given that you are pursuing Vernon Roche’s path.

The best part about having the Dancer weapon is that it increases your vitality regeneration factor by +2 and inflicts additional bleeding damage of 30 percent on all enemies you strike.

You must venture to the Burned-down hospital area to get the Diagram: Dancer. You will go there during the quest In the Claws of Madness.

3. Weeper

The Weeper is a good choice if you want a common Silver Sword to deliver a nice chunk of damage (50-55). The best part about this weapon is that it inflicts an increased poison damage of 30 percent on your enemies. Moreover, the chance of instant killing using the Weeper blade rises by 3 percent.

However, the Weeper sword has certain prerequisites, including that you can only get it in Dark Mode of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

Furthermore, you can visit the NPC merchant Bras of Ban Ard and purchase the Diagram: Weeper at a base price of 801 Orens. The crafting components required for this best weapon include Iron Ore (x2), Silver Ore (x14), Timber (x2), Blue Materials (x2), and Elemental Stone (x4).

4. Mourner

Mourner is an excellent addition to the list of the best weapons in The Witcher 2. This particular sword is also available only in the Dark Mode. You will get the Mourner blade once you acquire the Kinslayer’s Outfit.

Regarding base stats, the Mourner blade inflicts an increased damage of (52-60) during your battles. You can use this blade to inflict increased bleed damage of 40 percent onto the enemies you face during your fights. In addition, this sword has an instant kill ratio of 3 percent.

The Diagram: Mourner can be purchased from Bras of Ban Ard, and the components required for crafting this steel sword comprise five items. Iron ore (x16), Leather (x4), Timber (x2), Gargoyle dust (x3), and Essence of Death (x2).

5. Forgotten Vran Sword

The Forgotten Vran Sword is a highly desired weapon that gives you an extra Vigor. You must follow Roche’s path and head to a particular location to find this specific weapon. This will happen to the sorcerer Dethmold’s room, underneath the Ruined Library in The Witcher 2.

To get here, you must venture directly to the Loc Muinne area following the events of another quest, which will be called “Of His Blood and Bone.” Once you reach the abovementioned area, you will discover a safe inside Dethmold’s room.

It will be locked; you get the key by killing the sorcerer Dethmold and looting his body, after which you can open the safe and gain this unique sword.

You can get the Forgotten Vran sword by following Lorveth’s path in The Witcher 2. This specific weapon is in the Crypt of Mages this time. You will visit this area during the quest The Secrets of Loc Muinne by going through the hidden door.

Moving onto the stats for the Forgotten Vran sword, it offers increased freeze damage of 20 percent and helps your vitality regeneration by +2 percent. The damaging aspect makes the Forgotten Vran sword a good choice among the top categories of the best weapons, as this ranges between (50 and 55).

6. Addan Deith

There are several silver swords, but Addan Deith is a notable option when choosing the best weapons for your character in the third chapter of The Witcher 2. The damage produced by this silver sword ranges between 45 and 50 and can help you demolish enemies in your fights.

This is considered an epic silver sword; you will get some nice effects while using the Addan Deith. These will include effects such as inflicting increased Bleed damage of 30 percent on your enemies. Moreover, this blade works well against creatures such as wraiths, delivering an increased 4 percent damage.

You will find the weapon Addan Deith following the events of a specific quest, The Gargoyle Contract. While exploring the Loc Muinne area, you will come across a chest. It will be present somewhere near the northwestern rune room. You can open it to get the Addan Deith sword and equip it for your build.  

7. Zerrikanterment

The Zerrikanterment is another good sword you can craft in Chapter Three of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. You can purchase the Diagram: Zerrikanterment from an NPC merchant, Bras of Ban Ard, for 501 orens.

He will be wearing a red hat and can be found in the courtyard area of Loc Muinne. If you are lucky, you can also find this particular diagram in one of the chests in the Flotsam area.

Regarding weapon stats, the Zerrikanterment blade can inflict bleed damage of 35 percent on any enemy. You can deliver damage of (44-49) using this specific silver sword. Moreover, the Zerrikanterment is ideal for fighting monsters, as you can significantly damage these creatures.

This will include 4 percent damage to creatures such as Insectoids, Necrophages, Large monsters, Wraiths, and Gargoyles.

You also get two additional factors, such as Adrenaline generation (+1), and your chance of instant kill increases by 1 percent. Lastly, the bonus damage on signs increases by (+10), which is quite resourceful during those tough fights with enemy bosses.

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