Best Silver Swords In The Witcher 2

Made specifically for slaying monsters.

Geralt’s silver sword is specifically made to slay all sorts of creatures and monsters born of magic in the Witcher world. That includes werewolves, vampires, drowners, wraiths, or anything undead that you encounter in The Witcher 2.

These types of enemies either take reduced damage from your steel swords (mostly used against humans) or are completely immune. Their only weakness is silver, which is why you need to always have the best silver sword with you at all times.


You lose your silver sword in the prologue of The Witcher 2. The only way of getting it back is by either crafting it in Chapter 1 or importing a save file from The Witcher 1.

5. Draug’s Confession

DamageRune SlotsCraftableLocation
37 – 423YesChapter 2

Draug’s Confession is a silver sword that many players tend to sleep on. Its damage stats might not appear that great on paper but its bonus effects rival some of the best swords in the game, especially if you are fighting the undead.

Draug’s Confession, firstly, gives you 30 percent increased bleeding damage, which is an excellent stat to have against armored enemies or enemies with large health pools. You also get to do an insane 50 percent increased damage to wraiths. That alongside a couple of bonus percentage damage against gargoyles, insectoids, and necrophages. You pretty much get a silver sword to breeze through the mid-end game.

Draug’s Confession can only be crafted. Its crafting diagram will be automatically added to your inventory after completing Chapter 2.

4. Deithwen

DamageRune SlotsCraftableLocation
44 – 483NoChapter 3

If you are having a hard time dealing with enemies with large health pools, look no further than the Deithwen. It does 25 percent more damage to gargoyles and large monsters in general. Its raw damage stats are also pretty commendable, so you will not have a hard time cutting through through stone golems in the end game.

You will have two opportunities to loot the Deitwen silver sword in The Witcher 2. Head to the caves east of Loc Muinne in Chapter 3 and then find the ruined wagon nearby. Loot one of its skeletons for the sword.

If you are following Roche’s path, check the cave near the forest where Geralt escorts Brigida during the Crown Witness quest.


The Zerrikanterment is very similar to Deithwen. It does similar damage but with bonus effects against insectoids and the undead. It all depends on what kind of monster you want to deal more damage to.

You can buy it from Bras of Ban Ard in Chapter 3. You can also loot it from the Toll Collector’s House.

3. Addan Deith

DamageRune SlotsCraftableLocation
45 – 503NoChapter 3

Addan Deith is second to only the Weeper in terms of damage but gives you 3 rune slots for additional effects which the latter misses out on. Its excellent damage stats, rune slots, and the fact that it is not locked behind the Dark Mode make Addan Deith one of the most powerful silver swords to get in The Witcher 2.

With a 30 percent increase in bleeding damage done and a 2 percent additional chance of an instant kill, Addan Deith is the perfect choice for a sword-heavy build. While it also does 4 percent additional damage to Wraiths, you will want the silver sword for its improved bleeding stats that come in mighty handy against the dragon.

This is perhaps why Addan Deith is located close to the end of the game. It is not only the best silver sword to get in Chapter 3 but also your only option to defeat the final dragon boss in The Witcher 2.

Did You Know

The Addan Deith returns in The Witcher 3 without any of its previous effects and utility, making it a weak silver sword relic against the Wild Hunt.

You can get your hands on Addan Deith while completing the Gargoyle Contract in Loc Muinne, which is incidentally the only contract you can get in Chapter 3. Make your way into the northwestern rune room and loot the chest for the silver sword. You can go back for the chest even after completing the contract.

2. Wight

DamageRune SlotsCraftableLocation
52-572YesChapter 1

The Wight does the highest damage among all silver swords in The Witcher 2. Nothing else comes close. Besides its raw damage stats and the helpful two rune slots, the sword does bonus damage to gargoyles and gargantuan monsters. You also get an increased stun percentage and your blade oils last much longer.

The Wight is undoubtedly the only silver sword that you need for the entire game, and you can get it in Chapter 1 too. The only problem is that it can only be crafted and its crafting recipe is an extremely rare random drop.

If you are really lucky, you can get the Wight diagram as either a random monster drop or random loot in Chapter 1. If you complete the first act without finding the diagram, there is no other way of getting it for the remainder of your playthrough.


All overpowered weapons like the Wight and the Ichaer Aardanna which you get as random drops were removed from the PC version of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – Enhanced Edition. Their crafting diagrams only appears in the unpatched Xbox 360 version.

Some players have suggested that there is a slightly increased chance of looting the Wight diagram from a chest on the ground floor of the Flotsam Harbor guard tower. Even still, its spawn chances are incredibly low.

1. Weeper

DamageRune SlotsCraftableLocation
50 – 552YesChapter 3

The Weeper tops our list of best silver swords in The Witcher 2 for two main reasons. Firstly, the Wight may do a bit more damage but it is unavailable on PC. The Weeper on the other hand is a guaranteed loot.

Secondly, it has an insane 30 percent increased chance of poisoning enemies which stacks on every hit. Combine that with a 3 percent chance of instantly killing an enemy and you have yourself the most powerful silver sword to wield in the game.

The Weeper is part of The Kinslayer’s Outfit which can only be crafted while playing The Witcher 2 on Dark difficulty. Head to Bras of Ban Ard in Chapter 3 to craft the complete set. He is located east of the notice board in Loc Muinne.

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