How To Get Silver Ore In The Witcher 2

Find all the merchants who are selling Silver Ore to craft important items.

Silver Ore is a useful crating component in The Witcher 2 that you can find easily during the first chapter. However, finding Silver Ore will become difficult once you reach Chapters 2 and 3. Only a few merchants will sell it during your playthrough.

You will need Silver Ore for the crafting of Silver Sowrds. If you are having trouble finding this crafting item, this guide will help you.

The Witcher 2 Silver Ore in Chapter 1

In Chapter 1, you can make your way towards the south side of the Flotsam district. Head to the dwarven blacksmith area, towards the south side of Einar Guasel’s house, searching for the merchant selling the silver ore.

Once you get there, you will notice a bald dwarf with a beard. He will be called Berthold Candeleria. After identifying him, speak with him and visit the crafting section in his inventory. He will have 4-5 Silver Ore listed for purchase in the Witcher 2.

Silver Ore in Chapter 2

You can find another Merchant selling Silver Ore in Chapter 2. This time, you must make your way to the Rhundurin Square area. There will be a merchant with the name of Mael present next to a dwarf. Check his inventory; he will have Silver Ore available for trade.

However, if you cannot find this particular merchant, you can meditate until dawn, and he will spawn there. You can visit Mael later to find that, like other NPC merchants, he has restocked the Silver Ore in The Witcher 2.

Silver Ore in Chapter 3

In Chapter 3, you will find it increasingly difficult to come across Silver Ore as limited vendors will sell it. You can meet with the NPC merchant Bras Of Ban Ard.

You can find him a little east from the Notice board at Loc Muinne. Bras will be wearing a red hat, so easy to spot. Go to him and select the trade option to check his inventory. Then, you can check the crafting section and find (3 to 5) Silver Ores listed for sale.

Once you have purchased the Silver Ore from this merchant, you can meditate and continue your playthrough. After some time, visit Bras again, and you will find that he has restocked the Silver Ore in his inventory.

Below, you will find details about the money in The Witcher 2 the merchants will charge you for different types of Silver Ore:

  1. Base (Silver Ore): 45 Orens
  2. Haggle (Silver Ore): 36 Orens
  3. Sell: 3 Orens
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