Best Steel Swords In The Witcher 2

Cut down bandits with ease.

Geralt has two weapons available at all times to help him navigate the dangers of the world. Where the best silver swords are used to deal with magical monsters like werewolves, steel swords are used to take down humans or humanoid creatures such as elves, trolls, etc.

Steel Swords vary in damage, rune slots, and which chapter they are unlocked in, which is why they can be very difficult to rank, which is why we’ve done that job for you and presented you with the best Steel Swords in the Witcher 2.

5. Mourner

DamageRune SlotsCraftableLocation
52 – 601YesChapter 3

Starting with the Mourner, the sword is almost equal in effectiveness compared to the latter sword, the Forgotten Vran Sword. The main reason why the Morner ranks below despite having higher damage than the latter sword is a lesser number of Rune slots, which takes away the diversity.

Despite that, the sword is still ranked as one of the best because of its excellent damage output and a 40% increase in the Bleeding effect which is quite helpful in taking down enemies quickly and efficiently. It also grants you a 3% chance for an instant kill which can be life-saving at times if you’re lucky enough to land it.

The sword is only available in Dark mode and cannot be obtained otherwise, which is yet another reason why it’s ranked 5th place.

You can get the Mourner as part of the Kinslayer’s outfit in Dark Mode by buying/looting it from a couple of Looters on the bridge north of Lindenvale.

4. Forgotten Vran Sword

DamageRune SlotsCraftableLocation
50 – 553NoChapter 3

The Forgotten Vran Sword is regarded as one of the strongest steel swords in the Witcher 2 not only because of its high base damage but also because of its unique bonus effects.

The sword offers the Freeze unique effect (20% chance) which is very useful when it comes to slowing down enemies and picking them off one by one. The high base damage goes well with this effect because you can get rid of the slowed enemies more quickly.

Moreover, the Forgotten Vran Sword also gives you a Vigor point every time you land a hit along with a bit of Vitality regen. This can be very useful if you have a Vigor-centered character. Lastly, with three Rune Slots on a single sword, what more could you really want?

This sword can only be found on the Roche’s Path – beneath the ruined library in Loc Muinne, in the quest – “Of his blood and bone“.

Did You Know

The Forgotten Vran Sword was later added to Iorveth’s path as well after the enhanced edition.

Players who have chosen the Iorveth’s path can get it from the Crypt of Mages. They need to cast Aard or Igni at the appropriate crystals to reveal a hidden door and obtain the sword.

3. Caerme

DamageRune SlotsCraftableLocation
50 – 582YesChapter 3

Though the Caerme falls short in damaged output compared to the latter 2 swords, it still has the potential to take the top place for players who depend on Vitality because of its regen effect (+2).

Moreover, the DoT effect deficit of this sword can be countered by using two Ysgrith Runes with it, which allows it to have a Bleeding chance and further improve its damage.


If you are playing Dark Mode, you could try getting your hands on the Mourner as a suitable replacement for the Caerme.

Apart from that, the sword also increases the duration of blade oils by 4 and gives the same percentage of an instant kill.

The Carme takes the third place due to its ease of access compared to the former two swords. You can craft this sword by getting its diagram as a reward from the Encrypted Manuscript quest.

2. Dancer

DamageRune SlotsCraftableLocation
55 – 622NoChapter 3

The Dancer is the second-best Steel Sword of The Witcher 2. It has the joint-highest base damage in the game (along with the Beann’shie).

The reason why the Dancer is so high up in this list is simply because of its extreme damage output. That said, the effects of this sword aren’t too shabby either.

The sword gives you a 30% chance in Bleeding which is pretty much all you need, along with Vitality regen of +2, which is the same as that of the Caerne. The only other effect this sword has over the Caerme is an additional effect that lets you regenerate Adrenaline with each hit, making this sword highly diverse in terms of skills.

The Dancer can only be obtained from the Nekker Cave when you are traveling with Brigida through the forest in the Crown Witness quest (Chapter 3).

The Dancer can also be obtained in Chapter 1, although very rare, by finding its diagram in the burned-down hospital during the quest In the Claws of Madness.

1. Beann’shie

DamageRune SlotsCraftableLocation
56 – 622YesChapter 3

The strongest and the best Steel Sword in The Witcher 2, acquiring the Beann’shie is not so straightforward and requires a lot of luck.

You can find its crafting diagram from a chest in the ruins of the asylum in Chapter 1 or if you are super lucky, can even come across a crafted Beann’shie sword, ready to be picked up from this very place.

Combined with the highest damage a Steel Sword can dash out, the Beann’shie also gives a substantial 25% Freeze chance which is great for slowing down enemies and finishing them off quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, the sword also gives you Adrenaline regen with every strike, which can be quite useful at times.

Another plausible location to find its crafting diagram is the Nekker Caves in Chapter 3.

That said, if you somehow acquire it in Chapter 1, you crack the game and remove the need to look for an upgrade on your Steel Swords. This might also be the reason why this weapon was removed from the PC version of The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition.

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