The Witcher 2 Choices Guide

Major choices and their Outcomes.

The Witcher 2 has a lot of endings, and these depend on the choices you make during the playthrough. Moreover, the choices you make will impact your relationship with a lot of characters, including your romance options.

I will be discussing all the major choices that you will encounter during your playthrough. Some choices will also play some role in The Witcher 3, and I will discuss them as well.

Prologue Choices

I will be discussing all the Major choices that you will encounter during the prologue of The Witcher 2.

Prologue ChoicesOutcome
Help NewboyPersuading him earns you the Amulet.
Sapre AryanHe lives, and at the end of the third chapter, La Vallete Castle remains Temerian
Kill AryanLa Vallete falls under Nilfgaardian rule.

The Witcher 2 Chapter 1 Choices

A Kingslayer assassinates King Foltest, and the blame falls on you. You will need to clear up your name by following the events of the main campaign. Here, you will need to make some major choices, which will include:

Chapter 1 ChoicesOutcome
Give SwordGive Iorveth his sword and continue with the events. At Flotsam, Margot lives while Derae dies, so you can barge onto Iorveth’s path.
Help Vernon RocheLorveth is captured, Margot dies, and Derae lives. Siding with Roche ensures the survival of the civilians residing in Flotsam.
Choose IorvethYou will leave the Temerian cause in the Witcher 2. Dethmold will die following the events, and the Kingdom of Timeria will be divided. Lastly, Henselt’s invasion will also fail.
Choose Vernon RocheContinue with the Temerian cause and abandon non-humans (elves). Vergen will fall, and Stennis and Loredo will die later following the events of the second chapter.
Save MottleYou can romance her and have sex with her by saving her and the rest of the elves. Apart from that, Loredo will hand over Flotsam to the Kaedwen.
Pursue LoredoKill Loredo, Mottle, and the elves will die. Flotsam remains under the rule of the Temerian, and you will be able to complete both Roche’s objective and ally with Iorveth in The Witcher 2.

Chapter 2 Choices

During the second chapter of The Witcher 2, you will have to choose to either side with Lorveth or go with Vernon Roche.

Lorveth’s Path

If you choose Lorveth’s path, you will have to follow up on the following major choices mentioned below.

Chapter 2 ChoicesOutcome
Spare StennisStennis assumed power and became King of Aedirn. His rule focuses on opposing Saskia’s leadership of the Free Pontar.
Kill StennisThe region of Aedirn falls into anarchy, and Saskia’s rule on the Free Pontar becomes unopposed.

Vernon Roche’s path

The ideal way for you to continue your playthrough will be by following Roche’s path. This way, you will get to make a major choice regarding a certain character in Chapter 2. This will include:

Chapter 2 ChoicesOutcome
Spare HenseltKaeden falls into chaos, and the Blue Stripes get their revenge.
Kill HenseltRoche is not happy, and Henselt remains in power, controlling the Kaedwen.

The Witcher 2 Chapter 3 Choices

The final chapter will focus on some of the significant events that will conclude the story. These major choices will affect a lot of the scenarios for some of the significant characters. Among all the choices in Chapter 3, the following choices are major ones.

Chapter 3 ChoicesOutcome
Save Triss Merigold (Lorveth’s path)The Nilfgaardian plot fails, and Renuald Shilard and their party die. Council and Conclave are restored, and Temeria is partitioned.
Go with PhilippaNilfgaardian assumes power and initiates the witch hunt. Saskia becomes Queen of the Free. Lorveth becomes your close ally, and Triss survives in the end.
Save Triss (Roche’s path)The Nilfgaardian plot fails, and Renuald Shilard and their party die. Council and Conclave are restored, and Temeria is partitioned. Dethmold escapes, and Anais is exiled and taken by Roche.
Save Anais La ValetteNilfgaard begins a witch hunt, and all mages are endangered. Roche becomes your close ally. Dethmold dies, and Temira is absolved of dissolution.
Give Anais to RadovidRadovid takes over Temeria. Anias does not become Queen. If Adda is dead, Radovid marries Anias and becomes King. Roche becomes Redanian Red Posthaste in The Witcher 2
Give Anais to NatalisTemeria survives, and Anaias becomes Queen. Roche assumes his old role and remains a Blue Stripe.
Save SileYou can learn Yennifer’s location from Sile. Sile will then take her leave.
Let Sile DieSile’s death affects the situation at The Lodge.
Spare Saskia (Lorveth’s path)The Lodge is strengthened and influences the realm of the Pontar Valley.
Kill SaskiaYou leave Pontar Valley leaderless with Saskia’s demise.
Disenchant SaskiaSaskia is freed from the control of The Lodge, and the Pontar Valley is free and independent of their control.
Spare Dragon (Roche’s path)The Lodge retains its weapon.
Kill DragonThe Lodge lose their weapon, and the Kaedwen grow bold against Saskia’s counterattack.
Spare LethoYou lose Roche’s trust, and Letho becomes your ally.
Kill LethoYou keep your oath to Roche, and the School of the Viper is dismantled in The Witcher 2.

All Witcher 2 Major choices that affect The Witcher 3

There are certain characters that you will interact with a lot during your playthrough. These specific characters will play a pivotal role in shaping the events of The Witcher 3. These five choices will be focused on the following five characters:

  • Aryan La Valette
  • Vernon Roche
  • Anais La Valette
  • Triss Merigold
  • Letho

1. Fate of Aryan La Valette

At the beginning of The Witcher 2, the King will ask you to dismantle Aryan La Valette and his rebel forces. At the end of this mission, you will have the option to kill him or convince him to surrender.

Both choices can have fewer repercussions for The Witcher 3. By sparing him, you will get to meet him again in the third iteration. On the other hand, killing him would be a better choice as you will be sparing Aryan the torture.

2. Fate of Vernon Roche

Vernon Roche is a strong supporter of King Foltest, and you will be interacting with him quite frequently. Siding with him throughout your playthrough will not only increase Roche’s trust in your character but also make him available to help you during the events of The Witcher 3.

3. Saving Anais La Valette

Triss Merigold and Anais La Valette are both important characters that you will encounter when you join Vernon Roche’s path.

Anais La Valette belongs to a family of nobles, and she has to take the place of the next Queen of Temeria in The Witcher 2. Vernon Roche will back her as they strive to deliver independence to the Kingdom of Timeria.

If you save Anais La Valette, you can have her placed as the following influential figure in Timeria. But it will only give cause to increase the support for the witch hunt. This, in turn, will place all mages in danger, including your romance options like Triss.

4. Saving Triss Merigold in The Witcher 2

Triss is not only a powerful mage but also a potential romance option for you. You have to save her at different moments throughout The Witcher 2. In the end, choosing to save her will destroy diplomatic relations, and the kingdoms will be at war.

Moreover, other important characters like Vernon Roche and Anais La Valette have to surrender. It will prove to be a devastating outcome in The Witcher 3 if you choose to save Triss.

5. Sparing Letho

Letho, who murdered King Foltest, is somewhat the main antagonist for Witcher 2. Your main mission will be to hunt down this kingslayer and clear out your name from the king’s murder. In the end, you will get to face Letho in a second boss fight, where you will have the option to either kill or spare him.

Choosing to spare Letho at the end of The Witcher 2 can be beneficial for you in The Witcher 3. He will assist you and the rest of the witchers in the fight against the Wild

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