The Witcher 2 Dethmold Boss Guide

Here is how you can make Dethmold run away during the Siege of Vergen quest and avoid the bug.

Dethmold is one of the main characters in Witcher 2. Early on in The Siege of Vergen’s quest, Roche and Geralt need to reach inside the city of Vergen and find the hidden underground path called Tunnel of the Founders.

Unfortunately, the path is filled with Dethmold’s men. Once you fight through them all, you reach the main area where Dethmold and his men, including Adam Pangratt, are. Roche will confront them, and the fight will start.

How to fight Dethmold in Witcher 2?

The formation of the men against both of you would be in a protective manner in front of Dethmold. The objective is to deplete his life enough so that he teleports away.

Before learning how to fight him, you must know how all spells work. Dethmold uses three types of spells in this fight. All these spells have a different purpose.

Blue OrbA visible shield covers his surroundings, making it impossible to land an attack.
TeleportationTeleports from one place to another.
Air ShieldA visible shield covers his surroundings which makes it impossible to land an attack.

As the main goal is to deplete Dethmold’s health, focus on hitting him. If some mercenaries attack in The Witcher 2, use the area of the room to move away. Make sure to finish his men so that you can deal with Dethmold at the end. He occasionally sends his orb while you fight his men, which can be avoided easily.

Here are a few tips on how to defeat Dethmold:

  • As Dethmold follows Geralt, go far away from the other men, and Dethmold follows. This can put him in a vulnerable position that is useful to land attacks.
  • Land a few good hits on Dethmold in the start until he reaches 50% health, but don’t go too far, as it can activate a bug.
  • Use the large stone wall as a shield and a diversion point from the enemies.
  • Focus on defeating Adam Pangratt while Roche is blocking the others. You can kill other men later as they are not much powerful.

After depleting most of Dethmold’s health, and Adam Pangratt is on the ground bleeding, Dethmold teleports behind the blue wall in The Witcher 2. He would say a few lines and then disappear through the portal he opens. This would end his fight.

However, the task would still be ongoing. Now go towards the dying Pangratt, and he will ask you to spare him. He will tell you that he was not involved in the killing of Blue Stripes, but King Henselt was. He would not beg you and leave the decision on what you deem okay.

If you decide to kill him, Geralt will finish him, and the task will end. If you spare him, he will tell you about some stuff and give Geralt a silver sword called Naevde Seidhe.

How to deal with a bug during the fight against Dethmold?

The bug occurs when you go after Dethmold and deplete his health to 20% in The Witcher 2. He would teleport behind the blue wall, and even if you defeat the others now, he won’t move, nor would the quest move forward. To avoid this, restart from the last point and kill other men before going after Dethmold.

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