The Outer Worlds Choices Guide

Learn about all the player choices and their consequences across various missions and planets when you play The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds features a choice based game mechanic, wherein you will be faced with several, unique circumstances and must make a choice according to your own moral compass. Some players may approach this tentatively, unsure of how to proceed. To aid such players, we have for you a guide that goes through each and every option, detailing the results and consequences of every single choice.

The Outer Worlds Choices

For the most part, the choices do not have too much of an adverse effect, however, some choices do carry consequences that make things harder later on. Despite that, you are encouraged to do what you think is best, but if you’re curious, take a gander down below at all the choices available in each main and side quest.

Main Quests

Below are all the dialogue choices you will run into when going through the main story quests in the game. The people you interact with or the quests where you have to make those choices are also listed in order of their appearance.

Guard Pelham
This guard will present you with your first set of choices.

Patch him up:

  • You will earn 15 XP, his saber and gun, and his gratitude.

What happened to you?

  • Leads to you getting his gun.

Spacers, what?

  • Leads to you getting the gun.

When you reach the option to acquire his gun:


  • He will give you his gun and ammo, you will also gain 15 XP. Patching him up will earn you the saber, too.


  • You will get the gun and 15 XP.


  • You will get the gun and 15 XP; he will agree with you for calling him an idiot.

Lieutenant Mercer’s Pt 1
It’s just a landing violation:

  • She will disagree and then create an excuse as to why she hasn’t already taken the ship.

I found one of your teammates in a cave:

  • She will inquire about him; she will report the incident if you tell her you helped him, she won’t do anything if you say nothing.

When Marauders appears:


  • She will fight with you, and you will gain 15 XP.


  • She will fight with you, and you will gain 15 XP.


  • She will fight with you, and you will gain 15 XP.

I will handle it:

  • You’ll fight alone but will gain far more XP.

I will do it myself:

  • You fight the Marauders yourself and gain more XP; you can also kill them for an Assault Rifle – doing so will result in you losing rep with the Spacer’s choices.


  • All choices have the same outcome; you become Captain Hawthorne.

Lieutenant Mercer’s Pt 2

She will inquire about your ship’s propriety.

I don’t have a job:

  • She will waive any fees as a form of payment for helping with the Marauders earlier, and will direct you to Edgewater.


  • After apologizing, she will inform you of her manager, Constables Reyes, over in Edgewater.


  • You will be forced to kill them; doing so will earn you weapons but you will lose rep with the Spacer’s Choice faction.


  • No matter what choice you make, Silas will request your assistance with a side quest. Helping him will earn you a great deal of XP.

Comes Now the Power

Adelaide McDevitt will ask you to divert power from the town to her camp; you must decide where you wish to actually divert the power.

Redirect power to Edgewater:

  • If you do so, you must go to the labs and talk with Adelaide. She won’t go to Edgewater unless you take care of Reed. Before getting to that, go to the others and convince them to go; Thomas can be persuaded by telling him that he can start over as an engineer (he will also request that you collect some Engineering Pads for him). Tell Reed to wait before going to Edgewater, do the same with Grace. You can choose to kill Adelaide but it will bring your reputation with the Deserters down considerably; taking all the workers, barring Adelaide, to Edgewater will earn you respect from the Spacers.
  • To convince Reed, you must tell him that Adelaide’s people do not have the plague. If you have 10 Persuasion, you can convince him that Adelaide is using bodies as fertilizer; he will capitulate. Or, if you have 20 in Lying, you can convince him to leave. Doing this will earn you Adelaide’s watch, worth 1750.
  • You can choose to kill Reed, but doing so will make Parvati question you. You can get her to stay if you have 10 Inspiration or Lie. You gain Reed’s keycard and collect the materials from his room; great armor mod that adds +5 to your Dialog Skills and +10 to Leadership Skills. The Spacer’s Choice will detest you for killing Reed, but Adelaide will reward you with her watch, worth 1750.

Redirect power to Botanical Lab:

  • After doing this, talk with Reed and he’ll inquire why you did this; the answer is irrelevant. Reed will tell you that you must leave, otherwise his guards will attack. You can talk your way out if you have 30 Intimidation (comes at the cost of losing XP and loot, and lose rep with the Spacer’s Choice). Killing the guards, and Reed, will cost you rep but you gain Reed’s keycard and get the same materials as written above. However, doing this will have you failing every remaining quest in Edgewater.

Passage to Anywhere

You will meet a guard, and you can choose any of the available options, the result is the same – your ship is impounded. You then talk with Udom Bedford and Gladys.

Speak to Gladys:

  • You will ask her about Navkey; she will ask you a favor and send you on a quest.

Speak to Udom

Alex is dead:

  • He will mourn the loss of his friend. See the conversation through and he will eventually ask you about Phineas Welles.

Forget Alex:

  • The conversation is the same for the first 2 choices. Ask about your ship and he will clear out, then he will inquire about Phineas Welles.

I’m going to wring your scrawny neck:

  • He will say that there is a misunderstanding. Keep talking until you get to the topic of your ship, the conversation will then go in the same direction as the previous route.

Talking about Phineas Welles

I know where to find Phineas Welles:

  • Udom will be overjoyed, he promises to send you to his superiors in another area. Before that, he will request that you get the Board Seal from Gladys.

Alex never mentioned Phineas Welles:

  • Udom will be saddened by your silence and lament over his possible fate. You can choose to tell him about Phineas or leave.

Radio Free Monarch

You talk with Graham about leaving Devil’s Peak. You can either help Graham and his crew or kill them. Helping them will get you two side quests; finishing these will end their radio transmissions. Killing them will lower your rep with the Iconoclasts.

Sanjir Missions:

  • You must complete Sanjir’s missions to end the transmission.

Once the signals are gone, talk to Hiram, ask him for the data and a few choices will appear.

Does it matter:

  • He says it doesn’t; he was just curious.

I helped both the MSI and the Iconoclasts:

  • He will congratulate you on a job well done. You will need to jump-start the radio.

You’re an info broker, it’ll cost you:

  • He’ll tell you that he has a bigger debt to settle. You must then go up and fix the tower.

The Demolished Woman
In Byzantium, you will be tasked with killing a woman named Rachel. If you choose to talk to her, you are presented with the following choices:

Got something in mind:

  • Sherman says he needs the kill and offers a 50/50 deal; you get the maps and half the Bits. If you choose to kill her and offer him the maps, he refuses and goes back to the other options.
  • Give him the kill and get 650 Bits.
  • You can talk with Rachel and she’ll offer you double the amount if you let her live. You’ll need 65 Persuade to convince Sherman; if you don’t have the amount then you’ll have to kill Sherman. If you have 25 Intimidate, you can ask for Sherman’s cut from Rachel.
  • You can choose to kill Sherman and Rachel, you can collect 2000 Bits from Rachel’s corpse, gain Board Rep, and 2500 more Bits from Sophia.

I changed my mind:

  • You kill Sherman and let Rachel go after intimidating her for 2500 Bits. Sophia will pay you 825 Bits for completing the mission; she’ll be disappointed with how you did it but will give you another assignment regardless.

The City and the Stars
You must meet with a woman on the Byzantium docks. She will ask that you speak with a minister in town. In town, you must first do something about the minister’s guards. You can get the guard drunk with some vodka; this opens up a few choice routes.


  • Having 40 Persuade will allow you to convince the guard to drink more than he can handle. Once he’s passed out, take his key to the backdoor of the minister’s house.


  • Having 40 Medical will allow you to convince the guard to drink more than he can handle. Once he’s passed out, take his key to the backdoor of the minister’s house.

If you say so:

  • You will be pushed back to other choices.

Once you’re in Chairman Rockwell’s office, you have a choice to send his message to Earth.

Send the message:

  • You will complete the Lying Earth side quest. Doing this will have you lose rep with the Board, but you gain 28000 XP.

Don’t send the message:

  • The side quest isn’t completed but you don’t lose any rep.

Once you’re in the lab, you must make a choice concerning Dimethyl Sulfoxide.


  • All the people in the tubes will die. Phineas will be happy as there is enough chemicals for the colonists. You will lose rep with the Board but helping Phineas yields rewards in the long run; he can revive all the Colonists post game. You also get another choice when talking with Sophia in the endgame.


  • The people in the tubes are put into stasis. Phineas says that there aren’t enough chemicals to revive the settlers. You lose rep with the Board, and in the post-game, Phineas can only bring back 50% of the Colonists.

Long Distance
The Board will request that you put a tracking chip on Phineas’ ship.

Place Tracking Signal:

  • Placing the signal will nullify any bad rep you had with the Board. Sophia will want to meet you in Byzantium. She’ll give you another mission and a reward for your previous efforts; 3125 Bits and you can purchase Board equipment from Percival.

Tell Phineas about the Tracker:

  • He will tell you to place a corrupted version of the tracker on his ship. You still complete the mission and all bad rep with the board is nullified. The same stuff will happen with Sophia.

Don’t place Tracking Signal:

  • You will fail the quest and Sophia will question your loyalty.

Signal Point in Space

Adjutant Akande will task you with the job of shutting down any illegal broadcasts. You talk to Hiram and he says he will bring it up to the Board.

Laying it on thick:

  • Hiram will offer you a chip cartridge, containing about 250; if you refuse then you must kill him.


  • If you have 60 Persuade, you can convince him and he’ll say that he’s delighted to help the board; you get bonus XP.


  • If you have 60 Intimidate, you can convince him to help the Board.

Think I’d rather shut it down:

  • Accept his bribe or kill him.

Skip the Hope
You have to choose where to Skip the Hope to.

Skip the Hope to Terra 2:

  • You lose rep with the Board; you are also actively going against them. You will go to Phineas’ lab and begin assisting him. If he was forewarned about the signal, he’ll be ready for the attack; if you didn’t then a tough battle is up ahead. Afterward, you must go to Tartarus.

Skip the Hope to Tartarus:

  • You will be doing what the Board wants you to do, but a riot will break out and Sophia will be captured. You must save her.

Point of no Return Tartarus – the Board Ally

Once you’re on Tartarus, you can either sneak in with a Prisoner ID or convince the troops to help fight your way through.

Rally to me and we’ll bust through:

  • You need either 35 Persuade or 35 Intimidate to convince the troops to fight alongside you; otherwise, sneak in or fight alone. The factions you assisted throughout the game will assist you as you make your way through.

Prisoner’s Biometric ID:

  • To get the ID, you’ll need either 86 Persuade, Lie, or Intimidate. You can use it to get past the prisoners. Your allies from various factions will still come to aid you.

Once you exit the Pit, you will meet with Phineas who is holding Sophia hostage.


  • You’ll need 100 Lie for this option. Phineas will lament over us choosing the Board over him. If you have 100 Persuade or 90 Intimidate, you’ll attempt to get him to surrender; he’ll refuse to do so. For the next choice you must have 100 Intimidate or 90 Persuade/Medical. Either choice will have Phineas admonishing you for not helping him, culminating in his suicide. You don’t have to fight the Warden Robot in this route.

I guess we’re done here:

  • He’ll agree with your statement and the Warden Robot will appear. Head downstairs and fight the boss, and you must kill Phineas to get the keycard to save Sophia.

You will have 3 choices here:

From now on, I’m running the show:

  • Sophia agrees and gives you control of the Colony.

I want the Program to run properly:

  • Sophia will be pleased and you work together to rein in the Board.

I want to kick my feet up:

  • Sophia comments on how much wealth you have accumulated and you’ll live a carefree life on Byzantium.

Point of No Return Tartarus – Phineas Ally
This is available to you if you Skip the Hope to Terra 2. Head to Tartarus to deal with the Board; you will get a ticket by the docking guards when you get there though.


  • If you have 86 Persuade, all choices get you the Biometric ID.


  • If you have 86 Lie, all choices get you the Biometric ID.


  • If you have 86 Intimidate, all choices get you the Biometric ID.

Why bother with the ticket:

  • You will be forced to fight your way through Tartarus.

You’re just going to kill me:

  • He’ll answer yes, since you’re in lockdown. Get off the ship and prepare for a fight.

Point of No Return Tartarus – Sophia Akande

At the end of Tartarus, you will meet Sophia, you will be given choices when talking with her. If you tell her that you will force your way through, you must fight the Robot Warden.


  • If you have 100 Persuade, she will prepare to kill you.

I destroyed your Experiments:

To have this choice, you must take 100% of the Dimethyl Sulfoxide.

  • If you have 60 Science/Hack/Engineering then you’ll tell her the experiment has failed.
  • If you have high perception, you’ll notice she’s lying.
  • 100 Lie will allow you to convince her that Chairman Rockwell has betrayed her.
  • 100 Intimidate or 90 Lie/Hack is needed to convince her to stand down. If you can’t make her yield, you must fight the Robot Warden.
  • If you tell her that her research is wrong, she’ll say she trusts her scientists.
  • She will realize you’re telling the truth but may still sic the Robot Warden on you; 100 Intimidate or 90 Lie/Hack needed to avoid the fight.
  • If you choose to end the conversation, you’ll face the Robot Warden and must rescue Phineas.

Let’s get this over with:

  • Kill the Robot Warden and then Sophia.

After rescuing Phineas, you must choose what to do next with your life

With the Chairman in my pocket, no one will know I am running the Colony:

  • Phineas will trust that you will do the right thing.

I’ll run the Colony myself:

  • You’ll run the Colony for the rest of your natural life.

I’ll help you revive the Colonists:

  • You continue Phineas’ research after he passes away.

I’m going to do what I’ve always done: whatever I want, all the time:

  • You lead a hedonistic life.

Those are all the choices in the main quests, now onto the side quests!


Following are all the critical decisions and choices you will make when completing the side quests in the game

A Few Kindred Spirits
When you’re attempting to convince Zoe to return.


  • You’ll tell her that she’s missed but won’t believe you. You’ll be given more choices here.
  • If you ask her about Stefan, she’ll relent and return home.
  • If you tell her that Stefan is planning a surprise for her, she’ll return home.

I need you to clarify something for me:

  • She’ll explain her situation but won’t go home.

Once she’s back home, talk to Grace.

She joined up with a band of Marauders:

  • You’ll be paid and gain XP.

She was an outlaw:

  • You’ll be paid and gain XP.

A Small Grave Matter

Speak with Conrad about his debt and you’ll be given multiple choices – they all end the same way, i.e, you tell him to give Silas an IOU. He will tell you that he needs something to act as collateral. Go to the back and read the letter near the corpse.

  • Tell Conrad to sell the gold teeth. Conrad will believe the corpse with the gold teeth is in the graveyard but it’s actually in the Botanical Garden. Collect the teeth and give them to Conrad.
  • You can also sell the teeth to Silas.


  • She’ll pay her debt without problems.

Martin Abernathy:

  • Will pay his debt but will ask for help afterward; he needs medicine.

Esther Blaine:

  • After speaking with Martin, Esther will ask you to sell the medicine to her. You have to give the medicine to Esther or Martin. Martin will give you 500 Bits (300 more if you intimidate him) whereas Esther gives you 700 Bits (300 more if you charm or intimidate her) and you gain rep with the Board.


  • He will pay.

Return to Silas to complete the mission.

Die Robot
You need either 65 Engineering or you have to bring Parvati to fix the robot.

Fix Robot:

  • The robot will head somewhere else, you get no rewards. Return to Ludwig to continue the quest. The robot appears later to help you in battle.

Kill Robot:

  • Kill the robot and return to Ludwig, he’ll tell you where his secret stash in. You will gain a Shock Stick and 500 Bits.

The Doom at Roseway
During this quest, you can either kill the Raptidons or gas them (this choice has the prerequisite of obtaining 3 gas canisters).

Kill the Raptidons:

  • You get XP and loot for killing them; you won’t lose any rep if you choose this route.

Vulcans Hammer
Orson will ask you to locate some blueprints for him.


  • This option requires either skill to be at level 45. This will quickly end the quest and you’ll gain 1875 Bits and the Ultimatum Weapon, however you will lose Auntie Cleo rep.

Hand over Force schematics:

  • You’ll gain 1875 Bits and the Ultimatum Weapon, however you will lose Auntie Cleo rep.

Keep them for yourself:

  • You keep the plans but you fail the quest, lose money, lose rep, but you can buy the pistol scraps off of him for 100 Bits.

Sell to Gladys:

  • You sell it for 1875 Bits.

The Distress Signal Vahn’s Experiment Terminal
You will have to hack a terminal to get the notes for Vahn’s experiments.


  • By choosing this option, you gain two Raptidon Musks. You can sell one each to Gladys and Vaughn if you have 45 Lie. Or you can sell both to Vaughn and get 1875 Bits (plus your rep with Auntie Cleo goes up). You can sell both to Gladys for 1875 but you’ll fail the Amateur Alchemist side quest.

Complete Experiment:

  • You will get Vahn’s research and gain one Raptidon Musk. Sell it to either Vaughn or Gladys. The same effects at the previous choice.

Emergency Sample Purge:

  • All remnants of the experiment will vanish and you won’t be able to return to Gladys. Return to Vaughn and tell him you destroyed the research, you can give a multitude of reasons as to why. Only by lying will you get a reward, otherwise you’re sent away without being rewarded.

Doom that came to Roseway Anton’s Experiment
A woman named Cassandra will tell you that she has Anton’s research.

Kill Cassandra:

  • Kill her, loot her, and return to Porter to get your reward.

Give Anton his research:

  • Gain XP and increase your rep with Auntie Cleo. You will also be given 3750 Bits.

Lie to Anton about his research:

  • You gain the XP for completing the quest but no Bits or change in rep.

Sell Anton’s research to Gladys:

  • Sell it to her for 3750 Bits. If you have 40 Lie and 25 Science, you can convince her it’s Rocket fuel, earning you extra XP.

Help Cassandra:

You must get her out of the cage and get a keycard to leave the area.

  • You can negotiate with Porter and try to get the Keycard from him. Either persuade him or kill him.
  • If you have 45 Persuade, you can convince Porter to give you the Keycard, you will save Cassandra but Porter will be reprimanded by Anton.
  • If you fail to convince Porter and don’t kill him, he will tell you to leave and will consider you an enemy.
  • Attack Porter and the guards, this will make you lose rep with Auntie Cleo.
  • After saving Cassandra, depending on whether you have 30 Lie, 51 Intimidate, or 21 Persuade, you can get the research and 1250 Bits (plus 625 more if you intimidate her).

You must choose who to give the research to.

Give Anton the research:

  • 3750 Bits, XP, and your rep with Auntie Cleo goes up.

Lie to Anton about the research:

  • You get the XP and nothing more.

Sell to Gladys:

  • Sell it to her for 3750 Bits. If you have 40 Lie and 25 Science, you can convince her it’s Rocket fuel, earning you extra XP.

Work Contact
Interact with the comm on the wall and talk with Jessie.

She is worried about you:

  • She will come out.


  • She comes out and you get bonus XP.

Speaking with her after she opens the door.

What did you do to get you into trouble:

  • She’ll tell you her story.

Ellie asked me to help you:

  • She will request that you speak to Udom Bedford on her behalf.


  • She will panic and ask that you talk to Udom Bedford for her.

When you go and meet Udom Bedford.

Pay off her debt:

  • This will cost you 1918 Bits but Jessie will reward you with 1000 Bits and you will gain Groundbreaker rep.


  • You sign Jessie up to work for the Board, earning you rep with the Board. Jessie will give you 1000 Bits.

Happiness is a Warm Spaceship

Speak with Captain Macredd.


  • You gain bonus XP.


  • You gain bonus XP.

Junlei sent me:

  • You can either pay 616 Bits, or, if you have 40 Lie, you can get it for free.

Just passing through:

  • He’ll let you roam around. You need to sneak onto the 2nd floor, sneak or kill you way in to get the item you seek.


  • An intense fight will ensue, if you win then you get what you’re looking for and don’t lose any rep.

Drinking Sapphire Wine
Parvati requests that you introduce her to Junlei on Groundbreaker.

No need to be so formal:

  • Junlei will happily chat with Parvati.

Don’t be shy about requesting time off:

  • Parvati will tentatively agree to meet with Junlei.

Nudge Parvati:

  • Parvati will be tentative but Junlei will agree to meet with her.

Say nothing:

  • Junlei will respond positively to Parvati’s dialogue.

Whisper, ‘Nice job’:

  • Parvati will be grateful for your help.

Passion Pills
Choices will appear when you speak with Abigail about the pill.


  • She’ll refuse you the pill since you aren’t a citizen.

It’s for Nyoka:

  • Abigail will request that Nyoka pay more. She will then point you to a terminal upstairs with more information.

You’ll have to pry that secret from my sweet, little cheeks:

  • She’ll respond positively, the conversation will ultimately turn to the Caffenoid.

That’s private:

She’ll remind you that you don’t keep secrets from the Auntie. If you have 55 Persuade, you can bribe with 2700 Bits. Then you’ll be ask who the pill is for.

  • Once you say that the pill is for Nyoka, if you have 30 Persuade, you can convince her to give you a key to the supply room.
  • If you ask about Williams, she’ll inform you of his death and you can search his body for clues in the graveyard.
  • If you have 55 Intimidate, you can get a dose but you’ll lose her respect.

Flowers for Sebastian
You must play matchmaker, getting Sebastian and Celia to go on a date. When talking with Sebastian about this, he’ll contend that she is only after a discount.

She is not after a discount:

He won’t believe you; more options will open up.

  • If you have 35 Persuade, you can convince him to go on a date.
  • If you have 20 Lie, you can convince him to go on a date.
  • You can bribe him to go on the date.

The Grimm Tomorrow

In relation to Grimm’s poster.


  • Use Intimidate (55) to get her to give you the poster.


  • Use Persuade (35) and she’ll help you if you help her.


  • Buy the poster for 600 Bits.

Herrick’s Handiwork

Persuade Caleb to return to his work:


  • Only applicable if you have 55 Lie; he’ll return to work to save Velma’s job. You get 625 Bits.

How long can you afford to miss work:

  • He says he has lots of money saved up. You can either turn to the other options or go and steal his money, forcing him to go back to work.

Any suggestions on how to put the pressure on Velma:

  • You will learn that there is incriminating info on Velma in the terminal found in the factory. Get the information by using 55 Hack, and blackmail Velma into giving Caleb a raise.

Velma’s threatening to replace you:

  • Caleb will call her bluff.

The Commuter
This side quest is given to you by Graham, and the first part is to go and meet with Niles by the gate.

What’s going on here:

  • He’ll tell you about the situation. You can either attack or ask how long before the situation is resolved.

I need to get inside:

  • You need either 55 Lie/Persuade, or 100 Intimidate to get in; likewise, you can bribe your way in with 2288 Bits.


  • You can also choose to fight your way in. However, you lose Sublight Salvage and Shipping rep.

You must choose between Graham or Zora afterwards; both choices benefit you.

Pay for the Printer
You have the option of sending the team home before taking the printing press.

Send the team home:

  • Speak with May and tell her you’re sending them home. She’ll request that you find the medic and his kit. This completes the optional objective, getting you a bit of extra XP and Bits.

Send the team in:

  • They’ll request that you find the medic first. If you have 60 Lie/Persuade/Intimidate then you can convince them to go in without a medic. If you send them in, you’ll have to tell Zora that you’re unsure of their fate; you lose her respect.

Errors Unseen
You’re asked by Sanjar to speak with Catherine; you can catch her lie if you have 100 Perception. Once you go through the quest and return to Sanjar, you’ll be given the following choices.

Give him the data:

  • Quest complete.

Not so fast:

He explains his plans. You get further options.

  • Ask him about the possible reforms.
  • All choices lead to you giving him the data.

Stainless Steel Rat


  • You need 55 Intimidate to get them to leave, if you fail then you must kill them; you’ll lose Sublight rep.

I found your Tossball stick:

  • Only available if you’ve actually located the Tossball stick beforehand. You can intimidate them to get them to leave, if you kill them then you lose Sublight rep.

Let’s forget this ever happened:

  • They won’t back down and attack you; you die.


  • Kill them and lose rep.

A Family Matter

Options are presented when you tell Tucker that his mother is looking for him.


  • 55 Persuade needed for him to go back to his mother.


  • You get bonus XP for convincing him to return (35 Intimidate needed), and you get Monarch Stellar rep.

What do you want to do about it:

  • Tucker will suggest that he fake his own death. He gives you his ring to give to his mother. You can either lie to the mother or tell her the truth, both complete the quest.

You’re going back:

  • This goes back to the other options.

Little Memento
Once you return to Ash, he’ll inquire about the box of memories.

I found a list of agents:

  • Only available if you’ve discovered the list of agents beforehand. You learn that Ash left them for dead. All following choices will complete the quest and get you bonus XP, plus improve your Iconoclasts rep.

Here you go:

  • Completes the quest.

I’m lucky to be alive:

  • Completes the quest.

Options are available when you return to Nelson.

Good news or bad news:

  • He tells you that Sprats can be replaced and requests you hand over the drugs. He’ll state that you only gave him half and accuses you of stealing; you’re told to collect the remaining Sprats.


  • 50 Lie needed to complete the quest and keep the drugs.

When speaking with Bertrand, you can either persuade him, use your Medicine Skill, or attack him.


  • 20 Persuade needed to get his permission to dig through the droppings for drugs.


  • 30 Medical needed to get his permission to dig through the droppings for drugs.


  • Kill him and take the drugs.

Return the drugs to Nelson for Bits and Sparklight rep.

Slaughterhouse Clive
You can bargain with Clive instead of attacking him.

Sublight sent me:

  • He’ll offer you a lifetime supply of Boarst if you kill Catherine. If you have 55 Medicine, you can make a counteroffer, in which he’ll work with Catherine after you prove what the pigs are eating. If he agrees to this, you must return to Catherine and Persuade (50) or Lie (100) to her to comply.


  • You complete the quest but you lose S&B Boarst Factory rep.

Those are all the possible choices and their effects on each quest in Outer Worlds.