The Outer Worlds The Commuter Quest Guide

Check out our extensive and indepth guide about The Commuter quest in The Outer Worlds to gain reputation with the Iconoclasts

In the Outer Worlds, there are several Faction Quests, one such example of a Faction Quest is The Commuter. This guide will extensively detail all the tasks you’ll have to perform in order to complete this quest and gain your rewards in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds The Commuter Quest

Being the first Faction Quest for the Iconoclasts, it’s recommended that you not fail it; you’ll want some good rep with the faction.

To start off with the quest, head to Amber Heights – Monarch, you’re looking for Graham Byrant and Zora Blackwood. They can be found in their command center, which can be located on the right side of the map; it’s the largest building in the vicinity.

You need to first talk with Graham, he’ll assign you the quest! If you have Vicar Max in your party, some more dialogue options will be available during your talk with Graham. Some more interesting lore (pertaining to Graham and Sanjar Nandi) can be found on a terminal nearby.

Afterward, you can choose the next building and have a chat with Zora; she’ll give you her own personal insight on the matter. Once you’re done chatting with the two, it’s time to begin the quest in earnest.

You need to go to the Bayside Terrace Warehouse to proceed with the mission. Once you reach this location, your entry will be hindered by Niles, whom you can Persuade (55 required), Lie (55 required) to, or bribe (2877 Bits) to gain entry.

Once inside, you’ll see that the SubLight crew was hunting Carlotta, but they’ve lost interest and are walking away. You have the option to engage them in battle and loot them afterwards, however you will lose rep with SubLight Salvage and Shipping.

If you’re willing to do so, an effective and painless (for you) way of doing this is to walk past Niles and enter the building on the left side; if you have Hack (55) then you can use the terminal to pump gas into the building where the SubLight crew is and kill them swiftly. If you’re not willing to kill them, then simply wait for them to leave the area and continue the quest as you would.

For the next part of the mission, head into the facility and go to the very end; there’s an intercom here. Press it and Carlotta will answer. Talk to her and convince her to open the door. Speak with Carlotta and ask her for the Printing Press Rollers.

You gain 7500 XP for obtaining the Rollers. From here, you can choose to head back to Graham or to continue chatting with Carlotta; the latter allows you to ascertain her view on the matter, ultimately getting the opportunity to request either high capacity data cartridges, or food and medicine. Pick whatever you want, you’ll fulfill the optional objective either way, plus you gain an extra 7500 XP.

Make your way back to Graham. Once there, you’ll see that Graham and Zora are arguing about the Van Noys. Inform Graham of all the items you’ve acquired, he’ll reward you for your efforts while Zora enquires about the next shipment. You must tell her that Sanjar has made the act of trading with Iconoclasts illegal, this will unlock the following quest.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the very first Iconoclast Faction Quest! As a reward for completing the quest, you will earn 15000 XP, Iconoclasts reputation, 2900 bit cartridge, Iconoclast Apostle helmet and unlock the Pay for the Printer quest.