The Outer Worlds Comes Now The Power Quest Guide

Comes Now the Power is one of the main quests of The Outer Worlds. If you want to progress through the main story and leave the Emerald Vale then you need to complete this quest for it. Below we have summed up a guide to help you complete this main mission for The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds Comes Now The Power

You receive this quest when you talk Reed Tobson. He wants you to deliver a message to the deserters before the power supply gets cut. He wants to deserters to come back and work at the Cannery. Now, you can go and talk to Adelaide in the Botanical Lab. Once your interaction with Reed is finished, Parvati is going to become your first companion.

Parvati is going to suggest you talk to Vicar once you head out of Reed’s office. It’s completely up to you whether you want to do it or not. Head out of Edgewater to go to the deserter’s camp. For that, you need to head north from Edgewater. Outside the camp, Grace Romero is going to stop you and talk to you before she sends you to Adelaide.

When you reach her, talk to her about what Reed told you. She won’t exactly agree to what he said but instead, she is going to give you another method to get your Power Regulator.

She is going to ask you to reroute the power to the camp instead of Edgewater, which is going to cause the town to shut down, allowing you to grab the Cannery’s power regulator for your ship. Now wait before you agree to her plan and head towards the Geothermal Plant.

Once you reach there, you are going to find out about the entry to be electrified, which means that you cannot enter through the front. Now, either enter where the broken fence panel is or you can enter through the duck, which is at the back. Kill all the enemies that you find in your way, there are going to be a lot of them.

After that, head inside the Plant. Either explore around or follow Parvati’s quest directions to the control panel and check through the computer.

When you go to the control panel, the terminal is going to pass out some warnings about the consequences of redirecting the power. Activate the switches before redirecting the power. When you enter the manager’s door, you have to go to the terminal and go through all the personal files and e-mails through which you are going to find the passcode to open the locked door.

Use the terminal to alter the behavior of the automechanicals and follow the waypoints on your map to activate the switches which are going to trigger the rerouting process of the power.

Now you have to make the decision about whether you want to cut the power supply of Edgewater or will it be the Botanical Labs. Depending on your choice, go to either Reed or Adelaide. In the end, your main focus in the quest is to get the power regulator for your ship.

You might get some resistance by the team that you didn’t help, but you can use Intimidation to help you get out of that situation. Now, go back to the ship, Unreliable and replace the power regulator and leave Emerald Vale.