The Outer Worlds Comes Now The Power Quest Guide

We have made a guide to help you finish Comes Now the Power in The Outer Worlds and decide the fate of Edgewater and Botanical Lab

Comes Now the Power is one of the main quests of The Outer Worlds. If you want to progress through the main story and leave the Emerald Vale, you need to complete this quest. Below we have summed up a guide to help you complete this main mission for The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds Comes Now the Power

You’ll get to participate in the “Comes Now The Power” quest soon after talking to Reed Tobson through the Stanger in a Strange Land.

Deliver Reeds Message

Reed assigns you a task to deliver a message to Adelaide, who’s currently found at the botanical lab. The message states that all deserters (Farmer Workers) should return to the town before he cuts off the main supply to the labs by the local Geothermal Power Plant.

This task also includes rerouting the botanical district’s power to them while all the deserters are camping in the Botanical Lab north of Edgewater.

Parvati Holcomb volunteers to join the party since she is quite knowledgeable about the power plant. Keeping this in mind, Reed accepts her offer and recruits her into the Strangers (this will automatically make her leave Edgewater).

Read also provides you with an administrative code to enter the plant with Parvati’s assistant to help you out when you’re in trouble.

Talk to Parvati

Once Parvati is recruited, go and speak to her. As you talk to her, she’ll show sympathy towards the deserters and wants you to talk to the town’s Vicar, Max.

Talk to Vicar Max (optional)

Maximillian DeSato is a vicar found at Vicarage. Once you’ve reached his location, talk to him about Parvati’s opinion on the entire scene. Furthermore, you can gain information about the deserters and their leader Adelaide to have a clear understanding of why Reed wants to cut their power supply off.

Asking him for advice, he then recommends you to gather everyone up and send the power to Edgewater while convincing the deserters to return to the Fold.

Although this quest is optional, it’s better to take part in it, so you get an idea of the entire background of the main mission.

Divert Power Supply from the Plant

Next up is diverting the power of the Geothermal Plant. For this part of the mission, you must visit the south part of the Botanical Labs. Be careful when visiting the area since it’s a highly secured part of the map with multiple fences and aggressive auto mechanicals.

You can enter the plant through the gap between the fences on the northern side of the area. Once inside, visit the main control room to divert the supply from the plant.

The main control room can be found right from the main entrance near the reception area. However, before heading inside, have a small chat with Parvati as she again warns you about the consequences of shutting the power supply off for the deserters.

This conversation will open up two options for you to choose from. You can either divert the power to the Botanical labs or the Edgewater. In any case, Parvati will be by your side even if you don’t agree with her choice.

What Happens if you Divert Power to the Botanical Lab?

Suppose you chose the first option and diverted the Power to Botanical Labs. In that case, you’ll successfully head back to Saltuna Cannery, retrieve the Regulator, and block the entire town.

With that done, you’ll encounter an enraged Reed Saltuna Cannery’s basement when you’re getting the Regulator. He then commands his guards to shoot you when spotted and stops you from taking the Regulator.

You can use Intimidate 30 to convince Reed’s guards to drop their weapons before killing you to ensure your safety.

What Happens if you Divert Power to Edgewater?

The Second option is to Divert the power to Edgewater. Choosing this option will lead you to the Botanical Labs, where you’ll take out the Regulator, which is found downstairs next to a furious Adelaide who questions your choice.

In the end, you’ll convince her to free the deserters. At first, she will hesitate to return to Reed. However, offering her a spot in Reed’s position will change her mind.

If you choose to only take the deserters back home, you’d need to talk to Thomas Kemp and Grace Romero at the campfire. However, if you choose to replace Reed with Adelaide, you must convince Reed to lay down his crown and ask the deserters to return home.

This way, you’ll complete The Outer Worlds Comes Now the Power main mission and will be rewarded with a discount on each Spacer’s Choice product.