The Outer Worlds Radio Free Monarch Quest Guide

Learn how to jump start the antenna and complete Radio Free Monarch in The Outer Worlds to help out Phineas and Hiram on Monarch

Radio Free Monarch is a Main Quest that is part of Phineas’ Quest in The Outer Worlds.  You get it by finishing Passage to Anywhere or by traveling to Monarch. This quest requires you to find the Information Broker on Monarch, and obtain the data he has regarding the location of the chemicals needed by Phineas.

The Outer Worlds Radio Free Monarch

Phineas will recommend the hunter Nyoka to you for help in finding the broker. When you arrive at Monarch’s Stellar Bay, you’ll be forced to talk with Grimm so exhaust every dialogue option to learn more about the Bay before heading to the Yacht Club to talk with Nyoka.

She’s pretty wasted, so you need to head to the dispensary and get her something to help her sober up before she helps you. Abigail won’t give you the pills until you finish Passion Pills quest so do that in order to proceed. Once you get the pills to Nyoka, you’ll come to know that the broker is at Devil’s Peak so she will escort you there.

After crossing the bridge, you’ll have to decide between which of the two routes to take to proceed with the mission; climbing the mountain or going through the cavern. If you choose the cavern, you’ll have to face off and defeat a Mantiqueen that is on that path. This method is easier than climbing.

When you get near the station, a woman named Joy will warn you that it’s been taken over by marauders.  Go inside and defeat them then speak to Hiram through the intercom. For the next quest objective, he’ll request that you take out the remaining marauders and to keep his broadcasting equipment from being destroyed. Go up the elevator and kill every Marauder you see.

Interact with the Intercom to open the door and talk with Hiram. Ask him about the Information Broker and he will tell you that information can be sent to Phineas only. He will ask you to jumpstart the antenna so that the information can be sent to the scientist. Go out the backdoor and flip the switch to get this done. When you’re told to leave, a spaceship will come smashing down in the area and conflict will break out between the Monarch factions.

Head back to Phineas’ Lab and he will tell you that the information he got is sending you to Byzantium. That’s the end of this quest and it leads into The City and the Stars mission.