The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen Quest Guide

We have compiled a full walkthrough guide to help you finish the Errors Unseen side mission in The Outer Worlds to improve Sublight reputation

Errors Unseen side quest is one of many Faction Quests available to players in Outer Worlds. This guide will explain in explicit detail how to go about completing this quest and obtaining all of the rewards.

The Outer Worlds Errors Unseen

The following rewards are what you’ll receive for your efforts upon completing the quest:

  • 15000 XP
  • MSI Elite Armor
  • Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation
  • 2188 Bit Cartridge

Before getting down to the nitty gritty, we’ll first point out all the individual objectives that make up this quest. There are primarily 5 tasks that you must complete in order to finish the quest.

  • Gain information from Catherine Malin.
  • Investigate the area Catherine informed you of.
  • Follow the trail of blood.
  • Obtain proof of the Corporation’s presence on Monarch.
  • Return to Sanjar and give him the Data Cartridge.

This quest involves a lot of back and forth, some combat, and some carefully picked dialogue that will precipitate the completion of this quest.

After completing the ‘BOLT With His Name’ side quest, you can go and have a chat with Sanjar. He will inform you of his plan to blackmail the Board. He evinces that there might be a Corporation operating illegally within Monarch, and that he needs your help to prove it.

He shares with you his belief of Catherine Milan being in cahoots with this unnamed Corporation, and requests that you head over to Fallbrook and confront her; you need to find evidence that proves Sanjar’s claim.


Once you’re in Fallbrook, you can locate Catherine on the south side of Stellar Bay. When you inquire about her possible involvement, she insinuates that possibly one of her teams was possibly doing such a thing – they were hired for a drop-off task.

She informs you that that team has gone missing and will reward you appropriately if you were to find them. Conversely, you can obtain all this information by pickpocketing her Keycard. Either way, you need to head to the Drop-off point.

The Drop-off point is north of Fallbrook, along the way you are likely to run into a Mantiqueen and a Mantisaur. Continue on the road until you locate a broken bridge; you’ll encounter Weston Sloan.

The Drop-off point is actually below the broken bridge, so head down. Here, you can inspect the Loader (doing so will earn you 5625 XP). While investigating you’ll come across a trail of blood, follow it all the way to the Smuggler’s Tunnel; head inside.

Inside the tunnel, be wary of any traps, the place is laced with them! Keep moving inwards until you come across Arthur. He’s wounded, you can assist him with the Medicine (40) Skill; this will increase your SubLight Salvaging and Shipping Reputation.

From there, you can either ask him what happened or tell him that Catherine sent you. Either way, he’ll brief you on what happened: they were ambushed by Marauders who somehow knew that the meeting would take place here. He’ll point to where they headed, and you’ll be rewarded with an extra 5625 XP for assisting him.

For the next part of the quest, you’ll need to head west, past a hill on top of which there will be a few Mantisaurs and Mantiswarms. You’re looking for the UDL Lab. Inside the facility, the Marauders have gathered together a group of scientists, and promptly kill them before you get a chance to do anything about it.

You must take out all Marauders and Canid before progressing. As you make your way further in, you’ll encounter more Marauders, eventually coming face-to-face with the Ringleader, approach this segment carefully.

Close to where you dealt with the Ringleader, you’ll find a UDL Lab Weapons Terminal Keycard (on top of a table on the 2nd floor). Use the Keycard to access the Terminal on the other side of the room; transfer all files pertaining to the UDL’s Lorem Ipsum Project to an external tape – this is the evidence you’re looking for (you’ll be rewarded with 5625 XP).

You can use the Keycard on another terminal on the 1st floor. If you have Hack (55) then you can gain access to the newest weapon the UDL has been developing – the Gloop Gun. Or, if you don’t have the required Skill, then you can answer their questions in order to obtain the weapon. The following answers will get you what you need:

  • Protect the Chairman
  • Berate him relentlessly to defend the Chairman’s honor
  • Arrest your spouse and admit your children to a reeducation program.

Doing one of the two will get you the Gloop Gun for the Weapons from the Void quest.

From the lab, head northwest until you come across a closed gate; use the terminal next to it to unlock the gate, opening a new path for future endeavors. From here, head north towards Stellar Bay. You’ll come across a Marauder Camp, and you’ll have to dispatch with all the enemies therein. Free the prisoner, Lenora Talley, and you’ll have unlocked a new Vendor in Fallbrook.

Make your way to Stellar Bay and meet with Sanjar. You can ask him about his future plans, or simply end the quest by giving him the date he requires. You will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts, however, you can also choose to not give him the date, in which case you’ve failed the quest but have prevented Sanjar from doing something you disagree with; it’s up to you.

Afterwards, you can talk to Catherine and inform her of Arthur; you’ll gain SunLight Salvage and Shipping Reputation for doing so.