The Outer Worlds Passage to Anywhere Quest Guide

Passage to Anywhere is one of the main quests of The Outer Worlds. If you want to progress your main storyline in The Outer Worlds then you need to complete this quest for it. Below, we have summed up a guide that has all the information to help you complete this quest with ease and earn yourself some nice rewards.

The Outer Worlds Passage to Anywhere

After you finish Stranger in a Strange Land, this quest is going to be automatically triggered. The ship you are in, Unreliable, you have to pick up a Holographic Shroud from the Captain’s quarter for which you gain 18000 XP.

Go and approach the Customs officer, Cpl. Leonard Wheeler, in the Groundbreaker, where you get to know that your ship was impounded and now you have to go to Udom Bedford. Through Leonard, you are going to get information regarding the Groundbreaker’s status on the system and its relationship with The Board. He will also give you the quest, Solution Vial.

Other than this quest, you have to look out for companion quests, The Empty Man and Drinking Sapphire Wine. More quests can be taken up from the NPCs, who’ll also provide you with bounties.

You have to find Gladys in Rest-n-Go, from whom you have to get the Navkey for Stellar Bay, upon which you’ll gain 16,800 XP. She’ll tell you about having just one key, which is an expensive key that you can buy for 16000 bits.

You have another option as well, which is the opportunity that she’s offering. She’s getting a distress call from an outpost called Roseway, which Auntie Cleo abandoned years ago. Here you’ll get the quest Distress Signal and Purpleberry Bunch.

You can talk to Udom Bedford in Groundbreaker Promenade where you have to pretend as if Alex likes him which will get your impoundment lifted. Here you’ll gain 16000 XP. While you interact with him, make sure to talk about Jessie Doyle for Worst Contact.

Bring back all the information that you get by completing the quest, Distress Signal, and you’ll get Stellar Bay Navkey. You will also gain Groundbreaker Reputation.

Now you have to talk to Phinneas Welles but before that, head to Lilya Hagen at SubLight Salvage to begin the quest Salvager in the Sky. Go to the Unreliable where ADA contacts Welles and you’ll get information on why Monarch is the next destination. You will gain 33,000 XP and the next quest: Radio Free Monarch.

With this, you have completed your quest and filled up your log with a bunch of other quests to help you assist factions, companions and proceed through the main story.