The Outer Worlds Passage to Anywhere Quest Guide

Learn how to complete the essential Passage to Anywhere mission on the Groundbreaker in The Outer Worlds to unlock access to other areas

The Outer Worlds Passage to Anywhere is a main quest that you will need to complete in order to progress further in the campaign. This guide will cover complete details about how you can complete this quest in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds Passage to Anywhere

You don’t have to do anything special to begin the Passage to Anywhere quest in The Outer Worlds. This quest will start automatically once you have completed the Stranger in a Strange Land quest.

As the quest, start you can pick up the Holographic Shroud from the Captain’s Quarters to get a good chunk of XP. Check out the logs nearby to also obtain the “Weapon From the Void” side quest.

That side quest is completely optional, so you can skip it if you want. Now for competing Passage to Anywhere, first of all you will need to head towards CPL Leonard Wheeler.

During the conversation with him, you will get to know that your ship has been confiscated and that you’ll have to talk to Udom Bedford if you want it back. He will also provide you with some handy information about the Groundbreaker’s status, relation to the board, and a quest called Solution Vial.

He will guide you to a location from where you can get more quests on the ship. You can complete the different quests in that area including “The Empty” as well as “Drinking Sapphire Wine” which are some companion quests in the Outer Worlds.

You should talk to all the NPCs you found there to get more bounties and side quests.

Talk to Gladys

Once done with these things you can head towards the ship to reach the Rest-n-Go. There you can find Gladys and try and get a Navkey so you can get to Stellar Bay.

Here you will come to know that she only has one key that is quite expensive. It is going to cost you 10,000 bits. If you don’t have the 10,000 bits you can ask her about the opportunities she can offer you.

If you ask her that, she will want you to investigate a distress call from Roseway. Auntie Cleo has abandoned Roseway years ago and Gladys thinks there’s a secret in it.

Doing this you will get The Distress Signal quest. You can also ask her some more questions and when you are about to leave, she will give you Purpleberry Bunch.

Talk to Udom Bedford

After that, you can progress further in the Passage to Anywhere quest by talking to Udom Bedford in Groundbreaker Promenade.

Here you have to make it seem like Alex likes him and he’ll lift the impounding. You will also get 16000 XP for the effort you make here.

After that, he will also ask you about Phineas Welles since Alex was going to turn him in as well. Here you have to tell him that Alex never mentioned Welles while having a conversation with you.

The conversation with go on, so you should also cash that opportunity and ask him about Doyle as well.

During your conversation with Udon, you will get through some dialogue checks as well which are given below.

Firstly you have to tell him about Lex’s death and after that, you can pick the option of “Sorry for Your Loss” and “What was your relationship with him?”

This has two lie checks. After that, you can mention that you know where you can find Welles. This will open another lie check.

This time you can tell him that it was a joke and then choose any option you want in the following two dialogues till you get the “Ask him what kind of reason” option.

You have to select that option and then you will get the Lie Check along with the Persuade and Intimidate check.

Complete The Distress Signal Investigation

Gladys’ distress signal will direct you to Terra-2’s Roseway Landing Pad. It will also include a new side quest, The Doom that Came to Roseway.

Return to Gladys on Groundbreaker once you’ve finished in Roseway. Return any secrets you haven’t returned, and she’ll compensate you for them. You should have enough money to pay Gladys amongst the three mysteries and their corresponding side missions.

You will get Groundbreaker Reputation and the task will be updated after you have the Navkey. You must now speak with Phillas Welles, but you can see Lilya Hagen at SubLight Salvage first. This will initiate the Salvager in the Sky quest.

Talk to Welles

After that you can return to the Unreliable and ADA will contact Welles. This time He’ll let you know why your next destination is Monarch. You will get a new quest called “Radio Free Monarch” along with 33,000 XP.

With this, you have completed your quest and filled up your log with a bunch of other quests to help you assist factions, and companions and proceed through the main story.