The Outer Worlds Long Distance Quest Walkthrough

The Outer Worlds has lots of main story quests as well as many side quests that players can play through for additional rewards. One main story quest is ‘Long Distance’ in which you will need to talk to Sophia Akande and help her track someone.

The following guide will walk you through The Outer Worlds Long Distance Quest with ease.

The Outer Worlds Long Distance Quest

In order to start this quest, make your way to the Byzantium City and look for Sophia Akande. Find and talk to her to start this quest. However, you will need to have completed “The Demolished Woman” questline beforehand.

Bug Phineas’ Terminal

Sophia will ask you to put a bug in Phineas’ communications terminal in order to track him. Your objective will be to go to Phineas’ Laboratory and put the tracking signal in the terminal.

However, if you go and talk to Phineas and tell him all about what happened, you will get another choice, which will be to put a corrupt tracker instead of a working one. The choice will not matter at this stage of the game and this quest will play out the same no matter what you choose to do.

No matter what signal you choose to place, the objective will be complete, and for the next objective, you will be prompted to return to ADA.

Return to ADA

Head to the ADA on the Unreliable ship where you will once again be contacted by Sophia. She will award you 27,000 XP as well as gain in reputation for placing the tracking bug.

Talk to Sophia at her Office

Next, she will ask you to see her in person at her personal office, located in Byzantium. To head there, use Adjutant Akande’s Landing Pad. The guard will let you in her office without any resistance. Talk to her to receive 27,000 more XP as a reward.

While talking to her, the cutscene will change a bit depending on what quests you have done in the storyline. But the end result will be unlocking the “Foundation” quest.

Sophia will also give the “Signal Point in Space” quest as well as tell you to go and chat with Percival to get your rewards. Talking to Percival will finish the Long Distance quest and you will get your rewards.

The Outer Worlds: Long Distance Quest Rewards

  • Signal Point in Space or Foundation Quest Unlock
  • 72,000 XP
  • 2000 Bit Cartridge
  • Stellar Bay Navkey
  • Increase in The Board Reputation




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