Shield Of The Mind’s Eye – Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Shield of Mind's Eye provides maximum defense while sacrificing minimum visibility in Zelda: TotK.

The Sheikah tribe created the Shield of the Mind’s Eye. With its average defense and durability of 16, The Shield of the Mind’s Eye in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom mainly protects its wielder from incoming attacks while reducing blind spots.

The Shield of the Mind’s Eye is abundantly available in caves and dark places in the Necluda region. This is one of the best early-game shields in ToTK. It not only provides good defense against regular enemies, but you can use it to deflect their attacks flawlessly.

Shield of the Mind’s Eye is a random drop in the game. Here are all the locations and coordinates to farm this shield as much as your heart desires.

Hateno Village West Well

The first location, where you can find the Shield of the Mind’s Eye in Zelda: TotK, is a pond beneath Hateno Village. The shield is inside a treasure chest, and its location is marked on the map. The coordinates of the treasure chest containing the Shield of the Mind’s Eye are (3402-2144, 0096).

The only way to reach this pond is through Hateno Village’s West Well. Hateno Village is between East Necluda and Mount Lanayru. The easiest way to reach Hateno village is to find and activate Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower and use it to glide Southeast.

Enter the well and travel South until you come across two breakable boulder walls. Destroy them with the bomb arrows or stone hammers to find a pond guarded by Keese enemies.

Use Ultrahand to create a plank bridge and place it near the sunken chest to take it out. Open the chest to obtain the Shield of the Mind’s Eye in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Sahasra Slope Cave

The entrance to Shasra Slope Cave is right next to the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower. Sahasra Slope Cave’s coordinates on the map are (1325, -1150, 0137). It is in West Necluda, North of Mable Ridge.

Enter the cave by destroying the boulders using Riju’s shock arrow or Yunobo’s Charge ability. The alternate way to eliminate these annoying boulders is to waste precious bomb arrows or stone hammers. Normal and black Horriblins plague Sahasra Slope Cave.

Defeat these monsters and proceed forward until you reach an area with a small pond. Climb the ledge to the left and open the treasure chest to obtain the Shield of the Mind’s Eye.

From an Enemy

To the West of Hateno village, between Fir River and Camphor Pond. It is a bit West of Midla Woods. A Silver Bokoblin is in this area with Shield of the Eye’s Mind. Use shock arrows on the silver Bokoblin to make it drop the shield. Beware, as it is a formidable foe to handle.

You can always return to this area after the blood moon to reencounter the silver Bokoblin and loot the Shield of the Mind’s eye from it.

Random drop from Like-Like enemies

The Shield of the Mind’s Eye is a random drop from the Like-Like enemies in Kakariko and Faron region. These enemies drop treasure chests containing the Shield of the Mind’s Eye as a reward.

However, this is a chance-based event, and we recommend saving the game before encountering a Like-Like. In case of failing to obtain the shield from the Like-Like enemies, return to the caves after the blood moon event. The Shield of the Mind’s Eye can be farmed indefinitely from these enemies.

This shield is a random and abundant drop inside the caves of Necluda. With the help of our guide and a bit of exploration, you will soon have more Shields of the Mind’s Eye than you can handle.

Shield of Mind’s Eye Stats

As per its description, Shield of Mind’s Eye reduces blind spots without sacrificing its defense. This beautiful shield has the following stats in the game.

  • Affiliation: Sheikah Tribe 
  • Base Defense: 16 
  • Hyrule Compendium Number: 488 
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