How To Destroy Gibdo Hives In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Link's search for companions will take him to Gerudo Town's indestructible Gibdo Hives in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Unfortunately, Gerudo ...

Link’s search for companions will take him to Gerudo Town’s indestructible Gibdo Hives in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Unfortunately, Gerudo Town is suffering from an invasion of Gibdos, and Link has to help Riju free her land of the monsters. This will start the quest “Riju of Gerudo Town.”

However, Gibdos are spawning around Gerudo Town through their seemingly indestructible hives. This guide will help you learn how to destroy the Gibdo Hives in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Destroying Gibdo Hives in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Once you find Riju in the North Gerudo Ruins, you both head back to the outskirts of Gerudo Town in Tears of the Kingdom, at the oasis, where Gerudo’s forces are trying to hold back the progressing Gibdo forces.

The Gibdo forces are advancing, and with the knowledge that Gibdos can be weakened by lightning, Riju creates a huge magical dome that deals low but constant lightning damage to all the Gibdos. This will make Gibdos somewhat vulnerable to your attacks.

Even with Riju’s magical ability, the Gibdos are pretty strong. So it’s best to use your electric weapons to weaken these Gibdos further. Electric elemental attacks will turn the Gibdos white and leave them completely vulnerable. This will allow you to take them down without hassle.

During the fight, you will notice a huge mushroom-like stalk in the background with a glowing orb in the center. After you have cleared out your first wave of Gibdos, you see that the giant mushroom opens and drops in more Gibdo monsters. This is where you realize that the mushroom is a giant Gibdo Hive.

As soon as the purpose of the mushroom is revealed, your next task is to destroy the hive in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Taking down the Hive is relatively easy. The weak point of the hive is the giant orb glowing in the center of the hive’s stalk itself. But it is not open to attack at all times. Keep an eye on the glowing section of the hive.

The orb glows up bright purple when the hive is about to open to drop in more Gibdos. With its glow extending to the top of the hive, this is your chance to attack in Tears of the Kingdom.

Shoot some explosive or electric arrows in the orb when it is vulnerable. A few well-placed shots will do the trick. Remember that when you aim for the orb in the hive, you want to ensure that your arrows land on the glowing sections of the orb. Hitting the portion covered with sand will render all your attacks useless, and the orb will lock up again.

If the hive isn’t opening up for you, there are already a lot of Gibdos around in Zelda TotK. The Gibdo hive only opens up when there are few Gibdos around, so it needs to spawn more. Kill all the Gibdos around you, Riju, and the other soldiers to force the hive to open itself.

After you have saved the oasis, you head back to Gerudo Town, where you are tasked with defending Kara Kara Bazaar from another Gibdo invasion. You again need to deal with three Gibdo hives to protect Kara Kara Bazaar in Tears of the Kingdom.

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