Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Jiosin Shrine Walkthrough

The Jiosin Shrine is one of the many shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom where you’ll solve another puzzle for some blessings and a reward. The solution is rather simple but getting there by overcoming the temptation is the real task.

Finding each shrine’s location in the game can become hectic, so knowing where to look is very beneficial. So we will provide you with the exact location of the Jiosin Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom and what you need to do there. 

Where to find the Jiosin Shrine in Zelda: TotK

jiosin shrine location in Tears of the Kingdom

Jiosin Shrine is located in the region of Hyrule Field in Zelda: TOTK. You can approach this location in two ways. First, from the West of the Mabe Village Ruins, and second, from the East of the Hyrule Garrison Ruins. The shrine is located between the two ruins.

Additionally, the precise coordinates of Jiosin Shrine are -0240, -0374, 0026. So you can choose any direction to reach your target. 

How to solve the Jiosin Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

The crux of the shrine puzzle is to pass objects through specially-sized holes in the walls. You will use the Ultrahand ability to pick them up and rotate them so they do.

Additionally, you will need to use some objects to access the areas that are impossible in any other way. 


Step 1) Pass the object through the X-shaped hole 

After entering the shrine, you will be up against a large gap you cannot cross without completing the first puzzle. You will find a room on your left side containing an X-shaped object.

Use the Ultrhand ability to grab the object and pass it through the hole in the wall. You need to rotate the object in a way that passes through the X-shaped hole easily. 

passing the platform through the x hole in jiosin shrine

Once that’s done, go outside into the main room and take the same object again. This time, rotate it to make a horizontal platform to bridge the gap and then cross it. This takes you one step closer to the Jiosin Shrine puzzle solution in Zelda: TOTK. 

Step 2) Place the square blocks 

Make your way toward the room on the right side after crossing the platforms, and you will encounter two square-shaped attached blocks. Grab these blocks and change their rotation to the one shown below to pass through the hole. 

pushing the blocks through the hole in jiosin shrine

Go outside and turn right toward the wall. As you did with the previous puzzle, you must now take the blocks to overcome the obstacle. Place them down next to the elevated platform so you can climb up to it.

using the blocks to get up in jiosin shrine

 There you will find a treasure you can loot for the Hasty Elixir

Step 3) Exit the Shrine 

Get back down to the main room again and pick up the blocks once more. Use Ultrahand to rotate them into a diamond shape as shown below. Push it through the diamond-shaped hole in the wall and then go to the other side. This will take you toward the last part of the Jiosin Shrine. 

pushing the blocks through the diamond hole in jiosin shrine

Now place the blocks down on the surface in the correct sequence to make the upper area of the room accessible. 

placing the blocks to access area in Jiosin Shrine

Get on the blocks and reach the part where you have to interact with the sigil to get the Blessing of Light. This marks the end of the Jiosin Shrine Puzzle. 

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