Starfield Weapon Workbench Locations

Weapon workbench in Starfield allows you to modify your guns to improve damage, handling and more so it is useful to know their locations.

Upgrading weapons is a vital part of Starfield. You can’t just stick to your basic guns when you are traveling to and from multiple solar systems. You can modify and upgrade your weapons at any Weapons Workbench in Starfield. This guide will help you learn how to use weapon workbenches and where to find workbenches across Starfield, if you ever need one.

How to use Weapon Workbenches in Starfield

Players can use Weapon Workbenches to craft weapon mods that they have unlocked and put them on their weapons freely as they want. Players can get their own weapon workbenches in the game.

Weapon mods include sights, grips, barrels and magazines. You will need to research newer and better mods which require unlocking the proper skills for your character. Once you have a mod category researched, you can craft and add or remove mods from any weapon in your inventory.

The best option is to upgrade your ship’s module and have a weapons workbench while designing your ship. Since you are using this ship to travel around, you will practically have a weapons workbench on you at all times, allowing you to freely upgrade and modify your weapons as you want depending on the situation.

Next, for all bases or outposts that you build, you can have a new weapons workbench installed for themselves. Your bases provide a safe spot where you can rest and prepare for your next adventures, and having a weapons workbench is a vital part of this endeavor.

Starfield weapon workbench locations

With over 1000 planets, the gameplay area in Starfield is massive so it might be impossible to give you the location of every weapon workbench in the game. In general, all weapon shops in the entire universe of Starfield have weapons workbenches that you can use.


The first weapons workbench players are introduced to is the one in The Lodge’s basement. The Lodge’s basement is unlocked after players complete the first main quest of Starfield, “One Small Step”.

On top of that, some faction bases such as The Lodge for Constellation also have a weapon workbench and you can build your own at any of your outposts in Starfield. Apart from the locations mentioned below, you can find weapon workbenches in various settlements on planets and moons.

New Atlantis weapons workbench

There are two weapons workbenches you can find in New Atlantis. The first one, in the basement of The Lodge, has already been discussed and you see this one as a part of your main story mission.

Starfield Weapon Workbench New Atlantis

For the second weapon workbench, fast travel to the Residential District on the surface of New Atlantis. At the fast travel spot, look behind the main counter and you can find a weapon workbench.

Akila City weapons workbench

There are two weapons workbenches in Akila City and both of these are in weapon shops. The first is found near the entrance of the Akila City in Rowland Arms, and the second can be found inside Laredo Firearms, located at the back of Akila City.

Starfield Weapon Workbench Akila City

Neon City weapons workbench

There is only one weapon workbench in Neon. In Neon, you can head to Neon Tactical, the weapon store, to find a workbench for yourself.

Starfield Weapon Workbench Neon

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