Best Starfield Ship Designs And Ideas

Starfield allows you to create and fly custom ships which makes us think of some of the best ideas and designs for the ships from modern pop culture.

Starfield allows you to customize your ship and even build it from scratch. Who doesn’t want to fly a Normandy or Serenity in the game? The possibilities are endless. From creating custom designs to the iconic sci-fi ships from the last 30 years, it is a dream come true for me. In this guide, we will look at Starfield’s best ship designs and ideas.

Before proceeding any further, you need to know that ship parts in Starfield are scattered across the galaxy. You need a ship technician to sell you these parts for credit. A simple ship can cost you upward of 160k credits. Additionally, you need a proper crew to help you assemble and maintain your new ships in Starfield.

Below is a list of our favorite designs for the ships we have carefully selected after our playthrough. We will also share a few ideas from the creative minds around the web.

1. Normandy

One of the finest ships to ever grace space, Normandy should be the first choice for everyone playing Starfield. This is as close as perfect a ship can be. Also, select your name as Shephard and let the little Vasco give you a proper welcome to complete the best ship design in Starfield.

2. Serenity

The close second and the closest to my heart is Serenity from Firefly. Captain Mal never got the proper farewell he deserved so it is up to you to don his name, pilot his ship, and cement your legacy in the universe of Starfield.

3. Slave 1

Want to be a (Bounty) Hunter by profession and majestic by character? Then you need to have one of the best ships, Slave 1. Piloted by Boba Fett himself, this iconic red and green ship is one of the best design and ideas in Starfield.


4. X-Wing

At this point, my inner Star Wars geek is pouring out. Spanning generations, this fighter plane of Jedi order can be constructed in various ways depending on your personal choice.

5. Millenium Falcon

One of the fastest ships in the Star Wars universe is also one of Starfield’s best ship design ideas. Piloted by Han Solo, this ship was instrumental in destroying Death Star and one of the greatest victories for the alliance.

6. White Base

Talking ships but ignoring Gundams? This is not even possible. One of the best designs and ideas for a ship in Starfield is none other than the White base from Mobile Suit Gundam.

7. UNSC Forward Unto Dawn

Any list of space-faring ships is incomplete without the mention of UNSC Forward Unto Dawn from Halo 4. One of the most iconic ships to ever grace Xbox consoles. It is among our favorite picks as the best idea and design for a ship in Starfield.

8. Imperial Star Destroyer 1

To wind up our list of best designs and ideas for ships in Starfield, we have decided to go with none other than the behemoth Star Destroyer. The pride of the Imperial Army and designed to crush the rebellion once and for all, no other ship is more fear-inducing in the whole galaxy.

These are the best designs and ideas for ships in Starfield. This list is our favorite and was created after a heated discussion among the staff. So, there is no order (except for Serenity, as it is the best).

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