Best Starfield Ship Designs And Ideas

Starfield allows you to create and fly custom ships which makes us think of some of the best ideas and designs for the ships from modern pop culture.

Starfield places a great emphasis on ship customization. You’ll spend significant time building your ship, perfecting every little detail to create something as unique as you or something ripped right out of your favorite sci-fi TV show. The possibilities to customize your ship in Starfield are truly limitless. 

From the iconic X-Wing and Millennium Falcon from Star Wars to the Normandy in the original Mass Effect trilogy. In this guide, we’ll review Starfield’s ten best spaceship designs to get your creative juices flowing.

1. The Normandy

Ripped right out of the original Mass Effect trilogy, The Normandy is one of the most iconic spaceships to ever grace the video game space. Its white and blue accents and iconic multitiered design make it instantly recognizable. This is as close as perfect a ship can be.

If you want to lean into the Mass Effect fantasy, set your name to Shephard and let the little Vasco give you a proper welcome. Building a ship of this caliber can cost anywhere from 110,000-170,000 credits in Starfield. 

2. Serenity

Despite Serenity never getting a proper send-off in Firefly, it lives on in Starfield through this player-customized design. It features a rusty brown color mixed with accents of gold and a narrow design. While the design may take away from its functionality slightly, it remains a sight to behold.

Building a ship of this size and scope can cost 50,000-80,000 credits in Starfield.

3. Slave 1

Featured in one of the most iconic film series of all time, the Slave-1 is enough to excite any Star Wars fan. This ship is small yet iconic, piloted by Boba Fett. While it doesn’t resemble the iconic spacecraft when docked, rest assured when you’re flying it, it absolutely will.

Building a ship this size will cost you a little less, particularly between 40,000-80,000 credits. 

4. X-Wing

The iconic X-Wing was first seen in 1977’s Star Wars and has remained a staple in the series ever since. Its four-wing design forms an X and truly sets it apart from the rest of the pack. This spaceship can be configured in several ways, but the general X-shaped aesthetic should be maintained to retain the true feeling of the X-Wing.

Building a ship like this can cost anywhere from 110,000-170,000 credits in Starfield. 

5. Millenium Falcon

Piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca in Star Wars, the Millennium Falcon needs no introductions. The disc-shaped white spacecraft is perhaps one of the most iconic spaceship designs ever. Its large size and expansive Hull make this one of the most durable and functional ships on this list.

Making the Millennium Falcon in Starfield can cost you anywhere from 70,000-120,000 credits. 

6. White Base

Talking about ships but ignoring Gundams is nearly impossible, as this anime series led the foundations for other iconic shows and movies that came after it. There is no other design worthy of being on the list than the SCV-70 White Base. Deployed by the Earth Federation, this is one of the best designs for a ship in Starfield.

Building a ship like this in Starfield, with its multi-tiered design and weapons systems, can cost anywhere from 110,000 credits to 170,000 credits. 

7. UNSC Forward Unto Dawn

A list of interesting and unique spaceship designs would not be complete without the iconic UNSC Forward unto Dawn from Halo 4. This ship is perfect for those wanting to relive the golden days, featuring an elongated and dark design aesthetic.

Since this ship is on the larger side, building it can cost anywhere from 70,000 – 130,000 credits in Starfield.  

8. Imperial Star Destroyer 1

To wind up our list of best designs and ideas for ships in Starfield, we have decided to go with none other than the behemoth Star Destroyer. The pride of the Imperial Army and designed to crush the rebellion, no other ship is more fear-inducing in the whole galaxy.

Its triangular design makes it one of the most unique ships on the list. This large ship can cost 60,000-140,000 credits to build in Starfield. 

9. Astro MegaShip 

To round off our list of the best ship designs in Starfield, we have the Astro MegaShip from Power Rangers in Space. Featuring the iconic blue and red design, the Astro MegaShip is a true nostalgia build for players looking to revisit their favorite Power Rangers TV show. While it won’t transform into a Megazord anytime soon, you’ll look good traveling through different systems.

To build a ship of this caliber, you’ll need anywhere from 80,000-130,000 credits in Starfield. 

How to Customize Ships in Starfield 

Customizing ships in Starfield is simple, as you must talk to a ship technician at an outpost or planet. You must have the Starship Design Perk unlocked. This allows you to utilize the maximum amount of parts and modules in the game.  

You can customize your ship by changing parts, including the Cowling, Shield Generator, Docker, Fuel Tanks, Grav Drive, Weapons, Hab, Engines, Cockpit, Cargo Hold, Reactor Bay, and Landing Gears. Not all of your ship designs will work. The game will not let you save your ship or let it go beyond the customization menu if that is the case.

To change your ship’s color scheme, hover over the component whose color you want to change. Select the color wheel in the bottom right corner of your screen. If you want to change the color in one go, double-click on the entire ship. 

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