How To Recruit Andreja In Starfield

A Constellation member by profession and a sneaky thief by heart, Andreja becomes a recruitable character in Starfield once you complete her companion quest.

Andreja is the newest member of Constellation in Starfield (besides you) and one of the companions you can recruit. Strong-headed, determined and kind, Andreja has all the qualities you will want in any crew member. She is also the easiest one to find and recruit as your crew member in the game. You only need to progress halfway through a story mission “Into the Unkown” to be able to find and recruit Andreja. 

In this guide, we will explain the process of finding Andreja and offering her to join your crew as a recruit in Starfield. We will also discuss her skills including maxed out stealth and why she is perfect as a companion during missions that require you to be sneaky.

How to recruit Andreja in Starfield

To recruit Andreja in Starfield, you need to reach at least halfway through a story mission known as “Into the Unknown”. This is the fifth main mission and becomes available once you manage to recruit Sarah, Sam and Barrett successfully. 

During this quest, you need to visit two procedurally generated planets to find not one but two Artifacts in the game. Travel to The Eye space station and talk to Vladimir to start the quest. Vladimir will direct you to two different planets to find two Artifacts as well as check up on Andreja who hasn’t responded to hails in a while. 

As the planets and Andreja’s location are random, we can’t really tell you which one she will be located on. However, since you have to visit both of them anyway, you will find Andreja naturally as you complete the task.

One of the planets basically presents you with an empty dungeon, at the end of which is the artifact surrounded by large quantities of Caelumite. Use your laser cutter to free the artifact and pick it up. Now head to the next planet and repeat the process. In my playthrough, I was able to find Andreja on the first planet we went to.


As such, she will automatically join you at this point. If you already have a companion with you, don’t worry as Andreja won’t replace them. You will basically be moving as a part of three for the duration of the mission.

Travel through the cave with Andreja while killing all the enemies to find the second Artifact at the end of the cave. Once you obtain the second artifact, Andreja will return to New Atlantis. Follow her and talk to Matteo in The Lodge and deliver both the artifacts to finish the quest.

Once the cutscene is done, find Andreja again in The Lodge and talk to her. Once you get the prompt to recruit her during the dialogue options, select it. Andreja will accept your offer gladly and you will be able to recruit her successfully in Starfield.

Stats and skills

After you recruit Andreja in Starfield, you will gain access to her following skills. 

  • Rank 4 in Stealth 
  • Rank 3 in Particle Beams 
  • Rank 2 in Energy Weapon Systems 
  • Rank 1 in Theft 

You can post Andreja on your ship to optimize your weapon systems, but this is a total waste of her abilities. She is a thief and excels in stealth due to her affinity with it. Andreja can also use particle beam weapons effectively. We recommend that you take Andreja on missions with you as an active companion instead of using her as a crew member. 

Once you successfully recruit Andreja in Starfield, she also becomes available for romance. You can earn her maximum approval and then court her too.

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