How To Change Companions In Starfield

Starfield allows you to change companions to have the best crew members to tackle different situations.

The process to change Companions in Starfield is relatively straightforward, as it will require you to interact with that specific companion. This way, you can choose companions more compatible with you during your missions.

During the playthrough, you will pilot ships, fight enemies, explore new planets, evade bounties, and set up new outposts in different areas. You will need to assign roles to your companions and even proceed to change them with other crew members in Starfield.

Since you can use many methods to change companions, we will address all those in this Starfield guide.

How to change Crew Members in Starfield

There may come a time during your main quest when you may require the skills of a different companion. You should know how to change Companions/Crew Members, as each character has unique skills. These skills can benefit you a lot, and if you place them accordingly in the required positions, it will also bolster your skills.

Method 1: Ask Companion/Crew Member to follow

This method is for beginners who are looking to change companions. At the start of the game, you will have one companion in Starfield who will follow you, and this number will increase during your main campaign.

You can always switch that single companion by asking another companion to follow you. This process will happen automatically, and the one following you before will change with the other one in Starfield.


Method 2: Ask a Crew Member to join you

This is a conventional method that you can use to add a companion in Starfield. It will require you to interact with these characters on your ship first.

During your conversation, you can select some dialogue options to inquire about them and then choose the one that says, “I could use you on my crew.” Once the character agrees, he will become a crew member on your ship in Starfield.

Method 3: Ask the Crew Member to leave you

In terms of changing crew members, you can also do that by asking them to leave as well. This method is similar to the first one, where you ask them to join you, and they become a part of your crew.

However, it will require a specific pre-requisite for you to accomplish in the form of a quest. It will go by the Old Neighborhood, and after you finish it successfully, you can expel crew members in Starfield.

If you wish for one of them (companion) to leave, approach that crew member and speak with him in Starfield. I chose the dialogue option during the conversation: “It’s time we went our separate ways.” This way, the crewmember will leave, and you can fill his empty spot with another crew member in Starfield.

Method 4: Swap Crew Members in Starfield

This is a tedious method for changing companions in Starfield, but once you get used to it, you will find it relatively easy. The first step would be to go to the character menu, where you will find many options, skills, inventory, etc. You need to find the Ship option and then click on it. Then, you need to go to the crew section in Starfield.

This way, you will see your two (crew members)/companions assigned to your current ship. Since you only have the option to keep two onboard, you can select the one you want to change and switch it with the new crew member. This process can be done simply by pressing the R button when you switch to Starfield.

Best active Companions in Starfield

In terms of Best active companions, you can go with the following options:

 CompanionUnique Skill
1.Sam CoeRifle Certification (x3 points)
2.Sarah MorganLaser (x3 points)
5.Adoring FanCarrying Capacity

How to increase Crew Size

You can explore two ways to increase your Crew Size in Starfield. You will get to go through each of these during your playthrough, and these will include the following:

  • The first way is related to your Social skill tree. You need to find a specific skill called the Ship Command skill there. After that, you will need to keep upgrading this particular skill, and each time you level it up, your crew size will increase to 8 active companions in Starfield.
  • Secondly, you need to explore another skill from your Social skill tree. It will go by as Outpost Management skill in Starfield. Once you upgrade it to third rank, you will find that the number of crew members you can assign to those designated outposts will increase. You will have increased your crew size in Starfield as well.

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