How To Get Nickel In Starfield

Nickel is a staple resource you’ll need for various research projects and item crafting.

Nickel in Starfield is a common tier resource that you can find on various planets. Even though it is common, you will still need it for various weapon mods, outpost modules, and research projects. Do not worry if you still have trouble finding it; we will help you get this resource easily.

How to farm Nickel in Starfield

Farming Nickel is a matter of finding the right planet first. When exploring the system, observe a planet, and a list of resources should appear to the left. Assuming your Scan feature is at rank 4, you can get a detailed color gradient of the resources. Nickel (Ni) will have a brown symbol.

Once on the planet, use your scanner near potential ore deposits. Nickel ores tend to have a turquoise tint, so use your cutter tool to get it. As for underground nickel reserves, the same principle applies where you’ll be pointing at the ground. When your scanner finds Nickel traces, place an extractor with a power supply and storage.

Planets with Nickel (Ni) Reserves

Many planets have this resource in Starfield, and you can visit any of the following to farm a lot of Nickel.

Star SystemPlanet(s)
Al-BattaniAl-Battani II, Al-Battani III
Alpha AndrasteAlpha Andraste IV, Alpha Andraste V, Alpha Andraste VI
Alpha CentauriBondar, Hawley, Lovell
AltairAltair I, Altair IV-c, Altair IV-d
AndromasAndromas I, Andromas II
BesselBessel III-b
Beta AndrasteBeta Andraste I-a
BolivarBolivar I
BradburyBradbury III
CarinaeCarinae V-c
CheyenneAkila, Belwah, Bindi, Bismark, Montara Luna, Skink, Stellis A, Stellis C, Stellis D
Delta PavonisGamow, Magnar, Volt
EridaniEridani II, Eridani III-b, Eridani IX, Eridani V, Eridani VIII-b, Eridani VIII-d
Eta CassiopeiaCassiopeia I, Cassiopeia II, Cassiopeia II-a, Cassiopeia III, Cassiopeia IV-a, Cassiopeia IV-b, Cassiopeia IV-c
GroombridgeGroombridge VIII-b
GuniibuuGuniibuu VI-a, Guniibuu VI-b
IndumIndum III-b, Indum IV-a, Indum IV-b
JaffaJaffa II-a, Jaffa VI-a, Jaffa VII-c, Jaffa VII-d
Kapteyn’s StarKapteyn I
KryxMax, Neebas
KumasiKumasi II, Kumasi III, Kumasi IV, Kumasi V-c, Kumasi V-d, Kumasi V-e, Kumasi VIII-d
LantanaLantana II, Lantana III, Lantana IV, Lantana IX-c, Lantana IX-d, Lantana VI, Lantana VIII-b, Lantana VIII-c, Lantana VIII-d
LunaraOkoro Delta, Okoro Gamma
MaheoMaheo I
McClureMcClure III
NarionNiira, Vectera
NemeriaNemeria I, Nemeria IV-b
Oborum PrimeOborum II-a
OlympusDionysus, Mithras
PiazziPiazzi II, Piazzi IV-c, Piazzi VII-c
PorrimaPorrima IV-d
Procyon AProcyon II, Procyon IV, Procyon V-a, Procyon V-b, Procyon VI-c
RiveraRivera I, Rivera II, Rivera V-a
SaganSagan I
ShozaShoza II, Shoza II-a, Shoza IV
SiriusSirius II
SolMimas, Oberon, Triton, Venus
Ursae MinorisUrsa Minor I
ValoPolvo, Virium
VegaVega II-c, Vega II-d, Vega II-e

Where to buy Nickel

If you want to save time and collect nickel, you can go to most of the resource-selling shops and buy it from them in Starfield. The Neon Mining League tends to have a high stock of Nickel available. Other than that, the Trade Authority vendors in Neon and Akila City are prime vendors, too. Below, you can find a more comprehensive list of various Nickel vendors.

The simplest method would be to use console commands to obtain Nickel immediately. The command to obtain Nickel is as follows:

player.additem 00005572

For a specific amount of Nickel in Starfield, add that amount at the end after the Nickel ID:

player.additem 00005572 64

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