Starfield One Giant Leap Walkthrough

"One Giant Leap" is the concluding mission of Starfield. You are going to have to make one of two choices here.

One Giant Leap is the nineteenth and last mission of the campaign in Starfield that beautifully concludes the whole story.

The mission itself is choice-based and whatever you choose will decide the outcome of how the game ends. To find out all about the One Giant Leap mission and its outcome, keep reading but be warned of spoilers. If you are yet to reach the last mission, do not read further.

How to unlock the “One Giant Leap” mission

The One Giant Leap mission will automatically unlock after you have completed the main story mission Revelation in Starfield.

The Revelation mission is the true climactic end to Starfield where your character wraps up the conflict between the Emissary and Hunter and finds the last of the artifacts.

It serves as an epilogue for your character. However, note that the end of the Revelation mission may vary depending on what choice you made in the mission.

The outcome of all of the choices will lead you to the One Giant Leap mission in Starfield.

How to complete One Giant Leap in Starfield

Being the last mission of Starfield, it is advised that you get done with your errands and meet everyone at the Constellation to say your goodbyes as you’re about to embark on a journey of your own.

Once you’ve done your due diligence in the game, head over to your ship, build the Armillary, and add the final artifacts to it. Do note if you’ve kept your Armillary in any outposts, you must bring it back to the ship.

After building the Armillary, power up the Grav Drive and orbit around any planet. Your ship will instantly transport you to Unity.

Unity is a mysterious Zone located in the middle of nowhere where you’ll be met by a character with a familiar face.

Choosing Unity (option 1)

When you reach Unity, you’ll be welcomed by stars and celestial bodies floating all around you. A little ahead of you will be a person wearing a Celestial suit, standing with his back turned towards you.

As you walk towards the person, you’ll soon realize that the person is you. You will be telling yourself everything about Unity and will be given a choice to either leave everything and join Unity to become a Starborn or return to your world.

If you decide to choose Unity, the game’s credits will start to roll and Starfield will begin from the very start in New Game Plus.

In New Game Plus, your character will lose everything except for their skills, power, and levels. The game will also grant you a Starborn Ship and Starborn Suit. Both of them are very useful while exploring the World of Starfield in your second playthrough.

As you begin the New Game Plus, you’ll be asked to go visit the Lodge where the mission Among the Stars will begin. This mission won’t be available in your first playthrough and can only be accessed after you’ve chosen to become a Starborn.

Choosing the world (option 2)

If you’re not ready to take up the offer from yourself and want to return back to the world you once knew, just turn around and walk away towards the empty stars where you’ll spawn back at your ship.

If you ever decide to become a Starborn just activate the Armillary, boot up your Grav Drive, and head to Unity to meet yourself and start the game in New Game Plus.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the last mission ‘One Giant Leap’ in Starfield. Now you can either replay the game again and experience it with all of your skills and powers intact or explore the existing world of Starfield with its 80 Million side quests.

Starfield- One Giant Leap mission rewards

  • Starborn Ship
  • Starborn Suit
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