Starfield Best Outfits And How To Get Them

Outfits in Starfield don't just change your look but also give you some buffs, so you should choose the best ones.

You will find many apparel and outfits in Starfield, which you can combine to create the Best Outfits. You can purchase some of these or get them by completing certain questlines related to various factions. Each of these Outfits will offer you some degree of protection in the form of damage resistance and environmental resistance.

Moreover, they will cost you Credits. Since you will have a lot of options to choose from, I will cover some of those best outfit options along with their locations.

Best Outfits locations in Starfield

Remember that equipping each of these suits will grant you additional benefits in the form of increased Intimidation Chance, Persuasion Chance, O2 recovery, etc., so don’t miss out on any of these in Starfield.

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1. Masako Imada’s Outfit

Masako Imada’s Outfit is a cool-looking outfit that the CEO of Ryujin Industries wears herself. Furthermore, it offers Thermal protection (15) and Airborne protection (10). Once you wear this particular suit in Starfield, your Intimidation chance increases by 5 percent.

You must join the Ryujin Industries faction to acquire this suit in Starfield. After that, you must pursue the Ryujin Industries questline in Starfield. During that, you will have the chance to steal this Outfit from the CEO by killing her at the end.

Neither of these ways can guarantee you obtaining this suit, so you will have to take your chances. However, once you get the Masako Imada’s Outfit, you can use it or sell it for 525 Credits Starfield.

2. Formal Slack Suit

The Formal Slack Suit looks like a plain Suit with a white shirt and blue pants. This specific outfit offers Thermal protection (15) and Airborne (10) protection and ensures your chances of survival. The additional effects of wearing the Formal Slack suit include that you will get an increased O2 recovery of 5 percent in Starfield.

As for acquiring the Formal Slack Suit in Starfield, you can visit the EI T Clothiers shop in New Atlantis. There, you can proceed to purchase it for 450 Credits. You can also steal it, but that would only increase the bounty against your character for shoplifting in Starfield.

3. Syndicate Capo Suit

This Outfit provides you with a lot of Physical resilience compared to the other outfits in this category. Apart from these, you get a fair share of environmental resistance as well, which includes Thermal (10), Airborne (10), and Corrosive (5) in Starfield. Moving onto the additional benefits for this particular outfit, you can get an increased Persuasion chance of (5 percent).

As for the location of the Syndicate Capo Suit in Starfield, it is a random drop that you may end up coming across as a loot item. It has no fixed location, so go through the enemy inventories during your playthrough, and you might stumble across it in Starfield.

4. Striker Outfit

The complete Striker Outfit comprises Striker Maskwear (head) and Striker Streetwear (body). This is one of the best outfits because you will get protection against all elements once you combine both apparel. These will include Airborne (15), Corrosive (15), Thermal (10), and Radiation (10), which make the Striker Outfit a good choice to use as the Best Outfit.

Moreover, the additional benefits of the Striker Outfit include a combined Critical Damage rating of 10 percent, making you more formidable in Starfield. This way, you can operate notoriously in those criminal factions without exposing your identity, which won’t raise your bounty either.

Lastly, this Outfit will cost you 264 Credits: Striker Maskwear (132 credits) and Striker Streetwear at around the same value of credits as well.

5. Synthleather Streetwear

The Synthleather should be among your top choices when considering the best Suit in Starfield. It provides you protection against elements such as Thermal (10), Airborne (15), and Radiation (5).

Apart from that, once you equip this outfit, it gives you the additional benefit of increasing your O2 recovery by 5 percent. To get this Outfit, you can visit the Shop known as Newill’s Goods. It is in Neon City and shouldn’t be too hard to miss either.

Similarly, you can also go to Sieghart’s Outfitters in this city. You will find the Synthleather Streetwear listed for 525 Credits in Starfield.

6. Ranger Duelwear

The Ranger Duelwear Outfit is also a good choice for choosing the best outfit in Starfield. If you dive into the stats for this particular outfit, you will find that it provides Thermal protection (10) and Airborne protection (15), along with other aspects. Wearing the Ranger Duelwear gives you the additional benefit of an increased Reload Speed by 5 percent in Starfield.

To acquire the Ranger Duelwear, you must join the Freestar Ranger Faction first. This way, you can indulge yourself in completing the Freestar Collective Questline. There will be a final quest, the Hammer Falls, that you will need to complete and then meet with a particular NPC character.

He will be known as Mashal Blake, so you will receive the Ranger Duelwear in Starfield after you talk with him. If you don’t want to use this outfit, you can also sell it for 225 Credits as well

7. UC Security Uniform

The UC Security Uniform is also among the best suits in Starfield you can use. This outfit protects you against Corrosive (10) and Radiation (15) elements that harm your Health. Moreover, the additional effects of this outfit will include an increased Intimidation chance of 5 Percent as well.

You can head over to the Nova Galactic Staryard area to get it. You must head to the Luna in the Sol System to reach this location. Once you get to the exact location you can go into the Workroom area and search for this particular suit in one of the rooms.

This suit costs you 225 Credits, so overall, it’s a good find regarding the Best Outfit in  Starfield.

8. Urban Efficiency Attire

If you cannot find the UC Security Uniform, you can take your chances on acquiring another suit. This time, the Urban Efficiency Attire will be priced at the same amount of Credits (225). However, this suit will protect you against Thermal (10) and Airborne (15) contaminants in Starfield.

Moreover, it can be acquired easily by visiting the Jemison Mercantile Shop. This specific shop can be found in New Atlantis, so if you are in that area, then you can see this shop. Similarly, you can also find the Urban Efficiency Attire listed for sale in another shop. That will happen to be Seighart’s Outfitters, located at the Neon City.

Lastly, after you purchase the Urban Efficiency Attire and equip it on your character, it will grant you an additional effect of O2 recovery for 5 percent in Starfield.

9. Settler Poncho Outfit

The Settler Poncho Outfit is reminiscent of the famous poncho outfit that Cal Kestis wore in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. Well, you can also get one suit that looks exactly like it in Starfield. This one can be purchased from the UC Surplus Shop in The Well area in New Atlantis.

Similarly, you can also find another shop named Outland in New Atlantis that may also have this outfit in stock. It will cost you around 150 Credits in Starfield. As usual, you can loot that shop for this outfit, but it will raise the bounty on your head and add to your crimes for stealing.

Moving onto the stats for the Settler Poncho Outfit, it offers Thermal protection of (10) and Corrosion protection of (15). You also get the additional benefit of increased Health (10 percent) when you equip this.

10. Argos Jacked Jumpsuit

This outfit will remind you of Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy and will be available at the start of Starfield. This is because this particular suit also offers some resistance to Corrosive elements and Radiation. This allows you to navigate through those areas without adhering to their effects.

Moreover, it offers additional effects, which include an increase in Health and O2 by at least (+5) in Starfield. You can easily purchase the Argos Jacked Jumpsuit from Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City. If you are present at Cydonia, you can check Jane’s Good to purchase this suit for 150 Credits in Starfield.

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