How To Get Radiation Resistance In Starfield

If you don't want to lose a lot of health while exploring different planets in Starfield, you should know how to get Radiation Resistance.

Starfield allows its players to explore vast planets, moons, and space stations. However, this does not come without Environmental Hazards like Radiation, so you will need Radiation resistance in Starfield. It is vital to watch out for these hazards as they can quickly drain your health.

Radiation is a main hazard while exploring planets and caves whose negative status effect can decrease your health and make you sick. The Radiation Stat tells you about the resistance against radiation. Your watch has a radiation detector that warns you whenever you are in an area of high radiation.

It is necessary to have resistance against radiation in Starfield, either with equipment or skills. Because venturing to high radiation areas without the appropriate protection can result in a worsening radiation status effect.

How to get Radiation Resistance from Equipment

The main way to acquire resistance against radiation is through your equipment, i.e., clothing items. While equipping a space suit, helmet, backpack, or other clothing, watch out for the Radiation Stat. This will inform you about the resistance a specific item provides against radiation. If you equip more items with radiation resistance in Starfield, their resistances increase.

How to get Radiation Resistance from Skills

Another way to obtain resistance against radiation is through upgrading a skill, Environmental Conditioning. This skill has four different ranks, and each one provides you with resistance against an Environmental Hazard.

How to quickly remove the effects of radiation in Starfield 

If you fail to equip enough Radiation Resistance or your resistance runs out before reaching a safe place, you will end up with the Radiation Status in your Status Effects Menu. This status effect will keep eating away at your health unless removed. To remove the adverse effects of radiation, you can:


Find Clean Air

To remove the negative Radiation Status Effect, you can first get away from the source and find a place with clean air uncontaminated with radiation in Starfield. This can mostly be done by returning to your ship.

Get Medical Help

If you suffer from radiation sickness, the best way to cure it is to visit Reliant Medical or any other medical center that will provide you with treatment.

Use an Injector

You can also use an item such as the Injector to remove the effects of radiation in Starfield. It can treat conditions such as Brain Injury, Lung Damage, Poisoning, Heatstroke, and Radiation Poisoning.

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