Starfield Best Armor Mods

Your armor isn't flashy enough or doesn't do enough? In Starfield you can slap the best mods on your armor and call it a day.

The best armor mods in Starfield increase your survival chances and ensure that you do not die at the hands of alien creatures in deep space. There are tons of choices when it comes to armor mods. Some are more on the day-to-day regular usage side and some of them are legendary armor mods. That is why we are here to make sure that you pick the best out of the bunch.

The best armor mods of Starfield are split between three different types: Helmet, Spacesuit, and Pack mods. Each type is further split into different slots.

Best helmet armor mods in Starfield

Slot 1

Ballistic Shielding

Armor Mod ID: 003AD4D9
The Ballistic Shield Mod gives you increased damage resistance against explosives, including your own. Mines, for example, are great to take out groups of enemies but are dangerous if you get caught in their explosion.

Considering how big a role explosives play in combat, the Ballistic Shield can be highly rated as one of the best armor mods in Starfield. It only requires 1x Nickel and 1x Cosmetic to craft.

Energy Shielding

Armor Mod ID: 003AD4DB
You are eventually going to face a lot of enemies that use energy weapons to do a ton of energy damage.

This is where the Energy Shield mod becomes a necessity in Starfield. It gives you a layer of protection to reduce all incoming energy damage.


Crafting the Energy Shielding mod requires 2x Tungsten, 1x Cosmetic, and 1x Polymer.

Slot 2

Explosive Shielding

Armor Mod ID: 000F77AA
This is similar to the Ballistic Shielding mod from the previous slot. The Explosive Shielding Mod is going to further bring down the damage you will take from explosives attacks.

This is a must-have if you are putting together a solid build made for combat. You are going to need 1x Titanium, 2x Adhesives, and 1x Sterile Nanotubes.

Slot 3

Heavy Shielding

Armor Mod ID: 000F77AF
Slot 3 only really has one option so there is only one best armor mod in Starfield that exists for this particular situation. Heavy Shielding builds on the foundation of Ballistic and Explosive shielding which protects against explosive damage.

This mod will protect you against all kinds of damage which makes it a solid all-rounder. 1x Adhesive, 1x Tungsten, 1x High-Tensile Spidroin, and 1x Polymer are the material required for this mod.

Slot 4

Gravitic Composites

Armor Mod ID: 000F77B7
For players who prefer a stealthy playstyle, the Gravitic Composites armor mod is the best option in Starfield. It reduces the chance of enemies detecting you, making it easier for you to sneak past them.

You need three things to craft it; 2x Adhesives, 3x Caelumite, and 1x Microsend Regulator.

Best spacesuit armor mods in Starfield

Slot 1

Ballistic Shielding

Armor Mod ID: 003AD4D9
Works similarly to the one for the Helmet, by bringing down the total damage taken by an explosive attack. The only difference is the material required to craft it; 2x Fiber and 1x Cosmetic.

Slot 2

Optimized Servos

Armor Mod ID: 003A83E1
The Optimized Servos is one of the best armor mods in Starfield when it comes to increasing your survival chances.

Running in outer space costs oxygen and when you run out, your character starts to feel dizzy. To make sure you don’t feel dizzy so easily, the Optimized Servos Mod will reduce oxygen consumption while sprinting.

You only need 1x Microsecond Regulator and 2x Positron Battery to craft the Optimized Servos mod in Starfield.

Slot 3

Heavy Shielding

Armor Mod ID: 000F77AF
It is the same as the mod for the Helmet and also requires the same material to craft. If you are planning for a tank build then just equip this mod and forget about damage.

Exo Servos

Armor Mod ID: 003A83E7
If your plan of action is to stab someone to death or smack them with a weapon then you are going to need the extra melee damage that comes from this mod. It is going to require 3x Titanium, 1x Positron Battery, and 1x Semimetal Wafer.

Slot 4


Armor Mod ID: 003A83EA
Starfield falls short when it comes to carry capacity and you are going to need all the extra mods that increase your carry capacity. Pocketed is a Mod for your spacesuit that does the same. You are going to need 2x Sealant, 1x Fiber, and 1x Polytextile.

Best pack armor mods in Starfield

Slot 1

Extra Capacity

Armor Mod ID: 0024529A
You are going to need as much storage space as possible to carry all of your important items. This makes the Extra Capacity armor mod important because as the name suggests, it increases your storage capacity.

You must gather 3x Aluminum, 2x Sealent, and 3x Polymer to craft this mod.

Oxygen Reserve

Armor Mod ID: 00050AB3
This mod is going to give you an additional 10% space for storing oxygen for all those clutch situations where just a little more would make or break the fight. You are going to need the following materials for this mod: 1x Aluminum and 1x Sealent.

Slot 2


Armor Mod ID: 0034BAA6
To check all the boxes for an all-rounded armor, you are going to need something to help you gain the lost health. That is where this mod comes in.

Regeneration mod is going to give you your lost health back when you are not fighting anymore. It gives you a chance to catch your breath and also recover.

3x Amino Acid, 3x Hypercatalyst, 1x Positron Battery, and 2x Emergency Kits are required materials for this mod.

How to craft armor mods in Starfield

Armor Mods in Starfield are add-ons that can be added on top of your already-equipped helmet, spacesuit, or packs. These mods give additional functionality and can slightly boost your overall stats. Here is the process through which you can do it.


The craftsmanship to mod an armor will not be readily available to you. You will need the following before you can proceed:

  • Spacesuit Design Skill: This can be unlocked from the skill tree by spending some skill points. It could be one of the best early skills to unlock in the game for you. The higher ranked your skill is the easier it will be for you to craft the mods.
  • Research Lab: It is a machine that you are going to use to research and unlock mods that you are later going to apply to your Armor. You can find this in the basement of the Lodge, the HQ where Constellation’s Questline takes place which is a faction in Starfield that you can join.
  • Spacesuit Workbench: This is the machine that will help you apply the mod on your armor that you just unlocked using the Research Lab. It is located next to the Research Lab machines in the basement of The Lodge.

Crafting and Applying Mods

Crafting Armor Mods is a similar process to crafting weapon mods. It is a two-part process. The first step is to research and unlock the mod that you want to apply to your armor. Once you have that out of the way, head for the Spacesuit Workbench.

Every piece of armor; helmet, spacesuit, and pack have multiple slots all with different options for mods. Select any of the armor pieces and then the slot you want to apply the mod to. In the next menu, you will have the list of all the available mods.

The materials required will also be mentioned alongside the mod. If you have everything you need, you should be able to apply the mod immediately.

There are going to be some simple mods and some are going to be legendary armor mods. Both of them have different kinds of effects and it is usually based on the rarity of the armor mod.

The legendary armor mods are no exception. They can also be crafted using the same process but the only difference there is that they require slightly more and slightly harder-to-find materials. The effort to collect those is worth it because of the value they add to your armor.

How to use cheats to get Starfield Armor IDs

This is not the only way to get yourself some shiny new mods. If you want to grind and get the full experience that the vast world of Starfield has to offer then go for it but if you are running short on time then we have another thing for you.

Starfield Console Commands and Cheats allow you to bypass the norms of the game and take a shortcut to your destination, which in this case is a mod. Just like there is an ID for every item in Starfield, Armor Mods IDs also exist for the same reason.

You can use the Armor Mod IDs in tandem with the console command to apply any mod to any of your armor pieces; helmet, spacesuit, or pack. You can use the following command to apply any mod to your armor:

attachmod (ArmorModID)

Press the Tilde Key (~) on the keyboard and type in the following command along with the armor mod ID of the mod that you want to apply on the armor you are currently equipped with.

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