SCUM Military Base Locations Guide – High Loot Areas, Find The Best Loot

Our SCUM Military Bases Guide will help you locate all the military bases in the vast world of SCUM. Inside these bases, you will find the best loot.

Since SCUM is a little unforgiving when it comes to survival aspects, you may find it hard to find loot or make use of the items that you do find. Now one of the risk and reward zones is the Military Base, which, if you can infiltrate with caution and care, you may go home with all the resources you need. Follow our SCUM Military Bases Guide on the locations and the expected loot in the Military Bases.

SCUM Military Bases

Survival is a key aspect of SCUM and you need to get a hold of all the valuable pieces of apparel, food resources, basically, anything that you can find. Some places are more abundant in these life-sustaining resources than other, with Military Bases being one.

It can be quite risky to head there, seeing as how so many puppets (zombies) roam there along with attraction from other players as well and the threat of constantly roaming mech robots. These are armed with special weapons and maybe a drag to eliminate. Also, they cannot be distracted, unlike the puppets.

On the brighter side, the rewards are definitely worth it. For one, most of these puppets you can find here are ex-military soldiers, meaning they will be wearing a tactical jacket when you bring them down. Jackets will allow you to have more inventory slots thus increasing your carrying capacity for equipment and items.

It will also provide warmth in cool and harsh climatic conditions and weather.

Moreover, you’ll also be lucky enough to find bulletproof vests and armor to wear ensuring that you don’t go down as easily if you go head to head with a player or a puppet. Things don’t stop here. Being a military base, you can’t deny that the place would be an ideal spot for gaining ammunition for weapons and even the firearms themselves.


Yes, players have acquired heavy guns, rifles, snipers, explosives, and all cool tonnes of stuff in these bases. So with all these benefits, at least one trip to the Military Base is essential.

Military Bases Locations

Since the map of the entire game is divided into sectors, you should keep in mind the following directions along with the information from the in-game map.

  • Sector A1, Southwest
  • In A2, Northwest
  • In A3, Midwest
  • In A4, Middle of the Sector
  • Overlapping between Extreme Northwest of Sector B1 and Northeast of B2
  • East of B2
  • Southwest of B2
  • Mideast in B3
  • In B3, Northwest
  • Midwest in B3
  • North in B4
  • Halfway up North in C1
  • West in C2
  • Extreme North in C3
  • Extreme South in C3
  • North in C4
  • South in C4
  • Northeast in D1
  • Base overlapping between four Sectors: Extreme Southwest in D1, Northwest in C1, Northeast in C2, and Southeast in D2
  • Halfway up North in D3
  • Halfway up North in D4

For exact locations on of these spots on the map, you can check out the illustration, thanks to our friend WillerZ44.

SCUM Military Bases Loot


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