SCUM Cooking Guide – Stone Knife, How To Cut, Fireplace, Cooking Meter (Cooking Tips)

As is the case with survival games, SCUM has a pretty extensive Menu System which means that crafting stuff can be incredibly difficult whether it is tools or food. Our SCUM Cooking Guide will give you a brief introduction to the Cooking System in the game.

This SCUM Cooking Guide will acquaint you with the basics of getting meat from animals and cooking it so that it is edible.

SCUM Cooking

Before you start cooking, you will actually need to find and hunt an animal. There are tracks that animals leave and provided that you have put points in the right skill, you will be able to find animals quite easily. Once you have found and killed an animal, you will then be able to cut it open for meat.

In order to cut open an animal, you are going to need a tool. It is quite probable that you will already have found a tool but if you have not then you can craft a very simple Stone Knife. All that you need to do in order to craft a Stone Knife is to look down on the ground and walk around until you find 2 stones. These stones can then be crafted into a Stone Knife using the Crafting Menu.

Cooking Meat

Once you have the Stone Knife at your disposal, you will be able to cut open the animal. The cutting process takes a little bit of time to make sure that you are safe before you start cutting an animal. When the cutting process is complete, you will then be able to see different parts of meat. Some of these chunks will be quite large if you have killed a heavy animal such as a boar.

If that is the case, it is best to use your knife and further cut them into smaller pieces as it will be helpful later on.

Once you have grabbed all of the pieces of meat and have them in your inventory. You can go about setting up a fireplace. The fireplace is very easy to construct as you only need a few elements. You can light the fire using a lighter that you have found. Once the fireplace has been lit up, it will be on the ground and your cooking process will actually begin.

The fireplace will have a skewer on top of it. What you want to do is to drop the smaller chunks of meat near the fireplace. Once they are in your vicinity which can be bought up by pressing the inventory button, you can select the fireplace, skewer, and the meat by using the left click and then right click in order to select cooking from the options.

This will begin the process of cooking and your food will soon be ready.

Remember to take a look at the Cooking Meter and take the meat off when it is ready or it will be burned and eating it will carry consequences. Remember that you can use the same method to open canned food and do multiple different actions with your items. Now that you know this mechanic, there are endless possibilities.

This is the same for pretty much everything. However, the game is in Early Access so this method might change in the near future. Refer back to our SCUM Cooking Guide once you find out that you cannot cook items the conventional way to learn the new process.


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