SCUM Shelter Guide – How To Build, Building Tips

What is worse than losing all the stuff that you spent hours on just because of an inconsistent connection on a server? Spawning back again to see that your stuff was stolen and not lost. To tackle all these sorts of issues, it is best to set up a shelter, a protective storage area for your precious goods and our SCUM Shelter Guide will help you do just that! Read our SCUM Shelter Guide to learn more.

SCUM Shelter

When it comes to safeguarding your items, you do not only want a safe place for them, you also want a good place for them.

By good we mean, somewhere where only you can find it and a place which is not far from the resourceful areas should you choose to take a trek for scavenging some essential items?

Hence, some players may find it desirable to set up shelters near the army bases. Others may find it better to stick to spots near the city.

However, there is still an underrated spot, something many players may be overlooking. In forests or bushy areas where the shelter can camouflage in. Who would bother looking in a shrubbery right?

A shelter also works as a way of spawning point for whenever you die or log off and back in again into the game. As is the rule, you are always spawned within that sector you left earlier but not exactly in the place, you were.

A shelter, therefore, acts like a save point where you can spawn at whenever you feel like. It should be noted though that reviving at the shelter comes at the expense of 25 Fame Points which you earn doing literally any productive activity in the game.

Now how do you go about building a shelter? Well, firstly, you will need a stone knife. Besides being of use to cutting and harvesting resources for most of the tools, you will need one here as well.

You can gather two pieces of stone and go to the crafting menu to make yourself a brand new Stone Knife.

Once done, proceed to make a rope. The required material for a single rope is 5 pieces of Rag Strips. Rag Strips can be cut from pieces of cloths using the stone knife. For the Shelter, you will need 5 ropes altogether.

Lastly, you need to use the stone knife again, this time on a bush to obtain a Wooden Stick. Thanks to the pieces of stone and the Wooden Stick, you can craft a stone ax which we will use later for crafting the shelter.

Therefore, with the ropes and newly produced tools, you are ready to build your dream shelter.

Head to a forested area and chop down some trees until you get around 10 long wooden sticks and 6 small wooden sticks. Bundle these sticks together and with the help of two ropes, you will be able to fasten a shelter in your desired spot.

You can also create a storage box with the help of the large wooden sticks we chopped down earlier. Cut them again with the stone ax to form wooden planks.

Fasten them with the remaining pieces of ropes and you can keep the box and the stash of desired materials inside it.

We recommend keeping it hidden a little away from the shelter itself in a case where your shelter is discovered, so it will not be a total loss.


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