Borderlands 2 Items Duplication and Money Exploit

Learn all about item and weapon duplication as well as exploits to earn yourself an infinite amount of money in Borderlands 2 with this guide

If you played Borderlands you should recall a glitch it had that allowed you to duplicate money or weapons. We can confirm that this glitch still works in Borderlands 2. Interested? Read on for Borderlands 2 Item Duplication and Money Exploit.

It should help you share your super-cool weapons and money with your friends or get super-cool weapons and money from your friends easily without them having to lose those items or cash.

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Borderlands 2 Items Duplication and Money Exploit

To duplicate the weapons, follow these steps:

  • Drop the weapon/item you want to duplicate on the floor.
  • Make your friend pick it up.
  • Exit just as soon as he/she picks up the weapon to your dashboard.

To get infinite money, follow these steps:

  • Trade with your friend by holding B. Give him/her all your money.
  • Accept the trade.
  • Just as the traded is finished, immediately exit the game.

When you reload the game in both instances you will note that neither any weapon is missing from your inventory nor you are short on your cash, but there is a catch. You should meet following conditions if you want to exploit this glitch.

  • Make sure to exit the game before it has a chance to autosave.
  • Before you use this glitch make sure your game has gone through autosave at least once.
  • Start an online game with a friend to use this glitch. Remember, you can’t be the host.
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