How To Get Spurious Wings In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Farm the Spurious Wings to enhance your gear to higher levels in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Spurious Wing is a crucial item you will require to enhance your equipment (gear items) to higher levels in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Spurious Wing is basically a rainbow-colored feather that you will struggle to find in the early areas of the game.

Should you find yourself needing Spurious Wings because the gear you are using requires them for enhancement, you might have to wait a bit to reach new areas in Dragon’s Dogma 2 where you can actually loot Spurious Wings.

Where to find Spurious Wings in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To find Spurious Wings in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will have to make your way to Battahl or Agamen Volcanic Island. A rare variant of harpies, called Succubi, are the enemies you need to kill to get your hands on Spurious Wings.


The succubi’s bright blue colors, similar to a peacock, make it quite easier to spot and differentiate Succubi from other enemies in the region like Goreharpies.

The first common spawning ground for Succubi requires you to go through the region of Battahl and head southwest. This way, you will come across the Wyrmsblood Forest area. You must take the west road and reach the marked location on the map above.

This path also leads to Dragonsbreath Tower where you can kill the poison dragon from Melve and farm the Wyrmslife Crystals.

You can also venture to Volcanic Island Camp and head west from that location. This way, you will come across another spot where you will encounter a couple of Succubi flying.

While Spurious Wings aren’t exactly a rare enhancement material, keep in mind that you can make forgeries of every crafting material at Ibrahim’s Scrap Store, located at Checkpoint Rest Town in Dragon’s Dogma 2. It is pretty easy to find, as you must have already visited this location in many quests, like the Short-Sighted Ambition.

Once you have 1-2 Spurious Wings, talk to Ibrahim and ask him to make forgeries of the item. This process will cost you 1728 Gold for a Spurious Wing, and it will take this merchant a couple of days to forge this particular item. You can rest at a nearby bench or visit the nearest campsite to pass the time.

So, as long as you have plenty of gold to spare, you can use Ibrahim’s Scrap Store to make forgeries and duplicate any upgrade material, including Spurios Wings, and they will work just like the normal item.


Succubi can be easily defeated with ranged attacks so vocations like Archer, Magick Archer, Mage and Sorcerer will prove to be most useful against them.

What items can you enhance with the Spurious Wing

There are plenty of gear pieces that use Spurious Wing for enhancement purposes in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You will find all of the items listed in the table below

Equipment (Items)LevelSpurious Wings
Elven Dragon’s Flight2x1
Elven Dragon’s Flight2x1
Elven Framae Blades2x1
Dwarven Framae Blades2x1
Elven Blackwing Bow2x1
Dwarven Blackwing Bow2x1
Dwarven Continental Shield2x1
Dwarven Dragon’s Flight2x1
Elven Witch’s Hat2x1
Elven Orphic Robe2x1
Dwarven Orphic Robe2x1
Elven Charming Corset2x1
Dwarven Charming Corset2x1
Elven Epiphanic Waistguard2x1
Dwarven Epiphanic Waistguard2x1
Elven Runic Gaiters2x1
Dwarven Runic Gaiters2x1
Dwarven Medusan Spellbow2x2
Battahli Continental Shield2x2
Vermundian Witch’s Hat2x2
Vermundian Orphic Robe2x2
Battahli Orphic Robe2x2
Vermundian Totemic Shroud2x2
Battahli Totemic Shroud2x2
Vermundian Charming Corset2x2
Battahli Charming Corset2x2
Vermundian Epiphanic Waistguard2x2
Battahli Epiphanic Waistguard2x2
Vermundian Monkish Gaiters3x2
Battahli Monkish Gaiters3x2
Elven Monkish Gaiters3x2
Dwarven Monkish Gaiters3x2
Vermundian Runic Gaiters2x2
Battahli Runic Gaiters2x2
Vermundian Evergreen Greaves2x2
Dwarven Witch’s Hat2x3
Vermundian Dragon’s Flight2x3
Battahli Dragon’s Flight2x3
Battahli Framae Blades2x3
Vermundian Blackwing Bow2x3
Battahli Blackwing Bow2x3
Vermundian Battahli Turban3x3
Elven Battahli Turban3x3
Battahli Doomdove Truban3x3
Dwarven Doomdove Turban3x3
Vermundian Nirvane3x3
Battahli Nirvane3x3
Elven Nirvane3x3
Dwarven Nirvane3x3
Vermundian Gauntleted Petticoat3x3
Battahli Gauntleted Petticoat3x3
Elven Gauntleted Petticoat3x3
Dwarven Gauntleted Petticoat3x3
Battahlo Medusan Spellbow2x4
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