How To Start A Fire In SCUM – Lighting A Fireplace

Since realistic survival is an integral part of SCUM, starting a fire will be one of the main parts of your game, as it is needed to cook the meat which is your main source of sustenance. Let’s go ahead and look at how to start a fire in SCUM.

This SCUM Guide will tell you how to start a fire in SCUM and maintain it easily so that you are able to continuously feed yourself from the meat you get from animals as well as cook other foods among other things.

Build a Fire in SCUM

The first thing that you need to do in order to build a fire is to have an improvised fireplace. To do that, you are going to need to find 5 small wooden sticks which are quite easy as you can use your stone knife to cut bushes and get them.

The stone knife is crafted using 2 different rocks which are also very easy to avail.

After you have all of the required materials, you are going to need gunpowder. However, you can use many different substitutes such as Brake Oil, Paper, and Rags.

What you can do is kill an old zombie which is very weak and then cut the clothes from it. After that, you will be able to craft an improvised fireplace for yourself.

Lighting a Fireplace

Once you have built your Improvised Fireplace, you need to light the fire. This process is not really that difficult as all you need to do is to run around the houses and you will soon get a lighter or some matches for yourself.

If you are unable to find them, you can also craft a fire drill. To craft a Fire Drill, you need to find it in the items section of the crafting menu. The things required to craft it are sticks and a stone knife.

Once you have the Improvised Fireplace as well as the matches, lighter or Fire Drill, all you need to do is have them on your person or in the vicinity of the fireplace.

Then, select the fireplace and the item that you are going to use to light it at the same time and then use your right click button to bring up the menu. Once you have opened the menu, click on Light Fire and the fire will start to burn.


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