SCUM Character Customization Guide – How To Create, Attributes, Builds

Our SCUM Character Customization Guide will help you understand the attributes and the builds that you will need to determine for your character. Character Customization is very important, as it will determine your character’s performance in the game.

For a first-time player, it can be difficult to decide which attributes to invest points in and which build to go for and that is where our SCUM Character Customization Guide comes in to help you.

SCUM Character Customization

Character Customization is SCUM is the first thing you need to do and also an important one as this will determine your play style, attributes in the game.

Character customization in SCUM is one of the deepest one in video games and can be overwhelming for first-time players and that is where out SCUM Character Customization Guide comes in to help you customize your character so you can play the game without any problem.

Character Customization

SCUM Character Customization allows players to choose between a number of races, genders, and constitutions. Meaning you customized character will be unique and chances are no one else would have a character like yours.

However, your gender/race will not affect your play style or your performance in the game. Attributes are ones responsible for your performance in the game so you need to make sure you have the right ones that fit your playstyle the best.

While you will be setting attributes while customizing your characters you will notice that the physical appearance of your character will change accordingly.

However, attributes not only affect the visuals but also determine your playstyle and performance. For example, you have put all your points in Strength then your character will deal more damage and will be able to carry more weight.

However, putting all your points in one attribute will have downsides, as there will be certain things that your character will not be able to do.


There are four attributes in which you can invest your points in these attributes are:

  • Strength
  • Constitution
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence

In our SCUM Character Customization Guide we will help you understand these attributes and their function and which attributes will fit your playstyle.

While customization your character you will have a number of points that you will be able to spend on attributes. Attributes themselves have five levels 1-5 with 1 representing the lowest level and 5 representing the highest.

Once you have customized your character and assigned points to the attributes then these attributes will remain fixed. However, these can be temporarily shifted and in some cases permanently like if your character is wounded, falls ill or gets drugged.

Changing your attributes ones you are done with the SCUM Character Customization is quite demanding but this will only happen if your character survives the game long enough to get to the next level.

Strength determines how much weight your character can carry without getting overwhelmed if your capacity to carry weight in exceeded and how fast you can move a heavy object.

The more Strength you have the faster your character will be able to move it. In case if the object is just too heavy to be picked then your character will not be able to lift it, you will require the assistance of another character to perform the action.

Strength attribute also determines how much damage you will inflict with melee weapons.

However, the more Strength you have the bigger the muscle mass your character will have which will result in more calories being burned daily which can create problems for you.

To keep your Strength at its peak you need to make sure that you are eating a lot as without it you will burn calories quickly and will not be able to maintain your strength.

Constitution deals with your character’s stamina and physical endurance. This will also determine how many hit points you will have and how much health you will have.

The better the constitution the more hit point and health you will spawn with. Not only that, this attributes also determines how well your character will bear stress, poison, pain, physical damage, shock, and weather.

Endurance is another factor determined by Constitution which means it will see how fast it will take your character to get tired.

The more points you have in Constitution the better chances for your character to outrun other convicts and you will restore energy quickly. Your daily calories are also spent more effectively if you have points spent on this attribute.

Combining high Constitution with high Strength will give you quite a build that will give you an advantage over other players.

Dexterity deals in movement speed and character’s reaction meaning this attribute determines how fast you can run, walk, move, craft items, eat, loading weapons.

Not only that, this attribute also determines your character’s ability to perform complicated tasks like surgery and fixing electronic devices.

Intelligence the ability of your character to perform tasks in the game like your character will have a higher chance of hitting its target which weapons that require you to aim.

This attribute also allows you to have additional skill slots and also helps your character to learn skills faster.


Now that we have covered what attributes are in the game what are their effects. Let us see what combination of attributes will make what kind of build for your character.

Tank Build will be the build your character will get if you put 5 points in Strength, 5 points in Constitution, 1 point in Dexterity and 1 point in Intelligence.

If you put 2 points in Strength, 2 in Constitution, 4 in Dexterity and 4 in Intelligence then your character will not be the one to rely on raw Strength but you will have to be smart on how you play.

If you want an Endurance Build then you need to put 1 point in Strength, 5 in Constitution, 4 in Dexterity, and 2 in Intelligence.


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