How To Get The Stonebreaker In Remnant 2

The Stonebreaker is one of the secret weapons in Remnant 2, meaning that the only way to get it is by doing an alternate kill.

Stonebreaker is one of the strongest and most elegant melee weapons in Remnant 2.

This sharp-edged blade embodied the resourcefulness of humans and was made from a robust vehicle’s resilient leaf springs. Its elongated, rectangular appearance is adorned with a mark in the middle and is accented with green stone.

Like all the other greatswords, the Stonebreaker looks overwhelming to wield but is an instrument of doom in the right hands.

Getting Remnant 2 Stonebreaker Secret Weapon

The Stonebreaker is one of the secret weapons in Remnant 2, meaning that the only way to get it is by doing an alternate kill.

In this case, you need to defeat the Corruptor world boss of Yaesha without killing its Guardian Construct, which is easier said than done.

Doing that will get you the Hollow Heart, a unique crafting material you need to craft the Stonebreaker weapon.


Getting the Hollow Heart

Once you reach Yaesha, there are two possible storylines you can find yourself in depending on your starting place: the Doe and the Ravager if you start in The Forbidden Grove or the Corruption of the Thaen if you start in The Red Throne.

To access the Corrupter boss, you must start in The Red Throne. If you have not started there, you must reroll Yaesha in Adventure Mode until you get the right starting location.

Once you get there, go straight to the throne room of The Eternal Empress, which will start a cut scene. It will lead you to deal with the Abomination in her lands. It is important to speak cordially and respectfully towards her to obtain access to Ford’s Scatter Gun quest in the future.

Advance with the quest till you reach The Great Bole, where you will fight the Corrupter and the Guardian. To obtain Hollow Heart, you need to ignore the Guardian and only defeat the Corruptor.

This may prove difficult as you will be fighting two enemies at once, but you can destroy the arms of the Guardian to make it more breathable for you; otherwise, it can be quite the hassle. Remember not to destroy but disarm him.

What to do with the Hollow Heart in Remnant 2?

Once the Hollow Heart is in your possession, return to Ward 13 to find Ava McCabe in her workshop. Make sure that you also have 7x Lumenite Crystals and 50x Scraps. This weapon-mods merchant will craft your Stonebreaker, which will be yours to keep.

Is the Stonebreaker good in Remnant 2?

The Stonebreaker features a built-in weapon mod called Faultline. It allows you to charge your weapon to unleash a shockwave that damages all enemies caught in its path. Considering that the Stonebreaker already has one of the highest base attack damage of any melee weapon in Remnant 2, you can get two hits in one swing with the shockwave for a ton of damage.

The Stonebreaker can be a weapon for a slower and stamina-heavy playstyle but pair it up with the right gear, traits, and mutators, and you will brute force through the game smoothly. The Stonebreaker is compatible with the Dervish Mutator.

To get your hands on this Mutator, travel to the Dwell. Once there, you can get it for 75 Relic Dust and 500 scraps. Once acquired, The Dervish mutator will give your Stonebreaker a melee damage buff of up to 40%, lasting up to 10 seconds. And in Remnant 2 combats, every second counts.

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