How To Get The Stonebreaker In Remnant 2

The Stonebreaker is one of the secret weapons in Remnant 2, meaning that the only way to get it is by doing an alternate kill.

In Remnant 2, the Stonebreaker is one of the strongest melee weapons. Like all the other greatswords, it looks overwhelming to wield but is an instrument of doom in the right hands. This is a secret weapon, meaning the only way to get it is by performing an alternate kill. In this case, you must defeat the Corruptor world boss of Yaesha.

Doing that will get you the Hollow Heart, a unique crafting material you need to craft the weapon. This guide’ll explore the step-by-step process of acquiring the Stonebreaker in Remnant 2.

How to get the Hollow Heart

Once you reach Yaesha, you can choose between two possible storylines, depending on your starting place: the Doe and the Ravager if you start in The Forbidden Grove or the Corruption of the Thaen if you start in The Red Throne.

To access the Corrupter boss, you must start in The Red Throne. If you have not started there, reroll Yaesha in Adventure Mode until you get the right starting location.

Once you get there, go straight to the throne room of The Eternal Empress, which will start a cut scene. It will lead you to deal with the Abomination in her lands. It is important to speak cordially and respectfully towards her to obtain access to Ford’s Scatter Gun quest in the future.

Advance with the quest till you reach The Great Bole, where you will fight the Corrupter and the Guardian. To obtain Hollow Heart, you need to ignore the Guardian and only defeat the Corruptor.

This may prove difficult as you will be fighting two enemies at once, but you can destroy the Guardian’s arms to make them more breathable; otherwise, it can be quite the hassle. Remember not to destroy but disarm him.

Stonebreaker Location in Remnant 2

Once you have the Hollow Heart, return to Ward 13 to find Ava McCabe in her workshop. Make sure that you also have 7x Lumenite Crystals and 50x Scraps. This weapon-mod merchant will craft your Stonebreaker, which you will keep.

Is the Stonebreaker good in Remnant 2?

The Stonebreaker features a built-in weapon mod called Faultline. It allows you to charge your weapon to unleash a shockwave that damages all enemies caught in its path. Considering that the Stonebreaker already has one of the highest base attack damages of any melee weapon in Remnant 2, you can get two hits in one swing with the shockwave for a ton of damage. It has the following stats:

Critical Hit Chance4%
Weak Spot Damage+95%
Stagger Modifier10%

The Stonebreaker can be a weapon for a slower and stamina-heavy playstyle but pair it up with the right gear, traits, and mutators, and you will brute force through the game smoothly. Since this weapon is all about dishing out the highest melee damage possible the best mutator to use with this weapon is the Dervish Mutator.

To get your hands on this Mutator, travel to the Dwell. Once there, you can get it for 75 Relic Dust and 500 scraps. Once acquired, The Dervish mutator will give your Stonebreaker a melee damage buff of up to 40%, lasting up to 10 seconds. And in Remnant 2 combats, every second counts.

Twisted Arbalest or the Stonebreaker?

You can get two unique crafting materials depending on how you kill the corruptor boss in Remnant 2. As we discussed above, killing the Corruptor while ignoring the guardian nets you the Hollow Heart, which lets you purchase the Stonebreaker.

However, if you knock out the Guardian and then kill the Corruptor, you’ll get the Twisted Lazurite, which can be used to purchase the Twisted Arbalest long gun from Ava McCabe.

Both weapons are tailored for different playstyles, so there is no right or wrong answer. If you’re a melee-focused player, go with the Stonebreaker, but if you’re keen on long-range combat, the Twisted Arbalest is your weapon.

Best Stonebreaker build in Remnant 2

The Stonebreaker in Remnant 2‘s best build will be centered around high melee damage and tanking.

Archetypes / Skills

  • Primary class: Alchemist (any class skill of your choosing)
  • Secondary Class: Challenger (Juggernaut class skill)

The Alchemist class helps with the tanking portion of the build as it nets you three additional concoction buffs, which you can use to enhance your character when in a tough battle. It also grants +25 to all your damage outputs and a +5% critical chance.

The Challenger, on the other hand, grants you an additional +35 to all damage output while also reducing your stamina cost. The Juggernaut class skill grants you +15% movement speed and +50% melee damage for a short period.


Since this build is centered around raw damage output and tanking, the best armor to use here is the Leto Mark II armor as it possesses some of the best damage negation out of all armors present in Remnant 2.


The best relic to use for this build is the Crystal Heart. Not only does it regenerate 100% of your health over 10 seconds but it also reduces all incoming damage by 25% at the same time. This relic does come with a movement penalty, whereby your movement is reduced by 50% for the same amount of time, however, this is easily offset with the Juggernaut class skill. Equip this relic with the following fragments:

  • Fragment 1: Mythic Charge Melee Cost (-50% Melee Charge Attack stamina cost)
  • Fragment 2: Mythic Melee Critical Damage (+20% Melee Critical Damage)
  • Fragment 3: Mythic Melee Critical Chance (+10% Melee Critical Chance)


For this build, your melee weapon should be your main focus, though you should have ranged weapons in case you need them.

  • Melee weapon: Stonebreaker with Faultline Mod and Dervish Mutator
  • Long weapon: Royal hunting bow with Corrosive Rounds Mod and Supercharger Mutator
  • Pistol: Repeater Pistol with Bore Mod.


As far as rings and Amulets are concerned, you should use the following:

  • Amulet: Matriarchs Insignia (Increases Melee Damage by +35% and successful Melee Attacks restore 10 Stamina)
  • Ring 1: Burden of the Destroyer (Increases all damage by +15% but also decreases the range of all firearms by 25%)
  • Ring 2: Zania’s Malice (Targeting weakspots increases Weakspot damage by +10% for 7 seconds)
  • Ring 3: Probability Cord (Increases Critical Damage by +30%)
  • Ring 4: Bright Steel Ring (Increases Evade speed)


For the Stonebreaker build, you should use traits that increase your defenses while also letting you use your abilities and skills as often as possible.

  • Fortify (Increases armor effectiveness)
  • Potency (increases consumable duration)
  • Strong Back (reduces encumbrance)
  • Vigor (increases maximum health)
  • Endurance (increases maximum stamina)
  • Arcane Strike (increases Mod power generation from melee damage)

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