How To Get Ford’s Scattergun In Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, you will encounter an excellent weapon called the Ford's Scattergun that is also a part of the specific archetype questline.

In Remnant 2, you may encounter an excellent weapon called the Ford’s Scattergun. This is a pretty good gun, as it is also a part of the Archon archetype questline. In short, it is part of the secret to unlock that specific archetype.

The Fords Scattergun weapon is reminiscent of a shotgun and works reasonably like one. So after obtaining it, you can use it with your archetype builds to increase the stats of your build.

So if you are interested in learning the whereabouts of this specific gun, we have gathered all the necessary information to get your hands on the Fords Scattergun.

Ford’s Scattergun location in Remnant 2

So to acquire this long gun, you must complete the whole of Yeasha. Similarly, if you are lucky enough to get to The Red Throne area, which we do by continuously re-rolling the Yeasha world.

Next, you must go through the temple until you reach the end. There you will find a particular NPC sitting on the throne.

Interact with it, and during your conversation, you need to select speech options that will make your discussion look friendly and pleasant for the NPC.


Selecting the wrong choices will make your speech look bad, ruining the whole thing and your chances of getting that Ford Scattergun. So if you have offended the NPC, you will have to re-roll the world again in Remnant 2.

If you have managed to keep the NPC happy by choosing the proper dialogues, she will give you a quest in Remnant 2.

Defeat the Corrupter

This quest will involve you killing an abomination. You don’t have to confuse it with the other Abomination boat you encountered elsewhere apart from Yeasha. Instead, this actual Abomination boss is in Nerud, where he will reside in a dungeon called the Putrid Domain.

So your play here should be not to engage this entity. Instead, when you get this quest, progress through Yeasha until you get to the very end. There you will meet the boss, The Corrupter, in Remnant 2. Now you need to take down this enemy boss, and after doing so, you can return to The Red Throne.

There meet with the female NPC and tell her they have killed the abomination. There will be a series of dialogues between you and her, and remember being excellent in your conversation.

However, an Ornate key and Ornate box are not directly tied to this quest. So if you want to find them, you can. You just need to kill that enemy boss to make progress in unlocking Ford’s Scattergun in Remnant 2. Once the dialogue session ends, you will get the Seal of the Empress Ring in Remnant 2.

Exit the throne room and proceed toward the front of the temple, which resides towards the middle section of The Red Throne area. As you leave the throne room, turn right and enter the room there, The Library in Remnant 2.

Stand on the trapdoor

Now on the floor in the middle of that Library, there will be a hidden trapdoor. So equip the ring you just received and stand on that trapdoor next. This way, the trap door will automatically open for you, so use the ladder to climb down into that hidden room.

On the right side, you will see a weapon item glowing purple, which will reveal to be the weapon you are searching for. Make your way towards it, and the Fords Scattergun will be yours for the taking in Remnant 2.

Ford’s Scattergun weapon stats, mods, and Mutators

Regarding weapon stats, the Fords Scattergun offers decent damage of 130, with the ideal shot range being 10m. Moreover, you will get an RPS of 1.1 with this particular weapon.

The magazine capacity offered by this weapon is seven, and the maximum amount of ammo it can carry is 28. If you are a player who utilizes the Falloff Range, it will offer you a range of 35m with high accuracy.

Moving onto the Stagger Modifier for the Fords Scattergun is 10 percent, and the weak spot damage bonus also adds another +100 percent, making this a deadly weapon.

Unlike the other weapons you discover, this weapon is not equipped with standard Weapon mods. However, you can provide it with a weapon mod and mutator in their respective slots, which will also increase the efficiency of this weapon.

Lastly, you will require crafting materials such as Iron, Forged Iron, Galvanized Iron, Hardened Iron, Simulacrum, and Scrap, if you want to upgrade the Fords Scattergun to level 10 in Remnant 2.

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