Remnant 2 Abomination Boss Guide

Abomination is one of the first bosses you can face in Remnant 2 if you are interested in taking down every optional boss there is.

Abomination is one of the first bosses you will face in Remnant 2. You will occasionally see a glimpse of the boss throughout different locations but as you reach N’Erud, you will encounter this Aberration in your first face-off. Abomination is protected by thick armor which protects it from bullets.

It shares similarities with the Corpse Ball as it consists of the same skills in its arsenal. Although Abomination is an optional boss in Remnant 2, defeating it rewards you with a handful of useful items.

Where to find Abomination in Remnant 2

Abomination is located in N’erud at the Putrid Domain. As you enter the area, you will have to go through several enemies such as the Possesses, Robot Grunts, and especially N’erud Zombies.

Once you have cleared the area, you can head over to the main hallway and make your way to the fogged wall ahead. Go through the wall to enter the territory where you will face perhaps one of the most difficult bosses to defeat in Remnant 2, Abomination.

How to defeat Abomination in Remnant 2

As soon as the boss fight starts, you will have to deal with the fact that Abomination possesses a health bar that is twice the size of yours. Meaning, it will take more than a bullet to defeat it.

The entire arena works in favor of Abomination as it consists of several sewerages attached to walls which the boss can use for a quick escape from your attacks.


As the fight starts, Abomination will use two types of attacks: Possession attack and Slam. Using Possession, Abomination will teleport in the air as it starts using telekinetic energy to throw a projectile in your direction.

You can simply take cover behind the large pillar at the center of the area to prevent from dealing any damage from this attack. The second attack on the list is Slam.

Using this attack, Abomination leaps in the air to perform a high jump before crashing down upon you and damaging you in the process. To avoid dealing with any damage from this attack, make sure that you run in a different direction.

This is because it takes a few seconds before the boss can land on top of you to cause any damage. As you drain half of the boss’s health, it summons a few of its minions to attack you.

However, using a ranged weapon such as a rifle can help you kill all of them with a few headshots. Throughout the fight, your main strategies should be avoiding the boss’s attacks and using a rifle to break the armor on its body.

The main weakness of the Abomination boss is its core in Remnant 2. However, to get to it, you will need to first break its armor to expose its central core. Targeting the exposed core is going to do the most damage to the Abomination.

Do note that once the boss goes inside the sewerage systems to heal, you can reload your weapon in case you are running out of ammo.

Rewards for defeating Abomination

After breaking the armor and damaging the core to defeat Abomination, you will complete the quest and get rewarded with the following rewards:

  • Lumenite Crystal
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Scrap
  •  Mutated Growth

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