How To Get Repulsor In Remnant 2

Being a late game weapon in Remnant 2, Repulsor can be purchased from Brabus inside Ward 13 aft finishing the game on apocalypse mode.

One of the unique and extreme endgame weapons, Repulsor in Remnant 2, was crafted by twisting the roots of invaders who almost destroyed the civilization. As cold to the touch as the deepest parts of hell, Repulsor belongs to the long gun category and can be used to fight enemies from a distance. We will be guiding you through the whole process of acquiring this gun and getting the most out of it.

Repulsor location in Remnant 2

Whereas Repulsor can be found easily in Remnant 2, the journey leading it to it is nightmarish. We mean it literally. Repulsor can be purchased from Brabus inside Ward 13 after finishing the game on Nightmare mode. Brabus is the grumpy weapons guy you meet and can be found outside the firing range.

Repulsor is not available anywhere else in the game and sadly this is the only way to obtain it in Remnant 2. Thankfully if you are planning an Apocalypse run, Repulsor should come in really handy.

Repulsor unique weapon mod in Remnant 2

Repulsor has a unique weapon mod (one of the best Remnant 2 has to offer) called Banish. This weapon mod allows you to send enemies and even allies to another dimension for 4 seconds. This window provides a brief chance for players to heal or recoup. Upon reappearing, enemies take 25% more damage from Repulsor primary attacks.

However, bosses and elites are impervious to Banish attack. But that doesn’t mean this long gun suddenly becomes useless. Using the weapon mod allows you to inflict a lot more damage to bosses and elites, making Repulsor an amazing choice against them.

Repulsor stats and upgrades

The attack power of Repulsor is 100 at base level which can be increased with upgrades. The maximum amount of ammo Repulsor can carry in Remnant 2 is 35, with a clip capacity of 5 ammo and 1.6 ammo per second firing capacity.


The ideal range for this long gun is 13m, however, it is effective against enemies up to 35m. Replusor deals 100% additional damage to enemies when its ammo hits their weak points. The Critical chance for Repulsor in Remnant 2 is around 5%.

Just like other special weapons, you can upgrade Repulsor up to level 10. This increases its damage output to 300. It can also be equipped with long guns mutators in its mutator slot (however its weapon mod can’t be replaced).

Repulsor build

To maximize the advantage of using Repulsor in Remnant 2, we will be using the following build. This build is particularly effective against taking down bosses and elites.

  • Head Gear; Void Skull +19 (25% more damage of all kinds, 25% less damage from enemies. Only when whole void set is used)
  • Chest Gear; Void Carapace +19
  • Foot Gear; Void Greaves +19
  • Amulet; Gunslinger Charm
  • Rings; Hunter’s Band (10% additional ranged damage and 20% more weak spot damage), Empowering Loop (25% more damage at cost of 10% less Firepower)
  • Traits; Vigor (level 20), Endurance (level 20), Spirit (level 20), Exploiter (level 20), Mother’s Blessing (level 20), keeper’s Blessing (level 20), Scavenger (level 20), Barkskin (level 20), Worldwalker (level 20), Quick Hands (level 5).

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