Remnant 2 Difficulty Options Explained

Remnant 2 offers four difficulty options that cater to players with varying skill levels and preferences. Here's what they do.

Remnant 2 likes to carry itself as another Souls-like or Souls-inspired game, meaning that knowing about its difficulty options becomes necessary for casual players.

You do get the freedom of changing your difficulty settings depending on the scale of the challenge you are looking to get out of the game. Here is what each of those options changes in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 difficulty option differences

Remnant 2 offers four difficulty options that cater to players with varying skill levels and preferences. They are put in place to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. These options greatly dictate how your experience through the main campaign will go. The four options are listed below:

  • Survivor (For Casual Players)
  • Veteran (For Experienced Players)
  • Nightmare (For those who are looking for a Challenge)
  • Apocalypse (Good Luck)

The final option “Apocalypse” is only available after you beat the game once on the Nightmare difficulty. The amount of XP you get also scales with the difficulty with high difficulties give more XP. The loot that you get remains the same across all difficulties.  

Following is the detailed breakdown of how things scale for all the difficulties:

DifficultyEnemy HPEnemy DMGBoss HPBoss DMGXP Gains

We can observe the large difficulty gap between the Veteran and Nightmare difficulty. Interestingly enough, the normal mobs in Nightmare Difficult are much tanky when compared to Apocalypse mode but deal a lot less damage. The bosses in Nightmare mode are also Exponentially harder.

For casual/new players, we recommend Survivor mode. If you have a player in the previous iteration of Remnant and are looking for a challenge, go for Veteran mode.

Nightmare and Apocalypse modes are best reserved for achievement hunters as they are exponentially harder when compared to previous difficulties.

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