Remnant 2 Apocalypse Mode Weapons And Mods

Apocalypse is the highest difficulty mode in Remnant 2. Unfortunately, you might have seen this difficulty option locked initially and...

Apocalypse is the highest difficulty mode in Remnant 2. Unfortunately, you might have seen this difficulty option locked initially and can’t seem to figure out how to unlock it. On top of that, the Apocalypse difficulty mode in Remnant 2 also allows players to unlock some unique weapons that come with their own mods.

The Apocalypse difficulty setting is specifically for the players who are the most experienced shooters. If you want to fight the toughest bosses in Remnant 2, then you have to unlock this difficulty mode.

How to unlock Apocalypse difficulty mode in Remnant 2

In order to unlock the Apocalypse mode of difficulty in Remnant 2, you have to finish the complete campaign at least one time. You need to completely go through the whole story. Once you are done finishing the whole story, you can get an option to select Apocalypse by opening the menu for your next campaign run.

This option to select cannot be seen until you have gone through your first playthrough in Remnant 2. The story-focused game is 15 to 20 hours in length on the basic difficult modes in Remnant 2, so you have to spend these hours playing the basic difficulty modes in order to start the new difficulty mode of Apocalypse which is your second campaign walkthrough.

Weapons and mods that are available through Remnant 2 Apocalypse mode

Playing Remnant 2 on Apocalypse difficulty isn’t just for the extra challenge or a rerolled campaign. There are 4 weapons in Remnant 2 that are exclusively available through this difficulty. The four weapons which you will be acquiring are Repulsor, Starkiller, Savior, and World’s Edge. Each of these comes with its own unique weapon mods.

Always remember to use mods to increase the usefulness of the weapon. All of these four weapons are described in detail below for your convenience for better usage.



Repulsor is quite a long gun, helpful in fights for mid-range combat. You can pretty much get the Repulsor from the start of the Apocalypse mode as it is unlocked once you finish Remnant 2 on Nightmare difficulty.

The mod of this weapon is interesting. The name of this mod is Banish. This mod helps you to send foes to another dimension for a certain period of time.

Once the enemies return from being banished, they take 25% bonus damage for the next 8 seconds. Repulsor also helps you to crowd control some types of foes in Remnant 2.


Starkiller is a weapon that gives you the ability to target from a quite far distance with its 2.5x zoom. This weapon also has a high firing rate. Starkiller comes equipped with the Gravity Core weapon mod.

This mod helps you to bring your foes into a sphere for the next 5 seconds and 50 damage will be dealt upon impact. After a certain period of time, the sphere will be exploded and does damage to nearby foes within the range of a 10-meter radius.


Finish the campaign on Apocalypse and Savior, another long gun, will be unlocked. Savior comes preloaded with the Shatterstar mod. This mod gives you additional fire damage when you shoot a single bullet. The additional damage will last for the next 10 seconds.

World’s Edge

World’s Edge is a melee great sword gear that can be unlocked in apocalypse mode. This sword hits harder and does intense damage to strong enemies.

World’s Edge gives you the mod of Horizon Strike. This mod is helpful to attack horizontal strikes. These strikes will bring down enough health of the enemies who stands in the direction of strikes, helping you attack multiple enemies at once.

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