How To Upgrade Weapons In Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, you'll need to know how to upgrade your weapons if you want to take out what the game throws at you. Here's how to do it!

As you progress in Remnant 2, you will soon come across higher-level enemies who can pose a threat to you. In cases like these, you must upgrade your weapons as they will provide a higher chance to survive against these enemies.  

You can upgrade your Handguns, Long guns, and even your Melee weapons. Unlike its predecessor, Remnant 2 doesn’t allow you to upgrade your Armor. To get better stats on your Armor, you can only replace it with a better version.

If you are looking to upgrade your weapons in Remnant 2, then look no further as below you will find everything you are looking for.  

How to upgrade weapons in Remnant 2 

Upgrading weapons in Remnant 2 is not an easy task as it requires a few additional objectives. You must first clear the main tutorial section.

After clearing the section, it will lead you to the Remnant 2 main hub called Ward 13. This area is home to the NPC known as Dion Rigler. 

Rigler is found next to Ward 13’s Word Stone in his warehouse. Despite Rigler being classified as a merchant, he does not sell anything. Instead, you can hand over your weapons to him so he can upgrade them. 


You must additionally provide him with the material used for the process. Material such as Iron and Scrap are the most common items that are used in Ramnent 2 to upgrade your weapons.  

As you upgrade your weapons to a higher rank, you must replace regular Iron with another type of material. This will cost more than your standard material.

Below is a list of materials you must collect at each weapon rank. 

  • Weapon Rank +5: Iron 
  • Weapon  Rank +10: Forged Iron 
  • Weapon Rank 15: Galvanized Iron 
  • Weapon Rank +19: Hardened Iron 
  • Weapon  Rank 20 (max): Simulacrum 

You purchase some Iron from Cass at Ward 13. However, you can also find iron scattered all around the world and inside world chests. Similarly, you can also purchase Scrap from merchants at a cheap price.  

In addition to upgrading standard weapons, you can also upgrade boss weapons in Remnant 2.

However, what differentiates a standard weapon from a boss weapon is their ranks. A boss weapon is maxed out at rank +10 while a standard weapon can reach a max rank of +20. Plus, you must provide Rigler with additional Lumenite Crystals along with Iron and Scarp. 

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