How To Get The Pulse Rifle In Remnant 2

The Pulse Rifle in Remnant 2 is a hard to get but a worth it weapon in the game. It has a high fire rate and accuracy. Here's how to get it!

 In Remnant 2, the Pulse Rifle is one of the best early-game weapons. It is an ideal choice because of its high rate of fire and high accuracy. You will need to go through a long and tiring journey to get it.

To add to your worries, Remnant 2 has a procedural world generation system. This means it lowers the chance for you to get all the required objects for the rifle.

You’ll want to restart your campaign or play adventure mode to get the rifle successfully. Now without further ado, let’s see how you can get this legendary rifle in Remnant 2. 

Pulse Rifle location in Remnant 2 

The Pulse Rifle can be found in a room beside a dead soldier in the Abyssal Rift in the N’Erud region. This room is locked and it requires the Decorum Cipher and the Memory Core II.

We will also see where you can get the Atom Smasher along the way. We will now see where to get the Decorum Cipher and Memory Core II. 

Where to find the Decorum Cipher 

The first thing you should be looking for is the Decorum Cipher. You’ll find it in a training booth and on a platform after you complete the Terminus Station. This is in N’Erud and in this, you will need to ride the train and clear out hordes of enemies.  


When the Terminus Station is completed, you will find a fast travel point with some cables and a path under them. Go under the cables and open the chest in front of you to get loot. Next move under the second set of cables and you will find a ladder that you will let you go up. 

Use the arch in front of you that goes on top of the train booth. Use it and you will find an opening on the roof of the train. Jump into the train and you will find a purple structure. Interact with it to get the Decorum Cipher. Behind you, there will be a hammer-like weapon which is the Atom Smasher. 

Where to get the Memory Core II 

Now you must look for the Memory Core II. This core is locked behind a door which can be opened if you have the Biome Control Glyph.

To get this Glyph you will need to head on to the Dormant N’Erudian Facility 11. Head towards a circular path and look for a broken railing to jump down on a ledge.

You will find an arch that will have a path. Take this path till you reach the control room. Deactivate the timer as part of your quest. You will find the Biome Control Glyph near the control room. 

Next, you will need to fast travel to the Dormant N’Erudian Facility 11’s entrance. You will find a locked door to the right. This locked door can be opened using the Biome Control Glyph. Inside you will find the Memory Core II.  

Unlock the door to the Pulse Rifle 

Now that you have both the Memory Core II and Decorum Cipher, you can now move to the Abyssal Rift. There you will need to travel to the place where you encountered the Custodian. 

As you enter, ignore the central path and take the left one next to the left pillar. There will be a drop which will take you to the Drzyr Replicator. Next to the replicator is a lift that will take you down.

Here you will find a path leading to a room. Move towards the room and there will be a locking mechanism that can be unlocked by using the Decorum Cipher and Memory Core II. 

The door will open afterward and you can enter it to collect the Pulse rifle. 

What does the Pulse Rifle do in Remnant 2? 

This weapon fires a burst of 3 shots with a high rate of fire and extremely high accuracy. Although the damage may leave you wanting, the high rate of fire makes up for it. You will also receive a 105% increase in damage when you target the weak points of enemies, especially bosses. 

Other than that it has a range of 22 meters with a falloff range of 65 meters. It has a capacity of 30 rounds so you can get a decent number of shots in before having to reload.

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