Where To Find Remnant 2 Soul Sparks?

When exploring the N’Erud biome, you will be tasked with retrieving the Soul Sparks canister in Remnant 2. Here's how to get it!

Remnant 2‘s thrilling campaign throws you a main questline that is more like a desperate fight for survival across diverse worlds. While exploring through N’erud, your journey unexpectedly turns when a disembodied voice pleads for your help. The fate of a dying civilization, the Drzyr, rests on your shoulders. To save them, you must locate the Soul Sparks – a canister containing the last hope for their future in Remnant 2.

Soul Sparks contains a thick fluid containing the eggs of the surviving members of the Drzyr race. The task sounds difficult, but it isn’t if you know what to do. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to discover the Soul Sparks within N’erud.

Soul Sparks Location in Remnant 2

remnant 2 soul sparks

As you enter N’Erud through the Forgotten Prison, you will hear the sound of a creature locked inside a crystal chamber. This creature will give you the objective to find Soul Sparks. It won’t mention any other details on how or where to find it.

Before getting into the location, note that Eon Vault is procedurally generated, so you might find the spot at a slightly different location. Complete the Putrid Domain or Hatchery Dungeon so you can have access to unexplored open areas. Once in the open, you will look for a pyramid-like structure with yellow lights.

Make your way toward the building and interact with the controller on the right near the entrance. After opening the door, head inside towards the elevator. The chambers inside will be protected heavily by unique doors. The next door will open only when the one in the back closes. Finally, you can walk a few steps straight and pick up the Soul Spark Cylinder from the ground.

How to use Soul Sparks in Remnant 2?

After finding the Soul Sparks, return it to the character who gave you the search mission. This character is Tal Ratha, a boss who will present you with an offer, and if you reject his offer, you’ll have a boss fight. But if you accept his offer, you’ll be taken to the metaphysical realm, where you’ll fight him in his metaphysical form.

The latter form is more challenging but still within manageable levels. Your choice will also affect the rewards you receive and your journey through the rest of the game. So, you should take a moment and consider your options.

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