Best Hunter Build In Remnant 2

Want to pop some brains and slay some bosses? Try out our best Hunter Build in Remnant 2 and join in on some action.

If you are transitioning over from an FPS where it’s you and your gun against the world, then you are gonna want to hear this. We have brought you one of the best Hunter / Summoner Builds in Remnant 2.

Though the build itself is not completely reliant on archetypes but given that Hunter is one of the most popular archetypes, we have got to flex every last bit of the brain muscle to squeeze out this build.

With this build, you are going to be breezing through boss battles, enemy hordes, or dungeons. Without wasting another moment, let’s get cooking.

Remnant 2 Hunter / Summoner Painbringer Build

The entire focus of the Painbringer build is to obliterate enemies with your weapons. Therefore, we have cherry-picked everything to either increase the damage we deal with our bullets or increase our up-time for our skills.

We have chosen to call this a hunter build primarily because this class is going to be readily available to you from the beginning as you can pick it as your starting class.

As well as because of all the bells and whistles it brings to the table in terms of abilities and perks. You can opt for another class but you will see the reason why we made the decision, later in this guide.


Best Archetype Combo

Without further ado, let’s address the elephant in the room, the archetypes we are going to be picking for this particular build.

  • Primary Archetype: Hunter – Dead to Right (Prime Perk)
  • Secondary Archetype: Summoner – Regrowth (Archetype Trait)

As we have mentioned earlier, the main focus of this build is going to be how we can melt through our enemies, using our handy-dandy primary weapon. Everything else is just an accessory to that. Hunter is a class that is easy to handle.

We have got the Dead to Right Perk as the primary perk for Hunter Archetype because we have our abilities to last and being a gunslinger, we need to know where the enemies are located.

That is why we have got ourselves the Hunter’s Mark skill. It is going to mark every enemy in close proximity while the prime perk is going to keep it going for a long time.

Next up we are going to be bringing the Summoner’s Archetype. Once again, the reason is that we need to be constantly shooting our weapons so we need the focus of our enemy diverted.

Bring in the Flyers minions. They can fly and deal damage from the air and just like the dog, they will take the aggro and you can do what you are there to do, obliterate and eviscerate. You can use the Regrowth trait for the healing side of things.


This is the most important part of the build. The whole build revolves around our primary weapon, Nightfall with the Dreadwalker Mod. This weapon once it’s properly upgraded and used with the right set of mods and mutators, is going to rock the enemy’s world.

Since this is a relatively slower weapon, you need something to balance out the slow speeds. Something that can target multiple enemies all at once and something that clears hordes of enemies in the blink of an eye.

You can go with other weapons like the Cube Gun or some other weapon but take our recommendation, and you will not regret it.

Long Gun

Nightfall – with Dreadwalker Mod

Hand Gun

Enigma – With Chaos Driver Mod

Nightfall is the bread and butter of this best Hunter build in Remnant 2. On its own, the weapon is a pretty solid choice for tons of builds. We are going to take things up a notch and slap the Dreadwalker Mod on. Take our word on this one that you will be laughing at how good this build is.

Essentially what the mod does is that once it is activated, the gun evolves. The reload problem is now gone and you are going to infinite ammo upon activation of the mod. Not only that, your previously burst weapon is now a fully automatic weapon along with a boost of 25% in the rate of fire department.

Since Hunter itself is not a tank, you are going to need the heals and we have got you covered for that as well. The Dreadwalker is going to give you an additional 10% lifestyle as well.

You could have swapped the Enigma for any other powerful secondary but why have better when you have the best? In our opinion, it is one of the most used weapons in the game and it can target multiple enemies, all at once.

We have opted for no melee weapon because of how reliant we are on our mods and guns, we are going to have our not much of a time, hitting someone with a weapon.


We can not stress enough that we are going to pick traits that either directly allow us to deal more damage aka increase DPS or help us increase and generate Mod Power so that we can go back to infinite ammo and high DPS.

Right off the bat, you can max out your Vigor so that you are alive for a longer period of time on the battlefield.

Endurance should be your next priority because once again if you do not have the stamina to run around the arena like a madman, you aren’t going to win.

Other than that, these are the skills we have used in our build:

  • Expertise: Will bring down your skill cooldown to help you with activating them over and over again over the course of battle.
  • Spirit: Gives you additional Mod Power generation. The quicker you generate energy, the quicker you have to activate the Dreadwalker mod.
  • Barkskin: A simple damage reduction. Something to keep you alive for longer.
  • Glutton: Increases your appetite or should I say will let you devour a Relic in a shorter span of time.
  • Siphoner: Dreadwalker already gives the life steal ability. With Siphone, you can do it even more.


The one relic to beat them all, Runed Heart. This is going to give you an instant rush of Mod Power that you can use to activate your weapon’s ability once again and keep the battle going without ever having to stop.


Ring and Amulets enhance your build and sometimes by tenfolds. That is why it is absolutely crucial to pick the right ones. For the Best Hunter Build, we are gonna go with the Ankh of Power amulet. Now every single time you use a relic, you are going to add 15% damage to your already insane amounts of damage. On top of that, the following rings are going to help our case further.

  • Probability Cord: Gives you an additional 30% critical damage.
  • Faerin’s Sigil: Once again, boosting Mod Generation, simply by equipping the ring and landing direct blows at the enemy’s weak point.
  • Spirit Stone: Another ring to give your mod power generation a 10% boost.


The choice of armor comes down entirely to what suits your playstyle. Since you are going to be moving around a lot, trying to shoot weak spots, avoiding enemy attacks.

Your primary focus should be to go lightweight. Your agility shouldn’t take a hit when you are shopping for armor. The Best Hunter Build in Remnant 2 should always opt for the best armor the game has to offer without losing any mobility.

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